Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doll hair should not be so impossilbe to get!

Unlike our usual new doll posts (which I'm still working on several) this post is going to be one where I do some complaining.

As you all should know for my birthday I was planning on getting some doll hair for re-roots and some repair kits in order to fix several 70's dolls that have melting problems. I was planning on getting them from Restoredoll.com because I like their product the best and they had good customer service.

Well apparently that's not the case anymore, at least about the customer service part. While deciding what I wanted to get for my birthday I had some questions I needed to ask. I sent Kathy an e-mail with three questions on Monday, June 10th. She replied back on the 11th. Out of the three questions I asked, she answered two and totally ignored the third one. On that same day I sent back another e-mail asking a follow up question to something the answered and repeated my third question. I waited an entire week to hear back from her and got nothing. So on the 18th I sent her another e-mail saying I sent one on the 11th and hadn't heard back so I was wondering if it got lost somewhere along the internet. I figured that would give her an easy out in case she just hadn't gotten time to e-mail be back and was embarrassed. It's been a week today since that e-mail and I haven't been given a reply from her.

But you know what I did get from Kathy? Two e-mails from her regarding her seconds sales she's having. So clearly she's still working on her business. And I really do not know what to say. She is literally my last place for hair, and the only place that sells that repair kit that I need. I have no other options. And it infuriates me to no end her ignoring me like that. I would much rather prefer her e-mailing me back she was unable to answer my questions than this flat our silent treatment I'm getting! Unbelievable! I mean, I was planning on spending 60 dollars with her, which is a lot to me. But apparently she does not want my money or business. And this is after I've talked to her up to people who were trying to decide on companies to buy doll hair from!

And of course when I went today to get the screen capture I found out something I wanted is no longer available, so thanks to her incredibly terrible customer service I am out of something I was planning on buying.

Is that something in the doll hair that makes the companies that sell it so incredibly bad at customer service???


  1. Gah, I use them all the time, that's awful that you're getting no response. -_-

  2. Oh, that's bad, not hearing back. I have not bought loose doll hair so I cannot comment on RestoreDoll or any other doll hair dealers.

    I wonder if you could use Spinmaster Liv or MGA Entertainment Moxie Teenz wigs for your doll needs? Just a suggestion. Wish you better luck in the future.