Thursday, June 27, 2013

Section Two, Item Two

For today's item we have a pair of pants. I know they are on a Barbie doll in the picture, but they are actually Ken sized. I was just too lazy to grab a Ken for the pictures. I did eventually end up trying it on a vintage Ken, but the pants were way too big on him, so I believe they're for a Mod Ken body. I did not try them on a Mod Ken however, I didn't feel like wrestling with them over his rubber legs. So I just assume they're for a Mod Ken doll. Anyway, back to the pants. The pants are made from a thin red and black checked cotton material. They are rather simple slacks (featuring no pockets real or fake), but do have a real working fly (including a YKK zipper), and close at the top with a hook and a thread loop. They look to be in really great shape without any holes, tears, or popped stitches. I don't think they got played with much at all since the material is so thin I think that play time would really show wear to the material. It does have a couple of threads at the bottom from the hem on the inside, but they could easily be trimmed off. It's merely a cosmetic issue. I would say that with these pants, I'm not sure if they're clone or Mattel. It could go either way. I did try to find them online, but haven't been able to identify them. I plan to continue searching for their identification (unless someone knows them and tells me in the comments). Right now they will get washed and stored. They however, unlike a lot of the other clothing from this lot, will be stored with clothes I could use. I actually like these pants.

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