Saturday, June 22, 2013

Three little heads are we!

I'm start off this post with a picture of the three dolls that came in the lot.

Did you see???

Starting on the left, up first we have Growing Pretty Hair Barbie. When I got her she was on the TNT's body. Her original body was nowhere to be seen in the lot. I'm not shocked since her body was kind that broke really easily, so I bet it broke and got thrown out. For the most part she is in good shape (and in better shape than the other heads). Her makeup looks perfect (her lips are actually a really bright orangy-pink, very vibrant). She also has the most stunning eyelashes, they're all there and so full and long. They are just gorgeous. And interesting thing to note is that she has a really wide jaw. Not sure what happened there, maybe she was on the Midge/Barbie body before and it stretched out? It's not a bad look, it's just her jaw is a lot fuller than my other one. But she is also the second version of Growing Pretty Hair Barbie, maybe their jaws are supposed to be different. I do not know. Even though she is in the best shape of all three heads, she does have an issue, her hair's been cut. She does have some hair, but she's had a lot cut off. I guess that means she's going to get a re-root eventually. I'm just going to have to be super careful about her eyelashes since I would literally die if I disturbed them.
Moving on to the center doll, we have a Brunette Bubblecut. She actually came on her correct body, but due to her issues I took her off it and gave it to another doll (more about that later). She is one of the later bubbles with the fuller hair and thinner lips (I do not like those lips). I'll start with the worst issue, her obvious nose nip. It's not a huge nose nip (I do have a doll missing more), but it's pretty obvious. She also had a neck split, which I've since repaired. I've never attempted to repair a nose nip before, but this might be the doll that pushes me to try. She also has some wear to her make up. She has a couple spots of wear to her lips and eyes, mainly her eyelash ridges. Her worst paint wear is to her eyebrows, they're mostly missing and the few spots that are left they are extremely faint. Luckily her hair covers most of it. Speaking of hair, her's is in pretty good shape. She does have that bald spot in the back that Bubblecuts usually get, and I think someone actually trimmed her hair back there. I'm really not sure what to do with her, she may end up in storage for a long, long time. Luckily I already have plenty of other Bubblecuts in the collection.
And finally, moving on to our final doll head on the far right we have Talking Barbie. When I got her she was on that Barbie only transitional body. Just like the other two she has her problem. The worst being her nose, she doesn't have it missing like the Bubblecut, but it does have a couple slices in it. It's not a cute look. Which is a shame, since she has a really pretty face. Her lips are prefect, doesn't even have that bottom lip rub TNT faced dolls are prone to getting. Her eyes are really nice, but she does have very sparse eyelashes. She does have most of her eyebrows, but they are somewhat faint, luckily her hair covers that up. But her hair has been cut, it should be lower than her shoulders, right now it barely touches her shoulders (you know, if she had a body). Just like the other three she's going to be put away for a while, she's got more problems than I know how to fix.

So that's the three head that came in the lot. Sadly two of the three have problems that are beyond my repair abilities. So who knows when they'll be seen again. Funny story, I actually have all three of these doll types in the collection, what are the odds of that?
Up next we start the clothes! (and there's going to be a looooooooooooooooooot of them.)     

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