Monday, June 23, 2014

Do you like my dress? What about my dress? And what do you think of my dress?

Now that I've shared all of the home made clothing from the lot it's time to talk about the factory made pieces. The majority of the pieces were made by Mattel, but there's a couple pieces that weren't. They will all be talked about in this post. (and after that we're done, Yay!)

I'm going to start off this post talking about stock outfits. For people unfamiliar with that term it just means a doll's original outfit. I'm not sure how well known it is, I only learned about it when I was into Momoko dolls and the people on that forum would use it.
Up first we have Quick Curl Barbie's pink gingham dress. This dress is actually in really nice shape.
The only issue I see with it is some popped stitching at the waist. I'm surprised what nice condition it in. It's made out of such a thin fabric and the sheer sleeves are made from an incredibly fragile material and not hemmed so usually when I've come across it it's a total mess. I guess Barbie didn't wear this dress too often. She wasn't wearing it when I got the lot, the dress was just loose in the box.
After that we have a pair of swim trunks. I'm pretty sure these are Malibu Ken's original shorts. They are made from a orange/red knit material and have elastic sewn into the waist. They have a teeny tiny little frayed tag in them that says "Made in Hong Kong" (just like he was). They're pretty nice shape, they're a little dirty and I noticed one small snag in the back. They actually have a small sewing error on them, on the waistband on the back there's a crease that got sewn down. When I got them Malibu Ken was wearing them, and had melted into them. I had to carefully peel them off him, I guess I should be happy they're not as damaged as they could be. And I guess I should be happy that they kept him from melting into the pants he was wearing on top of them. If only he was wearing an undershirt!
After that we have the majority of the stock outfit for New Look Ken. I guess both Ken dolls weren't
that popular since both their original outfits were still in the lot. We actually have all of the pieces of the outfit, shoes excluded. We have the brown and white checkered jacket, the brown pants, and the white dickey. They're in okay shape, except both the pants and the jacket have stains. The pants have red stains and black stains on them, mostly on the legs. The elastic waist is actually still pretty nice on the pants. The jacket has red stains and peach colored stains on it. I'm kind of wondering it that's makeup on the clothes. I really don't know for certain. They both need some slight refreshing (mainly trimming loose threads), but I'm not sure if I'm going to bother. Those stains really kill the outfit for me, I have no clue how to clear it up. I'm just so bad with stains! The dicky looks to be free from stains though. It's a little dingy and that's it. I will say that I have no idea why the neck is surged with red thread, how tacky looking! But at least the neck got surged, the rest of it isn't hemmed or surged. It closes in the back with one snap, I guess Mattel hadn't decided to cut costs even more by switching over to using velcro at that point.
After that we have Ballerina Barbie's original tutu. Made of white satin with a tulle skirt, I think it's a really cute costume. It's also in really nice shape. The only issues with it is some loose threads at the arm holes that just need trimming. I will have to be very careful with it. The fabric under the hemline has frayed in a few spots so it could easily slip out from under the hem, which would look terrible. I might end up reselling this, I worry about it getting damaged so it might be easier to just resell it and not have it than hold onto it. It is really cute though.

And for our final stock outfit, we have Italian
This picture was a nightmare to get
where everything didn't look yellow.
Barbie's full outfit. And by full I mean full. I even got her shoes! She was the only doll with shoes, and the only shoes in the entire lot. I have her original white under dress, her red, green, and white skirt, her blue apron, and orange tie shoes. They are in amazing condition, I don't think they've ever been off her before. I had to untie the original knots on the shoes so I could wash her. There's not much to say about this other than how nearly perfect they are. The bottom of the under dress isn't yellow like it looks in the picture. I am planning on keeping this outfit, just not on the doll. I'll store it with the rest of my vintage Barbie clothes so if I ever decide to sell her I can keep her with her original outfit. But I don't think she'll be on the chopping block any time soon, she's a big reason why I bought this lot in the first place. I am glad I have her outfit too, even though I plan on dressing her in something just for her. (Like everyone else gets).

