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I hope your chair is comfortable, this is a long read.... *New Dolls!*

Now that the messy details of how I got these dolls have been shared with you all (and the rest of the world), it's time to actually talk about them. What I bought from CT Online Auctions was a lot of dolls, 10 in total ranging from the year of 1972-1980. All have various degrees of play wear. I will start off saying that any doll that could have 70's era melting, did. I have repaired some of them, but not all of them. But enough of a set up, let's start talking about the dolls!

Up first, we have a doll that will not be staying. So much in fact that she's already been
listed and sold over on E-bay. But I can still share her with you all. She is a Ginny doll, one of the later ones after she was licensed out by Vogue. She's about 9 inches tall, has straight blonde hair with bangs and blue sleep eyes. She's a doll with some unusual design choices. She has a body that looks to be your average 10 year old, (kind of like a chunkier Skipper) but they gave her a little molded on belly, like a toddler. I assume this was to make her look young but to me she just looks like a pregnant 10 year old, which I also assume is not the look they were going for. Her head is really usual too. She has sleep eyes, but has a solid head. I think she has a hard plastic "skull" with vinyl "skin" on top of that, or maybe it's not vinyl. She has a seam going down the sides of her face behind her ears so it could be a more malleable type of plastic. She's in really nice shape, she was dirty when I got her and her face was sticky, but a quick washing and she was back to normal. She even came wearing her original outfit, a dreadful brown pants with an attached brown and white checkered shirt with white collar jumpsuit (with some pretty shoddy sewing). It even still had it's brown matching fabric tie belt tied on. She also had on her original white sneakers. While I was researching her online I found a doll wearing the same outfit that had a twine tie at the neck, there was another doll with a twine string in her hair, that I assumed belonged to Ginny. So I added it back to her outfit. Ginny isn't worth very much, but I still listed her over on E-bay and she sold within the first week! I got 9.99 plus shipping for her. I'm glad someone wants her, because I was not interested in keeping her. She's just not my style. However, if I found a 40's/50's Ginny she'd be joining the collection. But so much had changed by the 70's, they're not anywhere close to the same doll. I'm just glad I was able to resell her and get back some of the money I spent on this lot.

