Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June Everyone!

Hello Dear Readers,

Can you believe it's almost June? 2014 is just flying by. I'm still here, plugging away at E-bay auctions. I have 7 all set to go for later today. I'm trying to keep more things going out than coming in. I say trying because this past week I have had a LOT of new dolls come in. It was a flood of new dolls. I do plan on sharing them all with you, but with my time as being split between several different projects, that might take a while.

But I will be starting that now with this post.

Like I said, I've purchased a lot of new dolls, but those were dolls that I have been wanting to add to the collection for a while now but a couple of days ago I stumbled upon two new dolls that while I wouldn't have seeked them out, since they found me the least I could do to take them home with me.
It happened two days ago on Friday. I was out in town doing grocery shopping with my father and per usual we were hitting up the three local thrift stores. Our first stop was the United Christian Outreach Center. I did my usual precursor glance around downstairs then headed upstairs to check out the toy department. It's usually pretty bare, except for the well picked over toys that have been there forever, but this time I found something new and something I wouldn't have expected to stumble across,

Tiffany Taylor, two of them in fact.

They were on the middle shelf, lying on their stomachs, and with their feet sticking out. Even without their faces showing I knew they would be something of interest. I picked up the top one and immediately knew who she was. I quickly grabbed both them of them. I looked around for any other 70's era dolls, or perhaps clothing they might have come with but there was nothing else. It was just the two dolls, but I was very happy just to find them. They were both unpriced, but I knew they were going to be mine. The woman at the front desk charged me a dollar for each of them. I got both of them for 2.14, including tax. 
A little background about Tiffany Taylor. She's a doll made by Ideal in the mid 1970's. She stand at 18 inches tall and is articulated at
the hips, shoulders, and neck. Her special feature is that she has a swiveling scalp with two different hair colors, so she could either be a blonde or a brunette. If she looks familiar it's because she was also released in a 12 inch version which I own two of that I have shared on the blog. The 12 inch version also has the swiveling scalp, but also has knee joints, elbow joints, and a pivotal wrist joint. She also has a different name. The 12 inch doll is Tuesday Taylor, the 18 inch doll is Tiffany Taylor. Another interesting difference, Tiffany has molded on nipples, which I was SO not expecting. I was looking at them before checking out when I noticed that little fact. Apparently (I was told this later by my father) when I put them on the check out counter the woman looked slightly shocked by them. Which isn't that surprising, they are very mature looking for a children's toy. They are much more mature looking than Barbie and she gets a lot of flack for it. 

Anyway, once I got home I started working on cleaning up the dolls. They were mostly in good shape, but they were dirty and their hair was very messy. They both got baths, had their hair detangled, were given an overnight conditioner treatment, followed by another bath. They both came out very nicely. They have a few dings here and there, and the one on the left in the pictures has had her brown hair trimmed, but overall they're both in really nice shape.

I am happy I found them. They're not my usual type of doll, but I like them. The Taylor's (either Tuesday or Tiffany) have gorgeous faces. I'm not sure if these will be living with me forever, but they will be staying here for at least a little bit. I looked it up and they're not worth a ton, but I could at least get my money back for them if I do eventually sell them.
I'm not sure when I'll get around to getting them dressed. I have plenty of dolls around here that still needs clothes and most of those don't need patterns drafted for them. So who knows when you'll be hearing about these dolls again.

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  1. Nice finds. I had the AA version but sold her a couple of years ago. I still have the AA 12" Taylor Jones from the line. I hope your clearing out is going well. I'm in the same space clearing out the clutter. It's a process but I'm loving the results