And so that was the stock outfits from the lot. Now let's switch gears and talk about the non-Mattel items in the lot. There's not that many of them, so I should be able to get through this section rather quickly.
Our first item is a white.... thing. It's made from fuzzy white fabric and is sort of shaped like the number 8. It has a pouch and is edged with a white yarn trim and has a pink bow on it. I believe this is for a baby doll with an over sized head. I'm not sure why I think that, but for some reason I just do. You tuck the body into the pouch and the top part cradles the head. I could be wrong though, if anyone has any idea in the comments what it's from please let me know. It looks to be in decent shape. The bow has partially come undone and it looks like the trim needs a little work, but those are simple repairs. Not sure what use I'll get out of it, I don't have any baby dolls that could use it. The only baby dolls I have are Barbie's sister Chrissy and she lives in a plastic bag in the closet with all her accessories and it way too small for it. This might end up getting resold. 
After that we have a hat. Measuring just a hair under 7 inches in circumference it's made from thin plastic molded to look
like woven straw. It has two holes in the brim where there's a bit of elastic threaded through to keep it on the doll's head. Quite honestly this could have belonged to the Ginny doll (looks similar to the style of her outfit) but I didn't find any example of her wearing it so I didn't put it on the doll when reselling it. I'm not sure if I would have added it to the listing if I had found proof it belonged to her, I wanted to keep it. I like hats, even going so far as to try making them (not very successfully I might add). This hat is in very nice condition. I will need to replace the elastic since it's broken in a couple spots and generally seems to have relaxed (a common issue for elastic). Not sure if I'll be able to that easily since the elastic is tan in color, the only elastic I've seen is white or black. I wonder if I could try dying elastic with tea to make that color? I guess I can try that in time, it's not a huge issue right now since I really don't have much use for the hat, but I'm glad I have it. Never know when it will come in handy! Quick side note, the Barbie form is new. They came out in the 80's in a boutique play set. I've been wanting one for a while but didn't want to pay the 8 dollars + they go for on E-bay just for the form. Last month at a thrift store I found two of the display heads for a quarter each! They had some melting, but they're exactly what I wanted!
Moving on, we have a dress. This one while not Mattel is tagged. It is tagged with three Japanese
characters (タカラ), a logo (which could be a monkey or a skull), and in English; "Made In Japan". When you type Takara into a translator, those three characters pop up, so it's a Takara dress. I assume their logo is more likely a monkey than a skull. Anyway, back to the dress. It has a bodice made out of a golden woven metallic material. It is lined and has set in sleeves made of a hot pink nylon material. There's lace at the sleeves, but just at the very top (almost like lace cap sleeves. The sleeves are gathered at the wrist. The dress has a full skirt, also made of the pink nylon material. Just like the bodice it is fully lined, but out of a different material. The skirt has a lace overlay. At the waist there is a chartreuse colored ribbon tied in a bow. On the lace over skirt on the right side there's another chartreuse bow, but this one has an attached green flower. Condition wise, the dress is in okay shape. There's several spots of fraying to the gold bodice (a very common issue with anything made with this type of fabric). The elastic at the wrists has relaxed, which again is a common problem. Both ribbon bows have fraying at the ends and I wouldn't be too shocked to find out that there was originally one on the left side of the skirt that's missing. It's is slightly dingy, but I'm not sure how this dress would react to washing. When I got this lot Licca's friend was wearing it. Poor Licca, she got stuck in that heavy brown play suit while her friend got the princess dress! 
Her friend also got underwear while Licca was forced to go commando. For our final factory made clothing piece we have a pair of panties. Made of a white netted material they are surged at the top (and have shot elastic) and have lace at the leg holes. They're very small, so I assume they are original to the Licca dolls. They're very simple, but nicely made. Most likely one of the Licca dolls will end up wearing it. They seem to be the type to wear underwear.

And that's that last of the factory made non-Mattel clothing pieces. With that done, we get to move into our final section; the clothing made by Mattel that wasn't sold on a doll. I actually got several pieces. I'm also going to be breaking down this section into smaller sections. I'll be lumping things together based on who they were designed for.

Our first section is items that belong to Francie. If you remember the doll introduction post, there was
no Francie dolls in the lot. In fact there wasn't even any dolls in similar in size to Francie to wear her clothes. So either Francie didn't last long enough to make it into the lot, or they never had one and Barbie wore her clothes. Our first item is a pajama top. It is the top to Snooze News from 1971-1972. I am missing the matching panties, the slippers, and the paper “mirror”. The top is made out of a pink tricot material with a netting overlay. The netting has a lace trim and lace straps as well as a bow in front. It is tagged “Francie TM, Copyright 1965 Mattel”. The top is in played with condition, but it's not as bad as it could be. Overall it is very dingy, that lace should be white not tan. It also has some blue staining at the back hem. While it does need work getting cleaned up, there's not too many snags in the lace overlay and the ribbon tie hasn't frayed too badly. If I knew anything about cleaning vintage clothing, this might clean up rather nicely!