After Ginny, all the rest of the dolls are going to be joining the collection. She was the only one that was definitely going to be moving on. 
Up first, we have Malibu Ken. He's your standard Malibu Ken made in Hong Kong and is in decent... ish shame. His head is nice with only some slight chipping to his eyebrow paint and his arms are nice without any noticeable wear. His legs are okay, both knees click and hold position but he has some light chews to his feet. Like I said, all dolls that could have melting do, and Ken here certainly does. He has it at his hips (the most common place), but he also had is on his chest and near his groin. He actually melting into the shirt he was wearing. (Ick!) I've scrapped off the melted plastic on his torso, but the legs are a lot harder to fix. I'm going to have to crack him open to repair that. Which is something I am dreading. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get over my hesitation because there's like 10 other Kens like him waiting for that same repair.
Which brings us to our next doll, a Mod Ken. Just like Malibu Ken he's made in Hong Kong and just
like Malibu Ken he has melting. His is just at his legs however, so far his torso looks clean of melting. He does have a broken leg joint though (a very common injury with Mod Ken dolls) you can't tell it by looking at him since I jammed his leg back into place but his right leg is broken off and there's a piece from his hips that broke off. Eventually once I break down and open him up to deal with the melting I will fix that as well. But just like Malibu Ken, there's a ton of other dolls who are waiting their turns. Other than the melting and broken leg he's in okay shape. I see one slight indent to the top of one of his feet. He does have a shrunken head, hate, hate, hate those. Only some Ken's get them and when it does happen it makes Ken look like a total pin head. I usually end up using those for their bodies and get a new head for them, but I think I have more bodies than regular sized Ken heads. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I guess it doesn't matter right now since I really should be focusing on getting him repaired. After that I can start deciding what body gets what head! (You may have noticed his head is missing, after I popped it off I put it away. I have several Ken heads and when taking pictures I realized I didn't remember which one he was! So I left him headless.)
Moving on from that, we get to start talking about ladies! Mod and Malibu
Ken were the only gentlemen from the lot, which is fine, the ladies are a lot more interesting. I mean, I like Ken but he's not the main attraction. Up first we have a Malibu Barbie. She is from Japan, which is the kind that I like adding to the collection. However she's in such rough shape I'm not sure if she's going to be staying and unfortunately her issues affect both her body and her head. I'll start with her head. She has the quite common issue with the dry brittle hair that the Malibu dolls get. It just doesn't hold up that well. I could live with that (although I'm not sure if I'm willing to re-root a Malibu doll) but she has another huge issue, green spots. The Malibu dolls had their vinyl improperly mixed at the factories so over time these terrible green spots develop on their faces. There's usually nothing you can do for it, for me that's been a deal breaker before. I actually returned a Malibu Francie once because she had spots on her face. However, I am using this doll to see if you can get the green out, or at least lessen it. I'm curious to know if I can
bleach out the spots with acne cream. I've been doing it for a couple weeks and so far they have lightened. Not sure if they've ever really go away, but I can just try it until I grow bored with reapplying the cream. It's not a huge deal putting acne cream on another head when I'm doing it to so many other dolls currently. Her body is in damaged shape too, her torso and arms are nice, it's her legs that are the problem. The first issue is a broken leg. It's her left leg and it's broken right below the hip. Her leg still moves fine, she can just splay that leg out further than she should be able to. I wish I could repair it, but I did not have any success when trying to repair that Mod Barbie doll's leg with a similar issue. And she has chews at her feet. They don't look too bad at the front, but if you look at the sides of her ankles you can see them. At the back of her feet they go up past the ankle and into her calves! That was one hungry kitty! (or kid!). Shame about her damage, she does have a nice face and for some reason I actually like the Malibu dolls. But I don't know if she's going to be hanging around here for too long, she might end up being sold in a lot or something with some other TLC Malibu dolls I have, maybe then they'll be worth something.
For our next doll we have another 70's classic, Ballerina Barbie! Ballerina Barbie is in
really nice shape. I have a penchant for finding Ballerina Barbie dolls but only when they're been played with to death. This lovely lady looks to have been barely played with. I believe she still has her original hair set. Of course after 40 years the elastic has gone all goopy and I have to scrape it out of her hair. Speaking of her hair, despite not being played with very much she has that terrible hair fiber that frizzes when you look at it, so like most white haired Ballerina's the ends of her hair are really frizzy. (As you can see from the hair clips and disheveled hair I'm still working on it). The hair is her worst issue. She also has some light scraping on her arms, the worst being her upper arms where it scrapes against her hard plastic torso. She does have a tiny pin prick on each of her feet, but the tiniest ones. Other than that she looks pretty good. I've been wanting to add a Ballerina Barbie to the collection, but I'm not sure if it will be this one. She's pretty, but we're not really clicking. I know it might sound nutty, but sometimes I don't connect with a doll. And in those cases it's smarter to let them move along, so she might end up getting resold. I'll have to give it more time and see.
Moving on, we have our third classic 70's doll, Quick Curl Barbie! After Mod Ken we're back to dolls who had melting. QC Barbie had the WORST
melting I have ever had to repair. Usually you have to scrape off the first layer of plastic and rebuild from there, but with QC I had to keep scrapping further and further down to reach unmelted plastic. Her hip actually ended up breaking because the plastic was so thin once I had gotten all the melted plastic off. It took me forever to repair her legs. I also had to repair her arms (melting and both knobs broke off) and her neck (just melting). I am very pleased she's finally back in one piece, it was very touch and go for a while, but eventually I got it. Like most played with Quick Curl dolls her hair was a mess when I got her. I spent a long time working her hair to be somewhat manageable. It's weird, her hair was a real mess, but she still had her original hair beads in. Just like with the Ballerina doll her hair is that supper frizzy hair fiber. Also she has the thinnest hair. If you look at the top of her head, her hair doesn't really do a good job covering her scalp. You can see her vinyl of her head a lot through it. It's not from a hair cut, it was just rooted so thinly that it just cannot cover the head decently. She has another odd bit of poor quality control, one of her nostrils has a molding flaw, so it looks like there's something in it. My Miss Suzette has this issue too, it drives me CRAZY, it looks like there's stuff in her nose! Dolls shouldn't have that! So I'm not sure if Quick Curl will be staying as is, there's nothing I can do about the hair and I can try to fix the nose, but it might be easier to just find another head and swap them out. Again, time will tell.
