Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two new additions... plus another!

My sharing of this lot is going to be a little bit different than normal. This time I'm going to be sharing the dolls first. This post is going to be about the dolls that are on the correct body. Out of the six dolls I ended up getting, only three have their original bodies.

Up first we have the one doll from the lot that isn't something I collect, a Dawn doll. I've read about Dawn before, but never owned one before. As you'll see from most of the lot, she's an odd mix of great condition and terrible condition. She is the regular Dawn doll, according to her head she's the K11A version and is marked Hong Kong on her backside. She has beautiful uncut great condition hair and absolutely flawless makeup. Unfortunately she has a nose nip and some minor green spots on her head. It's a shame though, without those issues, her head would be really nice.
Her body has it's problems too. Her torso and arms are nice, although I think she has a little melting at one hip joint and I believe her fingers have been nibbled a bit. Her biggest issue with her body are her legs. They have spots, splits, and someone has nibbled her feet to heck. Her right knee clicks once, but the left one doesn't click at all. Interesting note, her right leg moves smoothly, but her left leg sort of clicks into place. I'm not sure what to do with her. I believe she is wearing her original panties, I plan on swiping them to see if they fit my Tutti doll.
Moving on from that we have a straight leg Skooter doll. I know I said I'd never get another Skooter doll, yet here we are. She ended up being less than a dollar, okay??? This doll is different because she's a blonde, my other two are titans. Skooter is actually in pretty good shape. I think that she may have had a little bit of a hair trim, but nothing that extreme. I'm not totally sure if she did, I still need to finish styling her hair to determine if she has had a hair cut or not. Her face paint is nice, although faint. Her lips are mostly white, but still have a little bit of color. It may be hard to see, but she does have her eyebrows, they're just really light. Her body is in pretty good shape. Other than some scratches on her back, her body looks to be free from other problems. She's actually a really nice doll. I'm saying that now, but I'm sure I'll be singing another tune when I'm stressing out over dressing her.
After Skooter we have out last doll from the lot. A TNT Barbie! When I first got her Barbie was on a SL body with the biggest neck knob I've ever seen that gave her the biggest jaw. Luckily a boiling water soak helped ease her neck back into shape. It does seem a little fuller than average, but it looks a lot better than it did before. It does look like she's had a bit of a hair cut. To me it seems that someone wanted her bangs to be fuller, so they cut some of her hair to do that. It doesn't look terrible, just some spots her hair are a little thinner than it should be. Her makeup is stunning though. It's perfect. She even has nice eyelashes! They look a little thin, but seem to be all there. For the most part her body is in nice shape. Her torso is nice, and her hands are beautiful. They're free from bites and have great nail polish. Her legs on the other hand (no pun intended), are another story. For the most part they are in really great shape. No green spots, knees click and hold position, no splits or cuts, but... someone her feet are a mess. There's bites all up and down her ankles and her toes have been chewed off (just like with Dawn). Poor girl's been subjected to some real harsh treatment during her play years. Don't worry TNT, those days are over!

So that's the full dolls from the lot, stay tuned for the bodies! They're coming up next!  

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