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Now Let's Talk Dolls!

Now that we've finally gotten past all the clothes that came in the case (and the case itself), it's time to talk about the dolls that came with it. I'm sure I've said this already, but the dolls are the important part to me the clothes and case were just a bonus (although with most of the clothes they were a pretty slim bonus).

(Heads up, there's no pictures of the first doll since apparently I forgot to take one and I'm too lazy to dig her out and remedy that. I'm sure you've all seen this type of doll, so it's like she's rare or anything.)
Up first we have a Skipper. She's your standard straight leg doll. The majority of my Skipper dolls are straight leg dolls, so she's in pretty good company. She's in pretty decent shape, with some wear. Her face has darkened a little bit, that happens sometimes. Her face paint looks good, She has some wear to her lips, but her eyebrows and eyes look good. But... she's had a haircut. Some kid cut off the bottom of her hair, giving her this awful bob. I've seen this same haircut on Skipper a lot, a really don't like it. I don't think it flatters her at all. I know the kid who cut her hair wasn't thinking about how well it flattered her, but I am. She's actually one of the dolls due for a re-root come this June. I already have a re-rooted regular brunette, so I didn't want another. With her I decided to stick with Brunette, but go for a really dark shade, almost black. I've seen Skipper dolls with that hair color, and I really like it. Also I think with her coloring, it would work nicely. I thought about doing a bright orange/red (another Skipper doll I've seen that I've liked), but with her coloring it didn't seem to work. But I'm sure I'll eventually get a Skipper that needs a re-root. Out of all my straight leg Skipper dolls, two of them still have their original hair, I've found it just doesn't stand up that well over time. So in June (or around then), you'll be seeing her.

After her we have a Barbie doll, a Fashion Queen Barbie. I know, I literally just dressed the one I had (that had been waiting for over a year) then I go and get another one. It's a vicious cycle, but I didn't pick the dolls that came in the lot, I just bought them. In terms of Fashion Queens she is in amazing shape. She is on a Midge/Barbie body that's in great shape. It has all it's fingers and toes, flawless fingernail and toenail polish, and is free from bites, dents, or scratches. The only flaw with her body us that her legs have some red stains on it. Ever since I got her she'd been sitting with acne cream on the stains and they've faded greatly. I still have a couple spot that need more time (and some that I forgot in the first place), but I'm confident in time that all the stains will all come out. And if there's anything this lovely lady has got, it's time since there's a ton of dolls waiting to get dressed before her.
Facially she's in good shape too. She has the most minimal of paint loss to her painted on hair. Her face paint is pretty good too. She doesn't have her nose dots anymore, and has some loss to her lips. I actually caused the lip paint loss. When I got her she had some blue ... paint? Something sticky on her lips that was blue. I was trying to remove it, but also ended up removing part of the paint as well. I stopped when I realized it was happening, but I'm still annoyed with myself for doing it. At least it's not too bad. An interesting thing about this Fashion Queen compared to the three I already have (two complete, one just a TLC head) is the material of her head is made out of. It's hard. The other three I own their head is the standard squishy Barbie head material, on this one her head is totally stiff, and when you tap it, it makes the same sound as a Ken head. I've never seen one like that before, and always assumed they were all squishy. I assume they made some out of the same plastic they used for Ken and Allen. It would make sense since they didn't need to root the doll, so it didn't need to be soft enough to let the rooting needle root in. I asked a Flickr friend about it, and he said that he's seen dolls like that before. I guess it's just a variation among Fashion Queens. I do have a theory that the hard head dolls were sold as complete dolls. There were two versions of Fashion Queen dolls, one as just a head that you had to decapitate one of your old dolls to use and a stand alone complete doll version. I believe that the hard plastic heads are from the stand alone since there would be no way for a child (or adult) to get that head on or off a Barbie body without breaking either the head or the neck knob. It's just a theory, I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me. I'm going to have to invest in a wig for her at some point, that's what helped me get that last Fashion Queen dressed.

And finally we have our entire reason for getting this lot... another Barbie... but she's an American Girl! I believe I mentioned it a while ago, but all this year I've been having the strongest desire to add another American Girl Barbie to the collection. Normally these feelings pass, but with that doll, I kept wanting one. I knew it would be super expensive, but I really, really, really wanted one. For what people pay for one, I usually spend that much on four or five dolls. Luckily I found this lot that was the same price as an AG solo, but came with all these other things to make it more cost effective. I wouldn't have bought the other two dolls solo, but getting three for the price of one did make it a little more reasonable. Also the seller was willing to do a payment plan so I was able to pay for it over time.
Anyway, about the doll. She's a low color Brunette, meaning her lips have faded to the butter cream color. My other one is also a Low Color doll. She has the shorter haircut, and her hair is the rougher type of doll hair. My other doll has the softer style hair, one that's similar to the hair used for the vintage ponytail dolls. I believe that means each one is from a different year. If I had to guess, I'd say the new one is from 1964? She has some slight face darkening, and I know dolls from that year are prone to that.
Anyway, she's mostly in good shape, except for a couple of flaws, which normally wouldn't bug me, but for what I paid for her she should be flawless! I guess I should be happy to have her, she really is a lovely doll, and in all honestly, probably one of the dolls with the better value in my collection. I'm not planning on selling any of them for the time being, but at least my Estate will benefit. Anyway, back to her. Her head is in pretty good shape. Her hair is nice and full, and uncut. Her bob is actually a little uneven. One side is a bit shorter than the other, I think it came like that at the factory, since the rest of her hair doesn't have any of the tell tale signs of being cut. Her face paint is really nice, she has one rub to her eyelash ridge (unlike missing it completely like my other one). I can't tell if her nose dots are still there. Her oxidized lip color is so close to her skin tone that I'm having a hard time determining if they're there or not. She does have a nose pinch. The seller thought it was extra plastic at the tip of her nose, but it's clearly a nip. She still has all of her nose, but it's a little misshapen at the tip. It's really not noticeable unless you're looking at her up close, but it's one of those things that annoy me. It would be one thing if she was a 20 dollar bubblecut, but she was certainly not one of those! At least she doesn't have any neck splits.
Body wise she's in good shape too. She's on a correct BL Barbie body, my first for that (my first AG and BL Midge came both as just heads and got stuck with SL bodies). Her torso is nice, it doesn't have any chips around the arm holes that I know they can get. It looks to have minimal play wear, I did notice a couple minor scratches on the torso, but these are toys after all. Her arms are in good shape, she has all her fingers and full nail polish. They are free from cat bites. Her legs are another story. They're in pretty good shape. Her hips are nice, they're tight and close to the torso (some dolls have legs that are super wobbley at the hips), and her knees both bend and hold position very nicely. I won't say how many clicks since I'm a bit wary of clicking and unclicking her legs. Most of the damage to her legs are from mid-calf down. She has some cat chews to both feet, and a couple minor cuts to her lower legs. She's also missing both big toes on her feet (someone nibbled them off). Most of the damage is minor and the toes will be covered by her shoes. Normally I would be more accepting of the damage, but when you pay soooooo much for a doll you do want her to be perfect. I do like her, just wish she was in slightly better condition.

So that's everything I got from that lot of stuff that I bought. I am happy that I got it (there's no buyers remorse or anything), I especially like the AG, but there's no real "OMG I GOT A GREAT DEAL ON THIS!" feeling. I do like that feeling. I think I'm going to go back to my low-end ways, so don't worry I doubt I'll be spending that much on a doll any time soon.

I'll be the same loveable cheap Aubrey as usual. :)

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  1. Still, though, what a great pack of stuff!