Sunday, June 15, 2014

Now she can really do Ballerina poses!

Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping this will be a quick post. I just wanted to share with you all Mary Clair's new body. I can't remember if she ever got an introduction post, but in a super condensed version Mary Clair is a 70's era Ballerina Barbie that I found at a flea market years ago (probably more than 15 at this point). She's been through a lot, but she has been one of my favorite dolls to play with. There's just something so incredibly expressive about the Ballerina Barbie face that I always find myself drawn to them. Mary Clair was my first, so she's special to me. (She was also the first doll I owned with the TNT face mold). And much like most of my special play dolls she's had several different bodies throughout her life with me (this one is actually number four).
Mary Clair had already upgraded to a closely matching belly button body, but recently I was able get an Fashionista doll that matched her pinky skin tone so she was finally able to upgrade to a body that had articulated arms and legs. Also, she finally changed out of her Christmas dress into a cute green floral summer dress. I should explain myself, she had another dress on, but after I made her Christmas outfit years ago, I liked it better on her so even after Christmas she stayed wearing it. I planned on making her something else, but never found anything I liked better than the Christmas dress on her. (There's still two other dolls who are wearing their Christmas dresses.) She stole this new dress out of Charlotte's closet. Charlotte doesn't mind since it looks better on Mary Clair and she hasn't been wearing it lately. This is the third doll in recent months to take something of Charlotte's. Luckily she still has lots of clothes and is kind
enough to admit someone looks better in one of her outfits and let them keep it. Her shoes don't really match, but boy do I like 80's era pumps. They're just so delicate looking and remind me a lot like the vintage ones (and not at all like the Minnie Mouse shoes that plagued my early 90's childhood). I only recently started getting into them, so I don't have very many but they fit the Fashionista feet beautifully (the rubbery kinds) so whenever I see them I snag them. Right now I just have white, gray with glitter, and red.

Anyway, changing topics from Mary Clair to articulated doll bodies in general, I really like the Fashionista body and would love to upgrade all of my non-vintage just for play dolls to one. As of right now, there's four dolls that haven't been upgraded yet. I do have other dolls that use the rounded neck joint, but they're either vintage (Living Barbie and Superstar) or Silkstones and those I'm keeping on their correct bodies. However Ashley, Artemis, Generation Girl Mari, and Disney Store Ariel I would like to find bodies for. The problem for Artemis and Ariel it that they both are super pale and there hasn't been a Fashionista released that is that pale. Ashley has a similar problem, except her skin tone is far too orangy/pink for a decent colored match. (I have more hope for Artemis and Ariel getting bodies eventually compared to Ashley). Mari has a different
problem altogether. She's on a teen Skipper body, which I actually don't like, the hips are way too non-existent for me but I don't like how she looks on the much more curvy Fashionista body. I like her as a teen and I feel the Fashionista body ages her. It's not that big of a deal she's not articulated because I rarely play with her compared to the other dolls. She's one of the last dolls I bought when I was still playing with them as an early teenager, so I've kept her for nostalgia (and for her very unique face mold and styling) but she's hardly one of my favorites.
Also on the yet to upgrade list is my last Takara Jenny doll. Again, I can't remember if I shared this with you, but my favorite Jenny (who's actually Jenny friend Olive) upgraded to a Liv body. And it is amazing! Out of the three Takara Jenny dolls I own, I've managed to get two on Liv bodies, the third one is a tricky tan with orange skin tone so she might never get a matching body. Which isn't a huge deal, I like her the least out of all of them. I should mention that I also upgraded my Licca doll to a Liv body. I had Licca because she came with Jenny (Olive) way back when. I really didn't like her and only kept her because she was different. However now that she's upgraded to the Liv body I love, love, love her. I think I like her more than I like Jenny (actual Jenny not Olive Jenny). I find Jenny's eye paint a little busy and not that cute. Licca on a teen body is just so adorable, like a classic Anime girl in doll form! I liked it so much I bought another Licca head just so could have create another one!


  1. Hello Aubrey,
    She looks beautiful. I love the dress and I think the body works very well for her.
    Big hug,

  2. Mary Clair looks great on her new body. I'm in the midst of upgrading a few of my dolls. I have a tub full of heads that are patiently waiting :O)

  3. Why don't you try a Liv body for Mari since it is much more teenaged than a Fashionista and you have a chance of body matching lol. Same for Ariel but i can see the appeal of a Fashionista much more than a Liv lol.

  4. If you have any of Licca's clothing, can you still make your remodeled Licca doll wear her clothes? Awesome post!