Friday, June 28, 2013

Section Two, Item Three

Today's item is another Ken item. We actually have a couple Ken pieces from the lot despite there not being an actual Ken doll in the lot. Yesterday we talked about a pair of pants, today is a shirt. Again, it's being modeled by Barbie, but I think it's for Mod Ken, just like with the pants. Although I hope they were not originally paired together, that would be hideous! The shirt is a button up short sleeved shirt with cuffed sleeves. It's made from a pink-orange cotton. The cotton is really soft and pretty luxurious. It closes in the front with two snaps and has four fake teeny tiny clear plastic buttons on the front. Just like with the pants, I'm on the fence if this is an actual Mattel made item. It looks to be incredibly well made. It also has the opening at the back of the collar like I've seen with Mattel made clothing (I think for a tie?). Just like with the pants, I haven't been able to find them identified online, so I'm not sure. The shirt looks to be in great shape, other than being incredibly wrinkled it looks like it didn't get much play at all. It's due for a bath, just like the pants. And just like the pants I'll put it with the clothes I might end up using, just not at the same time, like I said that would be hideous!

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