Barbie was not the only Quick Curl doll in the lot, we also had Quick Curl Miss America. With her I
now have five of the Quick Curl. Just like with Barbie she had the worst melting I've ever had to repair, I think her's were actually worse than Barbie's. I really didn't know if I was going to be able to repair her at some points, her hip joints were really that bad. She also had melting at her arms and neck joints, but at least her arms posts didn't need reattaching. She did have a broken knee when I got her. I looked through my spare parts box for a replacement leg, but didn't have anything that worked for her. She's one of the reasons why I got all those spare parts at the last doll meeting. In there was a matching leg. Her remaining original leg does have some chews to it, but they're to the side and since she's far from perfect I figured we could live with them. At least now she has two working legs! Her hair is the same frizzy fiber as the other two dolls, but at least it's a lot less thin than Barbie's. Although, for some reason her wires in her hair are a lot darker than Barbie's, but only on the left side of her hair. She is pretty. It's funny, I don't care for the Steffie face mold but I've added several dolls to the collection with it the past year. I used to just have one, but now I have about six. That's quite an influx. Still don't have an actual Steffie doll, all the ones I have are other friends who use her face but not the name.    
After that we move onto the final three, and the top three. These are the dolls I wanted the most out of this lot and the reason why I was willing to spend so much to get it. Let's be honest, up until now there really hasn't been a doll that makes you exclaim, "Wow! What a rare/unusual/hard to find/perfect doll! That is clearly worth 85 dollars when everything is said and done!" These next dolls will (hopefully) change your mind. These are the dolls that will not be leaving the collection while I have any say in the matter. While I like several of the dolls I just talked about, it wasn't until after I finished their write ups did I realize how many of them I'd be willing to sell, or use their bodies for another doll.
Up first we have a vintage Licca doll! She's marked Takara and Made in Japan on her back. I did some research on her and found out she's a second generation Licca that was released in 1972. She is the later issued 2nd Generation released sometime after 1974, but before 1979. She is not
Lisa who was Licca just renamed for a release on the American market, this is the doll who was released in Japan.
Condition wise, she's in nice shape. I don't know if her hair has been cut or not. I have seen dolls with longer flips, but I've also seen dolls with the same length hair as her. I'm still working on styling it. Her face paint is nice without any rubs, she even still has her original lip color. I have seem some that have faded to a yellow color. Overall, she has a really nice head.
Moving on to her body, let's just talk about it for a little bit. She has the weirdest body. I have a 90's era Licca doll so I thought I knew what to expect but I was wrong. Her body is very different from the later ones. You can see how the earlier body inspired the later one, but in general they are very different bodies. Her torso is pretty average (but smaller than the newer one), but her lower body is tiny. It is so much smaller than her newer body, it looks so much smaller than her upper body. It looks like two doll bodies put together, but it is original. Her upper body is in nice shape. I'm not sure if her arms ever had wires in them to allow them to bend, but if they did they're gone now. Her legs have a fair bit of damage. She has chews to both feet, and warped wires at her ankles (including an unsightly lump). Her ankles are so thin this is probably a common problem. Everything looks good from the ankles up though. Good thing I love putting my dolls in knee socks, she's going to need them! Although, I'm not sure if I have any shoes that she can wear, her feet are teeny tiny. Her feet are thinner than Kelly doll's feet, but longer. That's the closest matching doll I can think of in terms of feet size. She has better luck with clothes. She was one of the dolls I actually got on my birthday (I didn't feel the need to get them all on my birthday and the dolls with melting needed work started on them right away, not going to wait to get to that when the melting was just going to get worse) and I dug through my clothing bags to see what I had she could wear. She's actually a bit smaller than vintage Skipper. I had her wearing a dress I made for them and it fits pretty well. It's has an empire waist, so I think that helps with the fit. She's a lot smaller in the waist than Skipper is. I do have all those Licca doll patterns, so I wonder if she can wear those clothes with some tweaks. I'm on the fence if she can, she does have the same shape as the current Licca dolls, but she's just so much smaller.
Moving on from that (yet staying very close) we have another vintage Licca doll, well friend actually. Her name is Harumi Asaoka and she came out in 1973 and is Licca's best friend. She and Licca share the exact same body, different heads though. She's an cute golden blonde with striking green eyes. She doesn't have the flip like Licca does, she has a side part that is otherwise just flows loosely. Her hair (both in color and style) is very similar to Superstar Barbie. I'm actually currently working on her part, when I got her it was mostly unthatched. So I completely undid it and am working on redoing it. Work goes slowly since I hate thatching hair. Her hair otherwise is nice and full. Her makeup is nice except for her right eyebrow, it looks like it's rubbing off. Not sure why, all the rest of her face paint looks perfect that one is just smudged looking and missing in spots. Her body is in nice shape, just like with Licca her upper torso is in better condition. She does have wires in her arms, so that means Licca is missing hers. They're strong and hold position well, but I don't bend them if I can avoid it. 40 year old wires are not the strongest things. Just like with Licca her lower legs have some damage. She's free from bites and chews, but her ankles are all warped. However, she's not as bad as Licca, but I'm sure she'll get ankle socks too. I just cannot say no to them!
I have NO idea how a pair of vintage Japanese dolls ended up in North Carolina, I have no clue of any of these dolls providence. I don't collect Licca dolls, I wouldn't even have these two if I didn't find them as part of this lot. I think they're dreadfully cute, but my main passion will always be for vintage Barbie. I am glad I have them though. I do own two non-Vintage Licca dolls who I upgraded to Liv bodies. These girls will be keeping their original bodies. I cannot bear to change vintage dolls from their original bodies (with a few rare exceptions of course, I cannot live without breaking my own rules).

