Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's talk about bodies!

Yesterday you all met the three dolls from the lot that still had their original bodies. The remaining three dolls were a mishmash of heads and bodies. And you know me and how I like having the correct heads on the correct bodies. So I took apart all the dolls that were on the wrong bodies, put the correct ones together, and plan on putting the solo parts away until I get the correct pieces I need to complete each doll. Not sure when that will be though. I have quite a pile of heads and bodies and none that match.

Today's post is going to be all about the bodies that came from the lot. It's actually going to be a shorter post since I'm only talking about two bodies. I did get three bodies in the lot, but one of them has found a new head, so I'm saving talking about that body when that doll gets her introduction (which will be after this current lot has been shared).

All the bodies from the lot were Barbie bodies. Up first we have a straight leg Midge/Barbie body. When I got it, the TNT head was on it. She has since returned to her correct TNT body. If you remember her introduction post I talked about the body she was on had a very wide neck knob and it stretched out her jaw, this is that body. This body is basically the same as every other Midge and Barbie body I've ever had, but the neck knob is longer for some reason. The base is a little bit taller, and I guess that much difference affects the head when placed on it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, I really don't want a head with a huge lower jaw. I did think about replacing it with a different neck knob, but I'd hate breaking it just to do that. I'm sure I'll think of something. For the most part the body is in pretty good shape. The torso does have some minor play wear, but really nothing that extreme. Just a few nicks and scrapes here and there. The hands are in mostly good shape. The right one has a bit of a pinch at the fingers (small but noticeable). The left hand looks fine, that arm is rather swingy though. They both have nail polish, but it's very worn for the most part. The legs are also in pretty good shape. They too have some play wear, the worst being some scrapes at the back of the right ankle (very minor). They're really not that bad. They don't have any remaining toe nail polish, and they do have a bit of a wide stance. I'm not sure if I've tried fixing that before, but I can always try it again until she stands like a lady.

After that we have our second (and final) Barbie body. This one is a bit different from our last body. First off
it's a Barbie only body, but more unusual. It's what I believe is a transitional body. Transitional dolls were made from a combination of parts when they were phasing out one doll and bringing in another. I believe this one is a number 4 and number 5 transitional. Like I said she is a Barbie only body. She is on a hollow mold Barbie only body, so she was made after they phased out the solid torso. But unlike the rest of the hollowed torso dolls I have, her torso is a lot tanner than normal. Her skin tone is a lot closer to the tanned skin tone of the number 4 dolls. It's really evident when compared to a Midge/Barbie body. Normally this type of color change could be explained by aging, but from all I've seen the torso plastic doesn't change color like the rest of the dolls sometimes do (number one, two, and three Barbies excluded). The majority of the dolls (Barbie friends and family included) all have the same colored torsos as when they were brand new. Also going back to that earlier point about the few torsos that do discolor over time, all those get lighter not darker. So I really don't think that her coloring can be blamed on aging.
But her torso color isn't the only thing she has in common with the number four ponytail dolls. The majority of her limbs are made from the same material as the number four doll. Both legs and her right hand are made from the tanner more malleable plastic. Her left hand however while still a darker tan, is made from the harder less flexible plastic. Both hands retail a lot of their original deep red nail polish that the number fours have. I have had someone mention that she might be a doll made from parts at home by a child. I think she has too many things that support she's a transitional doll to believe that theory. I think she's a doll that was made after they stopped doing the solid torso, but before they ran out of all the parts. I'm not sure what type of head she originally came with. It's a shame that it didn't survive in the lot. I think that I'm going to try and get a number four head for her. Other than the hollow torso, it's practically a number four body.     
Condition wise, the body is in pretty good shape. The torso does have it's fair amount of play wear, including a wear line that goes through the Barbie logo on the back. The arms are in good shape, she has all her fingers and most of her fingernail polish. Her legs are in good shape for the most part. She does have a few bits of play wear here and there, the worst being a small nip at the front of her left ankle. It's still very small and not that noticeable. Overall it's a really nice body and I can't wait to get a head for it. She'll be a really nice (and unusual) addition to the collection!

So that was the bodies, coming up next, the heads! (All three of them!)

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