Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now where am I going to put these???

You should all know what this post will be about. With the clothes behind us, now it's time to talk about the dolls from the lot. I've already shared the fact that there were five dolls in this lot. Five dolls that span the era of 1963-1971. I would have thought with a collection of five there would be some repeats, but there's actually quite a variety among the dolls. Only two of them are the same character, and both of those are such different versions they can hardly be the considered a repeat. I think it's interesting that this collection has such a variety. I would have thought that with a large (for the time) collection there would be some extremely similar dolls, but in this lot there just isn't.

Anyway, up first we have a Ken doll. This is your usual painted hair straight leg Ken. He's actually a little different than your standard SL Ken doll, he's a "shortie" doll. Meaning he's about 1/4 of an inch shorter than the regular Kens. You can easily identify a shortie Ken besides the fact that he's so short because of his leg mold. The shortie dolls have extremely defined kneecaps. I already have a shortie Ken in the collection, but I have no problem adding another one. He's actually in better condition than my first one... but that isn't saying much. My first one is in really rough shape, so it wouldn't take much to be in better condition. This new Ken is in fair condition. He's certainly seen his fair share of rough play. Starting from his head and working our way down. Like most painted hair Ken dolls, he does have some damage to his hair, mainly to the center front, but he does have a couple other minor spots of paint loss. His face is in pretty good shape, when I got him I noticed a small red stain on his cheek (a couple dolls have red stains on them) so right now he has some acne cream on it. I'm hoping it will clear up. His torso is in good shape, just the usual play wear that happen. (Check out the picture below, that pile of plastic is what came out of his torso.) His arms are a little bit worse off. They're both extremely swingy. I believe the
material that makes up his arms, head, and legs tends to shrink over time leaving his shoulders, hip, and neck a bit loose. I checked him against my other shortie Ken and he suffers from the same shrinking issues. It's not a major shrinkage, just enough to leave his joints a bit looser than they should be. I ended up putting elastics around his arm joints hoping to fill out the space enough so that he wouldn't be so floppy. They do help, but it's a very minor fix, he's still extremely swingy. I can tell you that the little girl had a cat, or a serious plastic deficiency. Both of his hands have been chewed on. The right one is worse than the left one. They both have some pretty noticeable damage, but it's not too bad. I have several dolls who's hands are just stumps from being chewed on. His hips are a little swingy, but not as bad as his arms were. He does have some damage to his feet. Looks like more chews, but he's got a lot less on his feet than his hands. They're not that bad, but even so, his shoes will easily cover that.
As you can see he's wearing his original swimsuit. It's in okay shape, no tears, rips, or popped stitches. The elastic in the shorts is still stretchy. It is a little dingy, and there's some loose threads at the front of the coverup. I'm not totally sure how to wash it. I believe the cotton and terrycloth are glued together and I'm concerned about them separating if I washed them. Not a huge issue, my dolls rarely wear swimsuits, although I think it's so cool that he came with his original swimsuit. What are the odds that a played with doll with his original outfit would survive 50 years together? Maybe it's only impressive to me. Anyway, not pictured but also included in the lot was one of his original cork sandals. It's in pretty good shape. He's not wearing it because the vinyl strap has hardened and I don't want to break it by forcing it onto his foot. Still cool to have, although I'm getting tired of having so many single vintage shoes. How come I never manage to get full pairs? That was the only shoe that came in the entire lot.   

Moving on from Ken we have another male doll, Ken's friend Allen! Allen is your standard SL
doll. Unlike Ken he is on the regular body. I don't think actually Allen was ever produced on a shortie body (I could be wrong though). Allen is in better shape than Ken. His face paint is in wonderful shape, with some minor paint loss to his hair. His joints are nice and tight, and hold position nicely. He does have some bites to his hands, but there is less than what Ken has, and they're more superficial. He's got a few dings to his feet, but just like his hands less damage than what Ken had. He looks to have a very minor blue spot at the top of his foot, and it looks like he might need another bath. For some reason his feet still look dirty. I guess I'll have to give him another scrubbing. Allen did not come with any of his original outfit. It's funny, back in December I thought about adding another Allen to the collection (I already have two), and now I have both a BL Allen and a SL Allen, his two vintage incarnations!    

