Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

The rumors are true, I'm officially a year older today. I am now 28, which feels so crazy to think I'm that old.

I'm thinking about starting to lie about my age, I think I can still pass for 25! >:)

All joking aside, today was my birthday. Like it usually is it was a pretty low key day. We really didn't do much out of the ordinary. There are plans for a birthday party this weekend, and a dinner with my brother and parents shortly after that. All that's happened today that was different than normal was getting texts and calls (and being told in person) wishing me a Happy Birthday.

But since I am so far behind in blogging I can tell you all my birthday celebrations after the fact in one hand dandy spot! On the 14th my family went over to my sister's for my birthday party. This was actually the same day as the June doll meeting, so the party wasn't until after 3 when that ended.
At my sister's we had pizza (which I had requested, but I was not a fan of the place my sister had choose, it was kind of dull). For dessert we had chocolate cream pie and cheesecake mousse, which I had made. I had volunteered to make it. My mother had offered to make the desserts, but I said I was fine doing it, which I was. They're really simple to make and while this was my birthday party I didn't count it as my official birthday cake.
After that it was time for the presents, I didn't get many but I got exactly what I wanted because ... I told everyone exactly what to get me. You'll have to wait to hear about what I got from my parents, but my sister got me a book, "Barbie In Japan". Published in the early 2000's by Barbie Bazaar it is a book detailing the Japanese exclusive Barbie outfits from the 60's. I just love looking at them, and I've been wanting to get the book for a while. I was shameless, I sent my sister the E-bay link for the book so she could get exactly what I wanted. Also, it was the best price for the book that I had found. However, I hope she found the book for cheaper. The one she gave me has a somewhat beat up dust jacket, that if she bought it from the link I sent her was not disclosed in the ad. So I'm hoping she found it cheaper with slightly more wear. I'd just be annoyed if I bought the book for one price thinking it was in great condition just to receive one in okay condition. And I passed on a cheaper copy that was in okay condition because I wanted a nicer one! Such Irony! However I love the book just as much. My birthday party was fun with lots of hanging out and just having fun together.
About a week later I had my special birthday dinner with my parents and my brother. It was going to be that week previously but after loosing out on that doll I was so bummed that I asked it get pushed back a bit. I was feeling much better after some time had passed. For the dinner I asked for chicken fingers made by my father and chicken fried rice from a local chinese food place. It was so good! And for dessert I had.....

MY BARBIE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I remembered that it was going to happen this year so I gave my mother the cake doll with a vintage Bubblecut head. We didn't have the right cake pan, so my mother improvised. She made the whole thing and decorated the whole thing in flowers! I snapped a quick picture just as she finished because the frosting was starting to melt! (It's sooooooo hot lately). But that is a risk of using home made frosting, which is another thing I insist on my birthday cakes, I love home made frosting.

Sigh, I am loved.


  1. How lovely! You had the birthday that you wanted and that is what matters.

    Happy birthday and may you have many more. 28 is YOUNG. You have lots of years of being loved and loving dolls.

  2. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad you got what you wanted. Ah I remember 28. I loved 28 lol.