Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Stand Out Among the Standard

Like what happens with so many of my blog posts, this one starts with a little bit of back story. A couple of weeks ago, I got my Paypal account partially locked. It was because of a simple typo that happened years ago and finally came around to bite me in the backside. So I had limited access to my account in one section, which was annoying but I could work around it. I figured since it wasn't affecting my day-to-day activities I would ignore it and just not do that one thing.

Paypal on the other hand, had other ideas. Without warning they flat out locked my entire account. I could receive money, but couldn't touch it. This made selling on E-bay a lot more difficult since I couldn't touch that money to even ship items out with. So I had to jump through all their hoops to get access to my account back. Finally after giving them 94865 forms of personal id and submitting to their digital prostate exam (metaphorically speaking) they gave me back access to my account.

And once that happened I vowed to spend every last cent in my account. I figured that by emptying my Paypal account into several other people's accounts it would punish them!
That's how it works, right?

(Listen I have to justify my rampant spending somehow.)

Once I got back access to my account I really did have to buy something, anything. After being unable to spend a cent I was really in the mood to spend some money. I never want to do something more than when I've been told I can't do it.
I was actually not on E-bay (although I was searching it too) when I found my next find. I was on Etsy looking under their vintage section for Barbie. I found a listing where someone was selling three dolls. Two were 90's era Superstar Barbie dolls that weren't of any interest to me, but one was a 1971 Standard Barbie with center facing eyes. They were only 10 dollars for the three of them, but shipping was 12.50, which I was not thrilled about but in general a 20 dollar standard isn't a bad investment. So I added them to the cart and bought them. Ironically enough, a few days I realized that I had bought from that seller before. Small world, huh? They realized it too and sent me a little note thanking me for being a returning customer. (I didn't know I was a return costumer, I just wanted the doll). 

They arrived several days after I bought them, in a padded envelope. For what I paid in shipping I should at least get a box I can reuse! The seller actually gave me a refund of two dollars, I guess shipping ended up being cheaper than what they charged me. Which is always a nice thing to get, although I don't expect it. If I'm willing to pay your shipping costs, I've included it with the price of the item. But it was still a good thing to do, those two dollars went on to buy my next doll, which you'll hear about soon enough in an upcoming post.
Anyway, the dolls arrived. Like I said, there were two 90's era Superstars in the lot. One of them was Secret something or other Barbie. She was in decent played with condition. I've already started her clean up process before she gets listed separately. She just needs a light cleaning and some hair work. The other one (who I have yet to identify) will also get resold, but needs a bit more work. Her hair has been cut, I've since removed what was left of it, and she has staining on the back of one of her legs. Her body has joined the rest of the dolls who are undergoing acne treatment. I'm hoping to get the first one listed again soon, and the other one listed once the stain comes out. (She's going to be sold bald). I've already washed off and reapplied the acne cream once and the stain seems to have lightened. So it is coming out, it's just a matter of time.
But enough about those two. Let's talk about the reason why I bought the lot in the first place. As I already told you it was a Standard Barbie. I'm sure all you have read the post I did recently where I talked about Standards, but a brief recap will follow. Standard Barbie dolls were the "budget" dolls from Mattel. They had the newer TNT face mold, but lacked eyelashes, the TNT waist, and bend legs. They're basically a TNT head without eyelashes on a pink tone straight leg Midge and Barbie body. The older ones had the usual side glancing eyes, but when they were re-released in 1971 they had forward glancing eyes (Hair Fair Barbie also got this new centered eye
re-release in 1971). This new doll is my fourth Standard, and my second one with center facing eyes. The seller had her misidentified as Midge, which I could see since it does say both Barbie and Midge on her backside. Also (this is a huge conclusion jump on my part) she's not blonde. Lots of times I see brunettes and titans Barbie dolls marked as Midge just because to some people, Barbie = blonde. Which is not always the case.
But either way I knew who she was and that's what was important. She's in really nice shape. Her hair is nice and full her makeup is flawless. She doesn't even have the bottom lip rub I find TNT dolls get. She does have discoloration to her head. Like with most Mod era dolls these dolls are prone to yellowing. Her head isn't that bad compared to some. It's actually not as bad at the pictures make her look. The lights really highlight the color difference. It's not as bad in person.
Her body is in nice shape, she has some light play wear, the biggest issue to her body is that she has some wear to her fingernail and toenail polish and that's really not that a big deal for me. Even with her issues I think she's a stunner, and is a welcome addition to the collection.

Now to get to work on those other two dolls, I'm trying to be good about getting the new things for resale out quickly so they're not sitting around for months (or longer) until I get them listed for resale.

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