Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"I have juuuuuuuust enough."

This story starts with something different, me not going into detail.
I had a Barbie deal going on, and I got screwed. Plain and simple. It put me in such a terrible mood that I thought about packing up all the dolls. Every single one of them, Charlotte included. I don't like dwelling on that experience because even though it was weeks ago I'm still plenty livid over it and how messed over I got.


As usual I solved my problems with some retail therapy. I know it's not the most logical way of getting over disappointment, but it's what I do. You should all know by now I'm anything but logical. I have several personal doll selling sites saved under my favorites. From time to time I check and see what they have listed. Traditionally they want more than what I can pay since they know what they have and what it's worth, but still I keep looking. You never know what you'll find.
I was on one of those sites when I found a doll I really liked. The problem is, she was super expensive. Much more expensive than any doll I've bought before. But it seems this is the year of expensive dolls, so I didn't rule her out. I did check to see if the seller offered layaway, but I would still have to save up enough for the down payment. I was close to that amount, but still had a little more to go to have the full down payment. It was a tense couple of weeks until I squared away the down payment hoping she wouldn't sell. I did try to keep myself getting too attached to this doll, since there was a chance she might sell before I could buy her. It was on a Sunday when I had enough money and I e-mailed the seller asking him if the doll was still available, and if he'd be willing to accept two payments for the doll. I also asked if he would be willing to offer 60 days for the second payment instead of the traditional 30. I assured him that I would hope to get it paid off before then, but preferred having a larger payment window just in case. He agreed to that and I sent him my down payment. Shipping ended up being more than I was expecting (almost ten dollars, including insurance, from Washington D.C.), but I had just enough to pay half of the doll.
After that it was time to get my rear in gear. I only had 60 days to pay off the remaining balance or else I forfeited my down payment. Which would be terrible, that was a lot of money!
This debt was a good push to getting me to work on listing things to both my Dollpage and Etsy. I still have a ton to get around to listing, but I managed for several days in a row to get things listed on both sites. And I was actually rewarded pretty quickly for my due diligence. Due to some hard work (including making a dress for resale) I was able to raise the remaining balance well before my due date. I think I met my goal in like two weeks, which was pretty awesome. So lucky me!
I was able to send them the money on a Saturday, meaning I had to wait all Sunday for her to even get into the mail. The seller was very quick on getting her shipped. I was given a tracking number so I wouldn't have to stalk the mailman. It arrived on a Wednesday (if I remember correctly). It didn't take that long since it was just coming from Washington D.C. to North Carolina.  
            W hat was my newest purchase you ask?
                                                               Why another American Girl Barbie!
You may remember how I talked about my desire for adding another American Girl to the collection when I introduced my last one. I didn't mention how the desire didn't go away in spite of my getting a second one, I still wanted more! I won't say I got rid of the desire completely with this new one, but I did manage to quell it considerably.

And let me introduce my third American Girl! 

(That's the seller's picture, since I can't be bothered to take my own right now)

Out of the three American Girls I own (I can't believe I own three), she's the best conditioned. She does have some issues, just not as many. I'll start from the top and work my way down as I describe her. She a Brunette just like my last one. Like my other one she has the coarser hair fiber, which I believe means she's from 1964. Her hair is full and uncut, really beautiful. Her face paint is really nice. Her only issues with her face paint is that one of her eyebrows is a sightly lighter shade than the other one, and that she has a tiny black spot on her head, but that's hidden by her hairline. Her lips are mostly the butter cream color these doll's lips oxidize to, but she does retain some of the original color. In time that will fade and they will be totally butter cream colored. If you look at her eyes her pupils are painted a little lower than usual giving her a more intense look. That's not a flaw or anything, just makes her different than the rest of them. She is free from neck splits, and has no earring holes in either ears.
Her body is in decent shape, that's what the majority of her issues lie. The biggest issue is her right arm. Her arm scythe is chipping. This actually has gotten worse since I've gotten her. I just noticed that looking at her when writing this post. Some of the underarm has chipped off worse than before. I have no idea how that happened since I've been super careful with her. That does worry me. Other than that her torso is in good shape. Interesting thing to note, her body is different than my other American Girl body. She has practically the same markings as the other one except she is missing the "Made in Japan" part. She's actually totally unmarked for her country of origin on her body. (It should be marked on her neck rim, but I'm not taking off her head to check). Her hands are in good shape. She has all her fingers and is free from any damage. Her nail polish is very nice too.
Her legs are in nice shape too. Her hips are a bit loose, someone spread this girl's legs and caused them to break. They're not too bad, they just open more than they should and I'll need to be careful with them, especially when moving them. When she's standing up she has a bit wider stance than she should. They're not as bad as that Bend Leg Allen's leg, his feels a lot less secure than hers. Her knees both bend and hold position very nicely. Like with the last one I didn't want to bend them to check how many each one clicks, but they both seem to work like they should. Her feet are in good shape, except she has a minor nibble to one toe. It's extremely minor, and with shoes on I won't be able to tell. Even now it's hard to tell since it's so minor. 
Overall she's a really wonderful doll. And I'm really glad to have her. I'm thinking that this will be my last American Girl for a while, they certainly know how to break the bank!

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  1. Congrats!!! And yeah, there's nothing quite like a layaway to motivate you to earn money, hehehe!

    I do the same thing, I medicate with retail therapy... it's calming.
    I've been screwed over in dolly deals too, and yeah, it sucks. A lot.

    I can't wait to see your pics of this girl :) Or... all 3 together! XD