Sunday, June 16, 2013

Add another one to the pile...

As you already know I'm planning (hoping at this point) to work on some re-rooting soon. I have several dolls that need new hair and I decided to spend my Birthday money from my parents on some hair so I could place a large order. While I don't plan on getting to all the dolls at one time, at least then I'll have the supplies on hand for when I do decide to work on each doll.
But the meant I had to decide what doll was going to end up with what hair color. Some of them have been easy, some of them not so much. Out of all the dolls I have for re-rooting only one of them was a vintage Barbie. She had been a bubblecut head I bought a while ago, re-rooted her into a swirl that I decided I hated the style and the color, then stuck her in a drawer and ignored her. Since then I got an actual swirl, so I decided to go another route with her, making a Color Magic doll. Color Magic is the sole hold out for all of the vintage Barbie hair styles in the collection. As of writing this, I have the Ponytail, Bubblecut, Swirl, and American Girl. And since they usually sell for way more than what I able to pay, I decided to make my own.
This was well in good except, I decided that the head I had just wouldn't work for a Color Magic doll in the end. Color Magic dolls have rather noticeable jaws. I guess they use the larger neck knob? Anyway, the doll I was using for my base was the first issue bubblecut with the thin neck knob, so her jaw was a lot thinner. And I couldn't just upgrade her to a larger knob body since she has repaired neck splits and I didn't want to make them any worse. So ultimately I decided to change gears and do something different for her, but more about that later. Believe it or not, this post isn't actually about her!

After I decided against making her into a Color Magic I had an issue. I still wanted to make a Color Magic stand in doll, but didn't have the right doll for it. I thought about sacrificing one of the dolls already in the collection, but really didn't feel like that was right. So I decided to keep looking for a Bubblecut to use, preferably that had already had a hair cut. That way I wouldn't feel bad removing her original hair.

It didn't take me long to find one. The only problem is, I didn't have any money (as usual). Throwing caution
to the wind I contacted the seller asking them if they were interested in a trade. As usual they were not (doesn't hurt to try). They did however offer to put it on hold for me for two weeks so I could attempt to raise up the funds. It was 21 dollars, including shipping, but I was still worried about such a short window to raise the cash. But it was either say yes and try, or say no and pretty likely lose out. So I agreed to the transaction, then got my rear in gear. I hustled and listed, and sold, sold. I actually raised the money several days earlier than the two week deadline. But I almost had a panic attack when I went to find the doll to buy her and couldn't find her. You wouldn't not believe how fast my heart sank dear readers. Luckily I was able to find the doll in a roundabout way. I was terrified the doll had sold, but it turns out the seller just put their shop on vacation for the weekend. *Phew* I had to wait until the next morning when they came back from vacation mode to actually purchase it. I bought that doll so fast!
She shipped quickly, and by the end of the week she was here with me in North Carolina. And you want to know something hilarious??? She was another Barbie only Bubblecut, who uses the small neck knob and wouldn't work for a Color Magic doll. Hilarious, right? I did have a sinking suspicion she might be, but the seller's pictures weren't that clear, and since she was so cheap I decided to take the gamble. I'm actually not too upset over it because I love this doll. She has a beautiful face, just absolutely stunning.  She has the reddest lips I've seen on a bubblecut doll, with dark blue eyes. Her face paint is also flawless, she doesn't have any rubs or wear to it at all. She has one set of earring holes in each ear, and is free from any neck splits.
Her body however has some damage. Her torso has some play wear including some scraping at the rear end area (actually marring her markings), and some wear to her bust area. It's really not that bad, but not that good either. She is missing one finger, her right pointer finger. Sad thing is, that's the only problem with both hands. They both have nice fingernail polish and are free from bites and other damage. Her right arm is also a little swingy, I guess in time I'll have to just get a replacement. Her feet and legs are in good shape, she's missing most of her toe nail polish, but that's such a minor issue it doesn't really bother me. For the price of 21 dollars, I'm more than willing to overlook that issue.
I already mentioned that she was a bubblecut when I got her. She started out as a brunette bubblecut that had her front bangs cut short, which was exactly what I wanted. That way I can remove the hair without any guilt. That's one of the first things I did when she got here, removed all her original hair. That's when I truly discovered how beautiful her face is. Without her short bubblecut her face really shines. I'm having a hard time explaining it, but when I look at her I'm reminded of a number three Ponytail. I've been playing around with the few Barbie wigs I own, and I think I found a style for her that I really like. I'm just going to have to get the hair before I can actually do anything... which is being more difficult than it really should be.

But more about that later!

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