Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Starting Over

Yay! We finally made it through the home made pieces and now it's time to move onto our next section! This one is machine made clothing that I have no idea who made it (and for several pieces, what doll should be wearing it). Let me just say, this section could have Mattel made pieces or home made pieces, but if I couldn't identify them, they ended up here. As usual, if you recognize something I don't, please let me know in the comments.  

I seem to like doing one clothing piece per day, so I'm going to continue that with the hopes it'll actually keep me making progress with this lot.
So let's get to it!

Out first piece from the lot is a pair of jersey knit... pants? They might be pantaloons. If it were me, I'd use them as pantaloons. They're made from a white jersey knit with an elastic waist, and have pink elastic trim at the bottom. Or at least I think it was elastic once. Like a lot of pieces from the lot, the elastic is shot. The elastic at the waist is gone too. The pants are in fair condition, other than the elastic there's also a couple holes in the pants as well. Just like with a lot of the last group, I'm not going to use these pants. They are due for a wash, then into the bag with the rest of the unusable items. It may never get used again, but at least it will be clean. I looked for tags, but they don't have any, or evidence there was one ever.

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