Monday, April 14, 2014

A Quick Post (after a long hiatus)

Hello Dear Readers,

It's been aaaaaaaaaaages since I've posted anything here. I have been keeping busy lately, sometimes with good things, sometimes with bad. Unfortunately I don't have much time (or truth be told the motivation) to do to blog posts. Even dolls have suffered from my general un-motivational feelings. Although, truth be told, I'm trying to cut back on doll spending. For the month of April I'm making a personal bet that I will go the month without buying a new doll online. Today is the 14th, and so far I am going strong. However I have had a few minor setbacks. I said no dolls, but I guess accessories and doll parts are free game.

Because I feel no shame that I violated my own vow by sharing you with my most recently received purchase.
So without further blathering on, here it is:
Did you see it? (By the way, the doll holding it will get a post of her own eventually)
It's the miniature Barbie that was released in 1965 in two Skipper outfits and one fashion pack (Day at the Fair, Me 'n my Doll, and Just for Fun Fashion Pack). She was also used as Tinkerbelle for a Peter Pan Kiddle doll, but she had a different paint job (green dress instead of a red swimsuit). She's a charming blonde haired Swirl Barbie doll that's in scale for Barbie to play with (well, Skipper). It's rather hard to find, so I never dreamed about owning it.

But, I was lucky enough to find it on E-bay for a steal. I was over there punishing myself by looking for vintage Barbie dolls with the Buy it now feature. (I may have a bet, but I can lose any time). Under the newly listed items, I found the Mini doll. The person didn't know what it was and had it listed as a "Barbie like mini doll" (or something, I'm paraphrasing). Either way it showed up when you searched "Vintage Barbie". She was filthy and..... glued to a pin. I kid you not, she was hot glued to a pin that was made out of a bunch of vintage puzzle pieces.
Here's a picture from the auction:
The pin.... is really not my style, but I wasn't buying it for the pin. I did some quick research, examined the pictures, then snapped it up. In total I paid ten dollars, including shipping, for it. From what I already knew, I got a heck of a bargain. I bought it on Friday, it arrived early today. It was originally due in Tuesday, but surprise, surprise came today. I do so love when that happens.
I was super eager to check it out in person since I was worried that the doll's neck had been broken and re-glued and if I could safely remove her from the hot glue that was keeping her stuck on the pin. I was relieved to see that her neck was fine, and I was able to quickly and easily able to remove her from the pin. The pin actually didn't suffer any damage either. I have a thought of revamping the pin and reselling it. But if that never happens, no big deal. She's what I wanted, and she's great.

Condition wise, she's in very good shape. The front of her cleaned up better than her back. She still has some dark spots on her back. I'm not sure if they will come off, but overall I'm not totally concerned. She still looks fine from the front. Other than that her biggest issues are a few small paint rubs on her swimsuit one on her front near the bust, and one on the back on her rear end.

Now my Barbie's can have a Barbie! ... I just hope they can share, don't think there's too many deals for this doll out there.

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  1. that's cute! I never knew such a thing existed.