Moving on we have another Francie garment, another night gown. This outfit is Dreamy Duo also from 1971-1972. It is somewhat similar to the one I just finished discussing. I have two parts of this outfit, I believe that's all it originally had. We have a yellow empire waist tricot under dress with a netting overlay skirt. It has gathered netting at the neckline, and at the waist it has a floral trim. The robe is much longer and also has a yellow tricot “body” with a netting overlay. It repeats the gathered netting detail at the bottom of the robe, and has the floral trim at the neck and down the sides of the robe. It closes at the top with a single snap. Both pieces are untagged. Not sure if they came that way, or it lost it's tags along the way. They did come out right at the time Mattel was really cutting corners so they might have eliminated tags by then. The robe looks to be in good shape. The netting overlay looks to have very few snags and I can't see much wrong with it. The under dress on the other hand is a mess. It has a hole on the bodice, a huge tear in the back that's about 2 inches long, and the netting has come free at the waist in one spot. The hole and undone netting can be explained from general play wear, but I think the tear in the back came from it being put on Barbie. When I got the lot it was on the Malibu Barbie, I just found out it was made for Francie. The under dress doesn't open, it's supposed to side up the doll. I could easily see this tearing as you pulled it up over Barbie's much more full chest. It's a shame though, it's actually really cute, but I bet it will be easier to find a replacement under dress than the robe. I don't usually use nightgowns in the collection, but there's something about this diaphanous gown that speaks to me!
Those were the only Francie items in the lot. It's weird they're both night gowns. I guess Francie did a lot of sleeping. Maybe that's why I didn't get her, she couldn't be woken up to join the rest of the dolls in the lot! (Although, if that's the case she's now naked since I have both her nightgowns!)

After that, we get to start talking about the Ken clothing. Our first item from the lot is a pair of pants.
These belong to Night Scene from 1971. I am missing the matching jacket, the cummerbund, the dickey, the socks, and the shoes. These are part of a very mod tuxedo! Check out that rich burgundy color with the wine colored stripe down the side. I'm glad I missed formal wear being that bold! The look to be in rather nice shape. I just see a couple loose threads that need some slight work on them. The zipper even works nicely! I don't plan on hunting down the rest of the outfit, but if I do stumble upon it I at least have nice condition pants to go with it! These might be missing the eyelet they used to use at the top of the fly. However, I'm not sure if they originally had them or not.

Our next Ken item is actually a mostly complete suit. It is V.I.P. Scene from 1971. (What's with Ken and scenes?) I actually got the pants and shirt last year in that 5 dollar box that I failed to finish everything sharing with you. I did however get around to sharing the
pants and shirt, I didn't know what they were from, now I do. This outfit is more complete and has the double breasted jacket made in the same material as the pants. I'm missing the tie, the socks, and the shoes for this outfit. When I got these Malibu Ken was wearing the shirt and pants. He melted into the shirt a little bit. The pants were spared his melting since he was wearing his swim trunks under them. It's a shame about the shirt since it looks nearly perfect other than that spot. Not sure if it's even possible to get melted plastic out of the fabric, but I might have to try. The jacket is in amazing shape. It's the only part of the outfit which is tagged, with a Ken tag. It's nearly perfect, it looks like it was just de-boxed. It still even has it's original four buttons! The pants are also in very nice shape. The bottom of the zipper might need tacking in place, but that's about it for repair work for these. It even still has it's original hook! The thread eye might be missing, but I can easily replace that. I actually really like this outfit, I might even be tempted to display it on a doll. However I'll have to be really careful the doll doesn't start melting and damage the outfit. It's bad when something I made gets ruined, it would be even worse when it was something vintage that get's trashed! Maybe I won't display it on a doll...

And that's it for the Ken outfits! Wow, we are making fast progress on this, and I am getting a typing work out. But we are reaching the end of this post (and this lot). After the Ken outfits we get to move to Barbie's clothes that were in the lot.

Our first Barbie item is a tutu. It has a ribbon tie that acts as both the waistband and how to take it on and off
the doll. The actual tutu part is made up from two different fabrics. The top part is made from a light pink netting, while the underside is made from a slightly darker pink tulle. Both the netting and the tulle have been shredded, which to me gives it a slight punk feel to it. I'm pretty sure this is a factory original design feature and not the handy work of a child fashion designer. I'm not 100 percent sure of the origin of this piece. I did share it on Flickr asking for identification help. Someone commented saying they had the same tutu and was told it came from a My First Barbie ballerina doll. I wasn't able to find that doll on E-bay, but I believe they are correct. For some reason after they told me that I could picture the doll, I just can't remember the name. I never owned it, but must have come across it at some time during my childhood. If this item is from my First Barbie line, it would make it the newest item in the lot. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, I don't have too many punk Ballerina's around here, but I guess there's plenty of room in the costume bag to stuff it into there.

