Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Are three heads better than one?

As I said in my recently I've been on a real doll buying binge. (I know, when am I not on a doll buying binge?) I will say that I had been doing better than normal, but then in a week I went crazy and bought several things.
I really need to just ban myself from checking out E-bay, that's where the most damage to my savings has been done recently. Since I've been using them to sell items I've been over there a lot more than usual. And since I'm already there I find myself checking out the newly listed items. It's a compulsion. I usually just check out the Buy it Now listings since I hate the risk of losing out on auctions, especially at the last minute. However, I am willing to do auctions if I absolutely need to.
The items I'm talking about today was an auction just like that. This is actually slightly different than normal, you see this was an impulse auction buy. Today's item that I will be sharing with you all is a lot of heads, three to be exact (is three enough to be called a lot?). It's also a little different than normal because it's actually not a Barbie item! I'll bet you're shocked. (Although you shouldn't be, there's plenty of dolls here who aren't Barbie or Mattel). However, I actually found it because of Barbie though, the seller had it listed under Barbie so when you searched for Barbie, this auction also popped up. I actually saw the auction earlier in the week and opened the link. When I didn't see anything of initial interest I closed the page. It wasn't until days later that the possible identification of one of the dolls popped into my head. So I went back to the page and researched the head. I was pretty sure I was right as to who I thought it was actually was who it was. Even with that, I was only sort of interested in the auction. I ended up bidding with about a day left to go. I did put in more than the opening bid, but ultimately didn't need to. The auction closed with me being the only bidder. I don't think that would have been the case if the head had been properly identified. I think that people who looked at the auction didn't know what it was, and the people who knew what it was didn't see the auction.
 Their loss is my gain.
 I ended up paying a little bit over 10 dollars for the lot of three heads including shipping. Out of my recent E-bay purchases these were the last to arrive. Which is fine, I had plenty of other new stuff to keep my busy. Like I said, there were three heads in the lot, but I only wanted one. The other two will be moving on, but I'm going to talk about them anyway.
Up first we have a very... unusual doll head. It's the largest one from the lot with a circumference of 9 inches. I believe it's supposed to be a little girl. She has blue eyes, freckles, and a brassy blonde
bubblecut. She is stamped on the back as "Japan", I assume her country of origin. She is rather cheaply made, with very thin rooting pattern and there's actually a hole under her ear where there was most likely a bubble in the plastic when she was molded. She also has a very poorly trimmed neck hole opening. I haven't been able to identify who she is. I shared her picture soon after she arrived on Flickr and the general consensus is that she was a craft doll. The seller did mention in their ad that they were heads from their childhood, so she might have had a body at some point. When I picture it, I always image a cute little troll like body with the over sized head, but that's just me. As you can see, she looks rather wicked. I also had some comments to how scary she looked over at Flickr. That's all due to her eyebrows. For some reason they gave her angry eyebrows. When you cover them up she takes on a much cuter look. She looks like a mischievous toddler, not a mischievous toddler with a knife behind her back. Either way, she's not staying. I'll probably dump her on the Dollpage with a "Free with purchase" option. While she is interesting, I don't really see much reason to keep her around. I barely have room for the dolls I want, much less the heads I don't.
Moving on from that, we have our second head. This head is smaller, measuring 6.5 inches in circumference. It's another blonde bubblecut, but that's about where the similarities end. This head is clearly designed to look like a woman, a very fancy woman. She has pencil thin eyebrows, reddish pink lips, and blue sleep eyes. She is marked on the back "Ginger", which is her name. It's one that I have heard before, she's one of the dolls who was a precursor to Barbie. These dolls had womanly features, but still retained a certain toddler like chubbiness that made them less... intimidating (to mothers I assume). Ginger was most likely 10 inches tall and a very decent quality doll. Her quality is so much better than the first head a shared with you. Her paint is better, her hair is so much better in quality. She even has the very cool feature of the sleep eyes. Ginger however has had a rough life. She has several spots where there's gouges in her vinyl and had two nasty neck splits (which I since repaired). She has a rub to her lower lip, and I can't be sure but she might have had a hair cut. I haven't done much with her yet. Right now I've just washed her and removed her earrings. Her earrings were just two O post that were in her ears. She doesn't have green ear, but they were a nightmare to get out. I had to twist like budge them. She will also most likely also end up on the Dollpage. Maybe someone can use her.

And finally, we have the reason I bought this lot! Thank you for reading this far, you've been very patient. The final head in the lot belonged to Tina Cassini. Don't be too upset if you don't know that
name. I myself am shocked I remembered it enough to identify the doll. Tina Cassini is the daughter of Oleg Cassini, who was a famous fashion designer (she is also actress Gene Teirney's daughter). Oleg created the doll and named it after her. She was around briefly in the mid 1960's, and didn't last long (the doll, not the namesake). She has medium brown hair in a bubblecut (all three dolls are bubblecuts). She has light brown eyebrows, blue eyes, preach/orange lips, and some pretty heavy black eye makeup. The head is totally unmarked, so she could actually be a clone of Tina. I really don't know how to tell the difference, the pictures I compared her to online all look very similar to her. For what I paid for it, I would not be too upset if she turned out to be a clone. She'd still be a very nice doll. As you can see from the pictures Tina has already found a body. It's because this rare fashion doll has a very common cousin, Tammy. Tina actually uses the Tammy body (and I kind of think the head is Tammy's Mom just repainted). I do have a Tammy doll, but I didn't decapitate her for Tina. I actually contacted the person who used to run the Swell Doll Shop (it closed last December) and asked if he had a spare Tammy body. He did, and now Tina has a body! It's in decent
shape, the arms have paled and it needs a little work, but I'm just very glad she has a body. I had been looking online for Tammy dolls, and the cheapest ones were around 20 dollars with shipping. I paid less than that for the head and she's a lot more rare than Tammy!
You can read more about Tina Cassini here. Interesting side note, while I was researching this doll I learned I most likely have part of one of her outfits. You may remember that 5 dollar lot of vintage dolls I started sharing but never finished doing so last year. In it was an orange skirt with two pockets made from a white with orange dots fabric (the one I found the paper cigarettes in). It's not listed on the site I just shared with you, but I saw several dolls and another booklet that featured that skirt. It originally came with a white swimsuit looking bodysuit with a matching dotted scarf. Pretty cool, huh?
P.S. With her hair like that, doesn't Tina look like Julie Andrew's in the Sound of Music? That is, if she spent the entire movie judging people with an icy glare.

"Dog whistle? I will NOT be answering to that."

"Were you just dancing in the Gazebo with that messenger boy? Girl, aim higher, like for his boss."

"I made these from the curtains in my room, they're a cheap cotton with a thin weave, but there's a war going on and you keep telling me I'm the help."

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