And with that, we're done talking about the guys. Now I just have to get around to dressing them.... and the

rest of the pile that's waiting for me to get to them. Right now I stuck both of them in the box with the rest of the dolls waiting to be dressed, who will soon be joined by this next lovely lady once I'm done talking about her. She's a Skipper doll, your usual straight leg doll. Like both Ken and Allen she's in played with condition. I'm going to start with her body description. Her body is in pretty good shape actually. Either Skipper could outrun kitty, or was never left out for Kitty to find because she has a lot less bites than Ken and Allen. It looks like she's only has a few minor bites on one of her feet at the toes. She does have her own body issues... Skipper is covered in red stains. Just like how Ken had a red spot on his cheek, Skipper has red spots all over her thighs (front and back) and her arms and hands. I'm not totally sure what caused this, I do have a couple theories, but it's a bit unusual how some dolls have stains, and others nothing. And for the most part, they're very minor stains except for Skipper, she's got it a lot worse than the other ones. I ended up using the last of my acne cream on her. I'm hoping they'll come out with time. I'll keep you updated. Besides her stains, her arms are a bit swingy. It's minor, and really not that big of a deal. I can easily live with it. Overall she has a very nice condition body... if the stains come out.
Her head is in good shape, she does have some face darkening. All her face paint is in really nice shape, she might
have some loss to her lips, but it's very minor. Her hair is rather heartbreaking. For the most part it's really nice. Except... she's had a hair cut. It's very minor, but it's at the worst place. It's at the top of her head, right where the part line starts. In all honesty, it looks like someone decided she needed extra bangs. I actually wasn't sure if it had been cut when I first got her since it looked a little natural, but it's clear she's had a trim since the part line doesn't cover like it should, and it leaves a bald spot. It's so sad because otherwise her hair is in wonderful shape and because of that minor trim she might end up re-rooted. Why little girl, why??? An interesting thing to note about Skipper is that she has the thickest bangs I've ever seen on a doll. They are so thick they can't lay flat, there's just too much hair rooted there. I've re-rooted three Skipper dolls and each of them had different rooting patterns, and I've never seen one like this one. Just an interesting thing to mention. If I do end up re-rooting her I'd make sure my bangs were able to lay flat. I'm not a fan of the super bushy look she's sporting. But I am still on the fence if I'm going to re-root her. I really don't want to and I have like 8,457,305 other dolls who need to be re-rooted. She may end up waiting for a while for me to make my decision.
Skipper was one of the dolls who came with her original swimsuit (in total three of the five dolls did). Out of all of them, Skipper's swimsuit is in the worst shape. I guess this Skipper did a lot of swimming back in the 60's. It's dirty, torn, the elastic is all shot, the trim is unraveling at the neckline in the back, really this swimsuit is in rough shape. I only have one other Skipper swimsuit, and this one is easily the worse of the two. This one is going to live in the TLC Barbie clothes container for a long, long time. Perhaps even forever.