After that we have a formal Barbie outfit. This is called Party Dress from the Get Ups 'n Go line. This outfit was released in 1974. It consists of a gold and purple brocade halter top with a full orange satin skirt. It has a matching brocade jacket with a gold tie at the waist. When I got the lot Quick Curl Barbie was wearing it. For some reason it looked super familiar. I thought it was a Barbie outfit, but couldn't identify it (it's untagged). I shared a picture of it on Flickr, and people there were kind enough to tell me what it is. They also informed me that it had a fur stole that went along with it (what a busy outfit!). I actually had the fur stole but didn't include it with the picture since I didn't think it actually belonged with the rest of the outfit. I believe the only thing I'm missing is the shoes. The outfit is in .... considerably played with shape. It's not terrible, but there's obviously some repair and restoration work that needs to be done with this outfit. And quite honestly, I'm not sure if I'm up for the task. I think it might be better if I resold it to recoup some of my expenses for this lot.

Our next Barbie item is a skirt. It is from Best Buy #7502. Made from a red cotton with a floral
pattern, its a simple straight skirt. It has a gathered elastic waist which is how you get it on and off the doll. I'm missing the matching fabric shirred top with it's ribbon shoulder straps. It's in very nice condition, the elastic isn't even shot. I was watching someone selling it on E-bay but it still hasn't sold at 9.99. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Again, this might end up getting resold.

The next item I'm going to share is actually a twofer. Not because it's a two piece outfit, but because I have two of them. It's a pair of peasant dresses. Made from a green floral fabric with a red waist piece and white sleeves, these dresses are Sears Exclusives from 1974. When I got the lot one of them was being worn by Quick Curl Miss America (who melted into one of the bodices) and the other one was loose in the lot. They're both in pretty nice shape. They're both dingy and one of them will need some repair on the back where the bodice separated from the skirt. You can't see it in the picture but one of the skirts has a run in it. Just like with the several of the clothing pieces, at least one of these will be resold. I'd love to get my money back and I don't really need two of the same dresses.

Our final items are also getting paired up, again because there's two of them. It's a pair of coats. Made
out of a tan flannel (possibly) they have faux fur collars and faux leather belts. These are also Sears exclusives. I wasn't able to find their release year, but I'd bet it's also 1974, or around there. They look to be in pretty decent shape. They both need some light upkeep, but I think with a little light work they would look nice. And not to sound like a broken record, but these might also end up on the auction block in time. 

I mean, *ahem*, that's the last of the clothing from the lot and the last item from the Caring Transitions Auction Lot. I'm thrilled to be writing this closing section, this was a lot of typing. Again with the dolls themselves it's shocking in hindsight to see how much of the items I got that I'm thinking about reselling. But I am glad that I bought this lot because what I am keeping will be wonderful additions to the collection.


  1. Aubrey, the best thing for getting out stains is a product called Stain Devils. They sell it at Walmart in the laundry section. It comes in little yellow bottles, and there is a number for different stains. (Check the underneath label on the back for the guide. All the numbers handle multiple stains.) For example, number 3 removes ink and marker. Just pour the stuff on and rub a little, (or sometimes scratch lightly with your finger nail.), and the stain just disappears! Sometimes it makes a smear the colour of the ink, but that can be eliminated by rinsing with water. Be careful with some of them. If you have to soak for a considerabe long time, sometimes the colour of the clothing can start to fade.But I have soaked entire cloth dolls with all their clothing on, for a couple of days, and it's been ok. Vintage Barbie clothes are more prone to fading, probably because they are natural fabrics. But I have brought quite a few things back to life with Stain Devils. (They should pay me for all the free commercials I've given them!)
    The dickie for Mod Hair or New Look Ken is sort of a cream colour anyway. I have never seen one with the red stitching. I don't think Velcro had been invented in the 70's, by the way. I could be wrong. Curse the day it was, whenever that was!
    Tricot seems to be the worst fabric for melting into dolls. I think the chemicals in both just don't react well together. But ANYTHING will melt into a Dusty doll. In fact, a naked Dusty will melt into herself. Just saying...

  2. Hello Aubrey,
    The quality of some doll's clothes is just superb. you have some fantastic pieces.
    Big hug,