Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almost done! (For this part)

Did you know we have only one more home made piece to talk about? I thought I had a couple more, but on closer inspection it turns out one of them has a tag, and the other one is Mod Era Mattel, so they'll get talked about at a later date when I'm talking about those sections.

So for today's solo item of discussion we have a dress. It's a simple dress, it has a fitted bodice with a full
skirt. The short sleeves are part of the bodice. (Sort of like how the vintage outfit "Let's Dance" was constructed). It's made of a somewhat thin cotton material and features the images of butterflies in both gray and pink. It is fully open in the back and closes with one snap at the neck. I assume there were more snaps in this dress at one time but were removed. I actually like this dress. It has a decent fit (But somewhat big in the back), and I think the butterflies are both whimsical and scale appropriate. What I do not care for is the red blanket stitch at the neck and sleeves, and the noticeable red stitches at the waist and hem. I looked and those stitches are all decorative (but incredibly tacky). The dress was fully constructed before they were added. I did think about actually using this dress in the collection (after I removed the red stitching), but after looking at it, I see that the underarm seams are starting to tear in spots, so I can't use it as is. I still really really like this fabric, so I'm thinking about taking it apart and seeing if I can salvage the material to turn it into a sleeveless sundress. That may or may not happen. I know that it will get washed however, it is a little dingy. I did see one small stain on it, but it's not terribly noticeable. How cute is that fabric???

Stay tuned for the possible clone clothing section starting tomorrow!

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