Monday, June 3, 2013

It will be "hanging" around here for a while, I can tell you that!

Late last week I went into town. I had something sell from my Etsy store the day before so I needed to go to the Post Office and get it shipped. Since I was already out and about I hit up all the thrift stores. I found a few things at the first two. Just a couple things for resale, small things that I could make a small profit on (when I get them listed). The last store I visited was the Salvation Army. Lately their toy section has been abysmal. They continued to disappoint with this trip. I was checking out the glassware section when I noticed a little shelf on an end cap. I found it interesting enough to pick up and examine more closely (and check out the price), but I wasn't interested enough to pick it up and carry it with me. I left it there and kept walking around the store to see what else I could find. There wasn't much else to see, so I was ready to go shortly after that. But I still hadn't made a decision on the shelf. In the end I decided to get it. I do need more shelf space for my room, and this one was certainly interesting enough to capture my interest. And I'm sure the 2.99 price tag didn't hurt any.
Here's a picture of my new shelf:

Interesting, right? It's made of plywood of various thicknesses. I'm not sure if it's made by a company or someone in their garage. The only marking I could see was faint and might have just been a marking for the plywood itself. I'm not sure the year of the piece. Since it's plywood it's obviously post-war, but the style and materials could date anywhere from the 50's through the 70's. I personally feel like it's older than the 70's, but I've been wrong in the past. The shelf is a lot more decorative than your traditional shelves. In the center there's a wooden picture frame, to the side (perfectly 1:6th scale) stairs lead up to a landing. Behind them is a moon shaped wall support. I believe this was a curio shelf. You put a picture in the frame, and then fill the shelf in front of it with your knickknacks and also put them on the stairs.
 I hung it on the wall yesterday with the help of my brother. At the top section of the picture frame in the back there's two holes to hang it with. I ended up adding two nails at the bottom to give it some extra support.
                   The dolls quickly moved in after that.

Please ignore the dusty black line at the top of the picture. That's my cable cord since the person installing it thought that the television should be where I currently have the bookcase. Logically, I disagree and have to snake the cord all along two of my walls to reach the television. It's not pretty, but I'm not exactly living in a show room. Anyway, the dolls selected to colonize this new shelf are a motley crew. The first three to join were the Bubblecut in the center, the Fashion Queen to her right, and the Straight Leg Midge with the yellow top. They had been living on Charlotte's shelf, taking up Joe's spot, so I was was very pleased to have a new spot for them to move into. After that, it was a bit harder deciding who should join them. I looked through Vintage Shelf II (itself stockpiled with dolls) to decide who else should join them. I ended up adding dolls to the center section who balanced the ones I already had, that's when Bend Leg Midge and the Bubblecut with the red pants joined the group. I just realized now that three of these dolls came from the same place. Both Midges and the Center Bubblecut I bought off Craigslist last year for my birthday. The only one missing from that group is another Midge who is waiting for her new hair (hopefully coming for this birthday).
I had a harder time deciding on who would go on the two end posts. I wanted someone important to go there. I ended up going with Superstar Barbie since she's so iconic to the Barbie image (and the final doll I include in my vintage collection) and my foreign exclusive Malibu Barbie, since she's so rare and I like looking at her. Another funny coincidence, both dolls on the end landings are from Canada. They're both from different sellers and came at different times, but they're both from Canada. It's one of those "small world" situations.
There's two eras that make up most of the dolls I put on the shelf, 50's and 70's. I tried to shy away from adding Mod dolls since their faces pale when exposed to sunlight (the shelf shouldn't get much sunlight, but I still wanted to be careful). I almost had it totally Mod doll free, except I didn't have enough Skipper sized dolls to use. The stairs, while incredibly cool and what drew me to the shelf in the first place, are incredibly limiting for displaying dolls. They're just too thin to be able to support a Barbie doll where I felt comfortable enough leaving them up high. Skipper being smaller and with larger flat feet works much better on the thin steps. They don't have any stands supporting them, they're leaning against the walls, the end landing dolls, and themselves. They're the least secure dolls of the shelf, and we've already had Living Skipper and Malibu Skipper take a tumble. Luckily my dresser is below them, so they didn't have far too fall, but if they keep falling I'll have to take them down. I'd rather they be cramped than broken.

Although I will say it's pretty nice being able to look over and see everyone so nicely displayed! 
(But I'm not totally sure I'm pleased with the dolls branching out from the bookcase, soon they'll take over the entire room!)

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  1. Ok, that shelf was just an awesome find!
    It looks homemade to me, but well made, so who cares! XD

    And yes, it's only a matter of time before complete dollie take-over!