Moving on from Skipper, we have a Barbie doll. Like I said at the start of this post, there were two repeating doll characters in this lot, both of them Barbie dolls. Up first we have the older of the two, a Bubblecut Barbie. She's one of the later issue Bubblecut dolls on the Midge/Barbie body, but her hair isn't as full as some of the final run dolls, so I'd peg her to be from 1963 or so (I could be wrong). 
This Barbie is in okay shape, she was certainly played with and loved but she's not as destroyed as some dolls I've seen (and bought). When I got her she had a pretty nasty neck split at the front. The woman I bought her from informed me that it could be fixed (I just said okay when she told me that). She had mentioned it in her ad, and it was visible in the pictures so I was already expecting having to deal with it. That was actually one of the first things I dealt with when I got them. She was the first doll of the lot to get washed and that night she also got glued and was left to cure overnight. I was worried about getting the head back on the body (she's on a larger knob body), but with some time under the heating pad I was able to ease her head back onto her body without the neck split reopening. I guess that's pretty decent glue. I did have a problem with some excess glue on the outside of the split. I've been trying to remove that because while the glue dries clear it's also shiny, so the excess glue tends to catch the light. It's being a real pain to get off, which is good and bad. Good because it means it has a good hold, and bad because I can't get it off in certain spots! I know I will eventually, but it's certainly making me put in some effort to get it off.
Besides the neck split the head her head is in decent shape. This bubblecut is a honey blonde bubblecut, and her hair is nice and full, and totally uncut. I've been playing with different ways to style her hair, right now I gelled it down and pulled it close to her face. I think it works best for her (although that could change). Her face paint is in good shape. She has both her eyebrows, they look slightly light in color but I think that's just how they are. They're both the same color. She does have some wear to her eyes. Like usual there's some wear to the eyelash ridge, but she has other wear there too. She appears to be missing her eyeshadow on her right eye, there's some paint loss to the top of her right eyelash ridge, and her left eye seems to have some loss to the white portion of her eye, and some of her eyeliner is missing from that eye. It's really not that bad, just a couple chips here and there. She has the thinnest lips I've seen on a vintage doll. She does have a couple lip rubs, but the general lip shape leads me to believe that she's not missing that much and she originally had very thin lips. They are a pretty pink color, but they're starting to oxidize to white around the edges. She still retains her original nose dots, but those have already turned white.
Her body is in good shape, but she does have some damage there as well. Weirdly, her left side has the majority of the damage. She is missing her pinky on her left hand, her left hand also has some scrapes and minor bites. It also has some of that red staining that Ken and Skipper had (although a lot less than Skipper). Meanwhile her right hand has all it's fingers and is free from bites and scrapes. It is a little swingy, but that's really minor. Her torso is in good shape, with minimal play wear. Her legs are a little unusual. For some reason they feel not as smooth as the usual vintage legs. It's not like they're rough, they're just not as smooth feeling. They're also not very shiny, except down at the feet. The feet are both smooth and shiny. I kind of wonder if someone cleaned the legs with some harsh chemical and stripped off the top layer of plastic? They don't look messed up or anything, they're just not as nice as they typically are. Just like her hands her left foot is more damage than the right one. The right one looks to be in wonderful shape, no bites or marks and still has all the original nail polish. The left one is missing 95 percent of it's nail polish, it also have several bite marks, and a small gash that is pretty noticeable because I think it's got dirt in it. I do plan on giving her another washing, but I'm not sure how much cleaner she will come out. I can at least try.

And finally from this lot, we have another Barbie doll. Per usual I have saved the best for last (at least in my opinion). This one is very different from the Bubblecut because she's practically ten years newer. What we have here is a Standard Barbie, apparently the 1971 version (according to her swimsuit). Standard Barbie's are somewhat uncommon. They're sort of a link that bridges vintage and twist and turn dolls. They are made using the vintage body, but with a TNT face mold. I actually already have a standard doll (and a spare body that my P.J. is on), but this one is a bit different. While they're both brunettes, this one has something that makes her very uncommon, even among standard dolls. She has forward glancing eyes. Typically dolls with the TNT face mold had side glancing eyes. There are few cases with dolls that look forward, and I now own one of them. Which is pretty exciting.
She is also in amazing shape. I really do not think she got played with much, if at all. Her face paint is perfect, her hair is in great shape, and her body is as near mint as can be. The only thing wrong with her, is that her face has discolored a little bit. It's noticeable, but not as bad as some I've seen. And that's not even a play issue, that's a factory flaw. Like I said she came in her original swimsuit and even that is in great shape. Check out that adorable flower decal at the hip. The only thing wrong with the swimsuit is a couple spots of popped stitching, but they're extremely minor. Overall this is an amazing condition Standard doll. A jewel of a collection, and she's mine, all mine!

Can you believe I got all that for 50 dollars?

And with that, I have shared with you the last thing that was the last of the items from that Craigslist lot. Exciting, right? And now let me say, stay tuned for a couple more doll introductions. Yes, there's been a couple new additions but they're just single dolls, so hopefully they'll take less time to write up than posts like these. 

So you have those to look forward to!

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