Friday, June 14, 2013

Thank you Chad, I adore her!!!!!!

I believe this post will be a short one (at least shorter than normal).

As you know a while back I bought that White Ginger head. I already had the correct Barbie only body that it needed. The only problem was... that body belonged to another doll (that needs a re-root) leaving me with one too many heads and one too few bodies. I was bemoaning that fact to my Flickr friend, and he offered to send me a TLC Barbie only body. Of course I jumped at the chance. The body did have the hands chewed off and some damage to the toes, but I've done limb swaps before. The important thing would be the correct small neck knob that wouldn't stretch out the doll's jaw. Both dolls have neck splits so the smaller knob is ideal.  

But that's not all he sent me!

He also sent me a birthday present!

An awesome birthday present!

A wig wardrobe Midge head!

Which is awesome!

I've always wanted a wig wardrobe Midge, but they're incredibly hard to find. I've only seen one in person, and that was in someone's collection at one of the doll meetings. They rarely show up online too, and when they do they have high price tags. But now I don't have to look anymore, I have one! And she's a beautiful doll. Her face paint is flawless! I learned something interesting, her head mold is very different than the original Midge's. I thought they just changed the mold to have molded on hair, but things are drastically different, especially the eyes. She's practically a different doll!
I absolutely love her, she's been my doll buddy for the past couple of days traveling with me around the room just so I can have her close. For the time being I stuck her on the Barbie body he sent me. I like how she looks on it, eventually she'll get one of her own. 

So I've already told him in private but I wanted to share it on the blog too. Thank you so much Chad for the
body and Midge head, it is seriously my favorite Birthday present and a jewel in my collection. This may sound corny, but I've never had someone gift me a doll like that before, so she means so much more to me than just a Midge doll. I will always treasure her and if I ever reach the point where I downsize my collection she'll never be on the chopping block.

She'll be with me forever!!!!

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