Monday, June 24, 2013


No need for a long introduction for this post since I'm still talking about the (most likely) Mommy made pieces from that large lot I bought recently.

Our first clothing piece for today is something a little bit different, it's something knitted! (I believe our only
knitted item from the lot). It's a sports shirt, made from white yarn with sky blue trim at the sleeves and the collar. This style of shirt is somewhat familiar in the vintage Barbie world since Ken had some that were very similar to this one. His were just knit material, not actually knitted. Now I'm not totally sure if this is supposed to be for Ken or Barbie. It is the style of clothing he would wear, but it looks rather small for him. It fits the Barbie sized dress form decently. Either way it's not a huge issue, I don't care for knitted things, so I don't think I'll ever actually use in in the collection. It will just get cleaned (how do you clean something like that?), and stored. It does look to be in good shape. Funny story, just now when I was writing this post, I realized it was inside out. So it's inside out in the pictures, and who knows for how long before I got it. It might have been like that since the late 1960's!

Moving on from that we have an apron. This apron is actually way too big to fit Barbie. I actually couldn't think of a doll I have that fits it. I ended up putting it on a larger than Barbie dress form I have, but the apron is actually still too big for it too. When the straps are pulled tightly, the two ends up the apron meet in the back. It's too bad that it's so big, it's actually a cute apron. It's made from a slightly faded robin's egg blue cotton material. The fabric isn't the best, it feels like broadcloth or bed sheet material. But the fabric isn't the interesting part of the apron, it's the trim on the apron. The trim is made of a blue floral fabric ribbon, with a medium blue backing. The trim itself is actually sewn (I believe on machine) to give it a scalloped edge. The waistband, the pocket, and the apron bottom all utilize this trim. I like the trim a lot more than the apron itself. If I did anything with it, it would be to steal the trim for another application. I really doubt I'll do that, but I will keep in in mind. It's just so pretty!

After that we have a a jacket, or it could be a mock sweater. In my opinion it could go either way. It's made
from a yellow and white woven knit. It's hard to see from the front, but on the back you can see the white is in a paisley design. (Can you have one color and still consider it paisley?). It is finished at the neck, front, and bottom hem with some white bias tape, and closes in the front with two snaps. It does have three buttons (and missing the fourth) in the front, but they are just for decoration. The top is mainly unfitted, but does feature bust darts at the sides. The top is in fair condition. Like the majority of the pieces it will need to be cleaned, but there are also at least two spots where there's a run in the material and will need repair. Also the sleeves are hemmed with just a simple hem, they do not use bias tape like the rest of the hems, and the unfinished hem on the inside has started to fray and be very visible, this too will need to be fixed. I however have no intention of fixing it. I'm not in love with the style and material of the dress. It will get washed, then put into a bag of random things I have no use for. (Like the majority of clothing pieces from the bag).

Next is a ... unusual bit of clothing. It's a bell bottom jumpsuit! It's made from an unusual fabric too. I have no idea what this material is, it feels like a step above paper towels. It does fray, so it's a woven of some sort. It feels more like something you'd made a tablecloth out of than doll clothes though. It's mainly yellow, but does feature brown and orange as well in a large floral pattern. (And yes, it is as pretty as it sounds). The jumpsuit is pretty huge on Barbie, although they did add some bust darts to it, but the rest of it is left totally unfitted. To give you an example of how much bigger it is than Barbie, I just tried it on Joe, the crotch was too high for him, but otherwise the fit was pretty decent. I was even able to get the first snap to close, so when I say Barbie was swimming it, I mean it. Condition wise it needs some help. It does have a tear at the front at the neckline. There's also a couple spots where the hem has frayed and come undone, and the back was never really hemmed, so it's fraying too. In all honesty, I have no plans to fix this. I'll just wash it and put it away, I'm not even sure if this material will absorb water.

Our next item is have a skirt. This item I was actually on the fence if it was home made or clone, but after
looking at it up close, it's obvious it's made by someone and not by someone in a factory. It's a simple full skirt, made of an orange calico material. It's pretty simple, but it does have two pockets made of a white with orange dot material to make it a bit different. I actually have thought about making an outfit with a very similar color scheme a while back. The pockets are extremely over sized, and seems to slightly stained pink. It closes in the back with a snap, but one half is missing and the material is extremely threadbare in that spot. It is also a different style of snaps, in the kind you have to pound into the fabric instead of sew on. (I forget the name of them right now). The skirt looks to be in okay shape. Like I said the snap was is partially missing and the fabric is worn. It's also fraying at the hem, needs to have the back rem re-sewn, and ironed like there's no tomorrow. While I do like this skirt, I think it would be quicker, easier, and with better end results to just make my own. So like the other items it'll get washed and put away. Interesting fact about this, while I was examine the skirt for this write up, I found something in one of the pockets. It was a tiny hand made paper pack of cigarettes. Made from white paper and drawn on with pencil Barbie apparently smokes Salems. Inside the pack were 11 tiny cigarettes made from rolled paper. I don't like smoking, but I think it was so cute! I peeled off the decaying tape from the package and stuck it all in a little plastic bag. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I feel like I should save it for historical sake. But don't worry, I talked to all the dolls, they told me they were willing to give up smoking. Good thing too, rolled up paper's expensive. It doesn't grow on trees!

And finally for today, we have a dress. It's a formal dress that features a strapless bodice made from a yellow nylon feeling material. It features a slim skirt of the same material, but with a yellow floral lace overlay. At the waist is has, or I assume had, a fabric flower. The flower is not holding up well, so it just looks like a jumbled mess of fabric and wires. It closes in the back with snaps. Interesting note about the snaps, the bottom one was sewn on at the wrong spot. One side is actually much lower than the other, and you have to warp the dress to get it to fit. The dress is made fine, but one side of the snap just throws off the fit. It's also a bit large for Barbie, again I wonder if it was made from a bigger doll, but she just ended up with it. The dress seems to be in good shape. Other than the flower falling apart, everything else seems to be fine. I don't see any holes, tears, or problems like that. While it is an interesting dress, I don't have plans for it. I'm not totally in love with it either. It will also also get washed and stored.

And that's the second part, we still have a couple things for the next part and then this section will be finished! (and we can move on to the next section!)

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