And now it's time to talk about our final doll of the lot. Just like with the
rest of the dolls within the lot, she's not our usual type of doll for the collection. Mainly, she is a lot newer than the usual additions, but she's one that I have been wanting for a long time, so I'm thrilled to get her into the collection. In actuality if it wasn't for her I would have found it easier to walk away from the auction and not even bid. Who we have is.... Italian Barbie! Released in 1980 Italian Barbie is from the very start of the much loved (and only recently cancelled) Dolls of the World line. I believe that started in 1979 so she might be part of a second wave of them? I really don't know much about that line. I don't collect them and for the most part they are not of interest to me. I just wanted that one because she has a unique face mold. Mattel reused a lot of their current face molds for that line except for Italy, she got a brand new face mold. One that wouldn't get used again except for a short lived Fantasy line that wasn't actually Barbie, but used a lot of her stuff. Italian Barbie is a lot easier to find, but doesn't go for very cheap either. She's a really lovely doll with a rich olive skin tone, brown almost black hair, and a very neutral makeup pallet. She's not conventionally pretty like your average Barbie, but she's just so striking. I'm so pleased to get her, especially this one because she's in amazing shape. This one is the best conditioned doll of the lot. She is mint, and by mint I mean "I had to brush out her original curls mint.". She does have an issue with her eyes being painted differently so it kind of gives her an odd look, but I can live with it. I've been wanting her for a while so I'm thrilled to finally get her! Even if she does violate my "Nobody after 1976 will be joining the vintage collection", but I've already broken that rule with a couple other dolls, so does one more really matter?

No, it does not.  

And that, dear readers is the last doll from that lot! I cannot believe we made it this far! Stay tuned .... eventually I'll be sharing all of the clothes that came in the lot. It might take me a while since talking about clothing I didn't make is just so boring!

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