Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm a Winner!

I didn't mention it at the time, but several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be the winner of a drawing from a fellow blogger "Dolls and Pretty Things". She was hosting the drawing to celebrate her 100th blog follower. I'm a new follower to her blog, I think I was number 98 or something. I really recommend checking her blog out, she has the most amazing Chrissy doll collection, both original and custom dolls. She also sews for them! She makes really great era appropriate clothes for them. I've been pouring over her posts for inspiration for my 70's era dolls. So you might see some similar outfits coming from me too!

What did I win you ask? Why a 25.00 dollar gift certificate for Etsy!

Now you all should know by now I don't need any excuse to spend money. I am constantly spending money when I shouldn't be. But wouldn't you know the second I had some money I needed to spend somewhere, I just couldn't find anything I wanted. I believed I searched the entire site trying to find the perfect item to buy with my gift card. I found several things I thought were okay, but nothing I really was in love with. As silly as it sounds, I didn't want to just buy anything with this gift card. I wanted something special that would mean something to me. I'm having a hard time explaining why I'm feeling that way. It's just the gift card was to celebrate a momentous occasion and I wanted to respect the occasion. Does that make sense?
So I was still constantly checking Etsy trying to find what I wanted to buy. It took a couple days, but eventually I did find the perfect thing to purchase with it. A vintage Barbie! (Who here is shocked?... Nobody?) She was a little more expensive than the gift card amount, but I'd rather spend some more money for something I'd love instead of something I just liked. Learned something interesting though. Did you know if you use a gift card and need to add more to the balance you can't use Paypal? You are only allowed to use a credit card to pay off the remaining amount. A credit card which I did not have. I was eventually able to get it all worked out with the seller (although where it was a tense couple of days where I was praying the doll was not bought out under me). Ultimately, she was mine.

Interesting fact: She came from Frederick, Maryland. My Grandmother lived in Frederick for many years when she was younger. I have lots of extended family in the area, and in fact both of my father's parents are buried there. Small world, huh?

Anyway, I was hoping she was another White Ginger, but sadly she was not. The seller's pictures were a little hard to clearly identify her, but in person compared to my other doll it's obvious she's not a White Ginger. From what I read online, I believe she's a 1962 platinum bubble. Her hair color was most likely oxidized to the honey yellow color like the White Ginger. Despite her being not who I thought she was, I still adore her. She is actually one of the earliest Bubblecuts in the collection. While I do have an assortment of them (ten at last count including her), the majority of them are on Midge/Barbie bodies. She and the White Ginger are the only two that use the earlier Barbie only bodies. They're technically the same head molds, but dolls that use the Midge/Barbie body tend to have wider jaws due to the larger neck knob, so they look drastically different. 
She's also one of the best conditioned bubblecuts in the collection. It's not that the majority of mine are in bad shape, she's just in really good shape. You want to know her flaws? Some paint loss to her eyelash ridge and lips, and several earring holes in and around her ear. That's it. She was pretty dirty when I got her, but she cleaned up amazingly well. Other than that those minor issues she's practically a mint doll. I really don't think she was played with much at all. She has all her fingers, and her nail polish on both her feet and hands are perfect. She's really a stunning example of an early bubblecut. Just gorgeous.
She did come with part of her original outfit. She came with her red swimsuit and one red shoe. The swimsuit is your standard red Helencia swimsuit that came with a million similar dolls. It's in relatively good shape, I added it already to the pile that I already have. In hindsight, it should have been a glaring sign she wasn't a White Ginger. White Gingers were still wearing the original black and white swimsuit. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Her shoe is in okay shape. The strap is broken on it. I think the seller did that by putting it on the doll before shipping it, it didn't look broken in the ad pictures and the seller didn't mention it in the ad itself. I thought about mentioning it to the seller, but decided against it. I wasn't going to return the doll over the broken shoe, and it didn't look like the seller sold many vintage dolls so enlightening them really wouldn't do anything. I tried gluing the shoe, but the glue didn't take. It's not that big of a deal since I don't use vintage shoes for that very reason, but it is sad it survived that long only to break so close to a collector who knew how to take care of it. One of those things I guess.

So that's my most recent purchase, another bubblecut. My third of the year. So that makes three Bubblecuts, two American Girls, and one Swirl for this year so far.
Gosh, that's a lot of dolls, and that's not including Mod, or friends and family. I'm a doll buying machine lately!

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