Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Everyone (If you celebrate)

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Mine was good. The family and I trucked up to my sister's in Raleigh for pizza and just hanging out. We sat around chatting, played a game, and just had a good time.

It was fun.

But I couldn't spend the whole day playing, I had to be back in time to start my E-bay actions. You see, I've started selling on E-bay. It's a long overdue update for you all that started at the beginning of the year. I was surveying my room and I realized I just had too much... stuff. Some stuff I wanted, but a LOT of stuff I didn't. Things I'd buy because they were a deal or something that I ended up with from lots that had things I did want. I'd been meaning to list them online to sell, but hadn't. Some of these things I'd had kicking around for forever, and I was tired of owning them, and tired of them cluttering up my life.

So I started working on it. In January I did a big push to get all the doll stuff I was selling listed on the Dollpage, which I ended up finishing in February. I think like half of the ads on that site are mine. Once that was done I started working on E-bay. It's slow work since I'm so detailed orientated in my ads, but I'm making progress. I'm reminding myself that it didn't get so cluttered overnight, and each thing that sells is one more thing out of my life.

And so far I am making progress. This is a two way street, while it's good to get stuff out of your life, there's only so much it can do if you keep bringing the same amount (or more) in. And I have been trying my best to keep my input down. I've been better in some aspects than others. Quelling my doll habit is nearly impossible, even when I'm not trying I'm still managing to bring in several dolls per month. (Not that I'm complaining) However, I have been a lot better about buying dolls and items for resale. Now that I put (and are currently putting in) all that effort in clearing out some of the stuff I'm being a lot smarter in what I'm willing to buy. I'm able to step away some decent deals I find in town because I know I have so much stuff to get rid of that there's no need adding more to the pile. Maybe down the road when things are cleared out more I can start picking up stuff to resell, but that's a long, long, long, long ways in the distance.

I'm reclaiming my space for me and the junk I want in it, instead of the junk that's just in it!

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