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"OMG, I walked in and she was wearing the exact same dress as me, just in a different color!"

Now that the dolls from the CT Auctions have all be introduced to you, it's time to talk about the clothes that came with them. Now that I'm sitting here with this blog post ahead of me, I realize there's a surprising amount of clothing in the lot. I knew about most of it from the pictures, but some of it was tucked behind the dolls in the listing photos. Also, it looks like a lot more when you have it all compiled together instead of some being worn by dolls and some in piles around the dolls. But either way, I'm going to write the post and share it all with you! Like usual, the clothing can be broken up into two sections, home made and factory made.

I'm going to start with the home made clothing pieces.And share the factory made pieces in another post.

You are going to be seeing a lot of repetition within this section. I will be talking about 15 items in this post, out of those 15 pieces only 3 different fabrics were used. The majority of the pieces were made from either a blue or a brown fabric. You'll also be seeing a lot of repeating silhouettes. I wouldn't be shocked if there was a vintage Barbie pattern that all these pieces originated from. Quite honestly, I might even have it in my pattern stash, I just haven't found it yet. If anyone recognizes the pattern, I would appreciate you letting me know. But that's enough set up, let's start talking about the clothes themselves!

I'm going to start with the items made from the brown fabric. Our first item is a pair of pants. These (and all of the brown pieces) are made from a medium weight brown woven material. I'd guess a cotton twill? These are your basic pants, made for Ken. They are hemmed at the top and bottom with matching brown thread, but have contrasting top stitching in yellow for fake pockets and fly. They have side seams and are bell bottom shaped. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not. I do like the style of these, just not the application. I guess I'm going to have to hunt down the pattern. I will in time have several Mod era Ken's to dress and they'll need pants. They close in the back with a single snap. They are pretty decent quality, but there's a few places where the fabric has frayed and come lose from the hem. They're not too terrible as far as home made clothing goes. Moving on we have another pair of Ken pants. Made from the same pattern, these are nearly identical to the first pair. This pair however has yellow rickrack glued to the bottom hem. Whoever added the trim didn't apply it correctly so the rickrack begins and ends at the front of the pants. Also the glue makes the legs hole openings really stiff and hard to put on the doll. Other than that difference, these pants are almost exactly like the first pair. I like the first pair better. I have no love for rickrack. 
Moving on from that, we get to Barbie clothes! Up first we have a play suit made out of the brown fabric. Not sure how much playing would get done in this outfit, it works for pants, but it's not as an accurate fabric for a play suit. It's a lot heavier than what you would want to make a play suit of out. When I got the lot it was wrapped
around Licca in an odd bundle trying to give her some modesty. It's made from a pair of shorts with an attached waistband and a halter top. It closes in the back of the shorts with one snap and at the top of the straps at the neck. It also has some fraying and the halter top is coming apart from the waist band in a very noticable way. I tried it on Barbie, and it fits her, but it's really over sized. I actually tried it on a vintage Allen doll and it almost fits him. He can wear the shorts part fine, but straps are just out of reach to snap around his neck. Otherwise he could easily wear Barbie's play suit. Which really does not speak well of the fit of the play suit. Our final brown clothing piece, is a dress. It has a four gored maxi skirt but uses the same pattern as the waistband and halter top of the play suit for the top of the dress. It also a row of glued on yellow rick rack on the bottom of the skirt. Again, if the straps were longer, it too could fit Allen. This dress opens completely in the back. It has a snap at both the top and the bottom of the skirt so it can open fully. It's a very full skirt, but it could actually be fuller. The bottom snap was put on not that close to the edges of the fabric, if they were moved, the skirt could get about 1/4 of an inch wider!

*Palette Clenser*

As I said there's a lot of repitition within the handmade clothing section, but there's one item that's not like everything else. I believe it's a pair of panties. Made from a woven synthetic feeling fabric. It has a pattern of black lines going both vertically and horizontally making black boxes. It also has some rather large blue hearts with a black line eyelet design going around the hearts. They are hemmed and have shot eleastic at the waist, and are surged at the legs. I assume they're for a female doll, but they look rather big. I believe these are older than the rest of the lot. If I had to make a guess I think these belonged to an adult doll that was wider than Barbie. I assume the child just got them from an older collection and kept them because they could use them. It would explain why they were not made from the same fabric or pattern as everything else in the lot.

Back to the rapidly getting familiar pieces. There's a lot more clothing pieces in blue than the brown. They are all made from a cotton twill. These are definitely twill, so the brown fabric must be something else. Just a woven cotton fabric I guess. Up first we have two pairs of Ken pants. I'm going to lump them
together to save time. These are exactly the same as the other two pairs except they're blue and they use red thread instead of the brown/yellow and have red rickrack instead of yellow. They are just like the first pairs, but in different colors. They have the same issues as the other pants too. (Just a quick note going forward, all rickrack has been glued on.)
After that we have another play suit. Pretty much identical to the brown one, except the straps at the neck are longer. That's right, this one does fit vintage Ken. However it is a pain to tie the strap in the back when he's wearing
it, but we all have our struggles. And I'll bet you have no clue what our fourth item is, a dress with a 4 gored skirt with a halter top! It's pretty much the exact same as the last one, except with this one that omitted the snap at the bottom of the skirt. It still opens up completely in the back it just doesn't have a snap at the bottom to keep it closed.

But wait, there's more! 
There were four brown clothing items that had matching blue clothing pieces, but there's more blue pieces to discuss! Yet, still several familiar pieces.
Up first we have a pair of shorts. These are the exact same ones as the attached ones in the play suit. They fit vintage Allen very nicely. They're a little low on him (slightly above hip huggers) so that's why you know they're for Barbie instead of him. She has less distance between the end of her torso and her waist, so they'd wear higher for her. Also made out of the blue fabric we have a blue fabric belt. Again, this is the exact same tie you'd find on the play suit, just not on a play suit. I guess they were tired of making them together so they were trying them out as seperates. I don't have the halter top seperalty though. Either they never made it, or it didn't survive in the lot.
After that we have another skirt. This is another maxi skirt, but instead of the four gores, it's just one, very similar shape though. It does have the red rickrack at the bottom like the last one. I actually kind of like this, it's very simple, but chic. Not sure if I'll ever use it, but it has better chances than some of the other home made stuff that came in the lot. Like the other skirts it opens completely in the back and closes with two snaps, one on the top at the waist, and one at the bottom. The next item is just like the last one, it's another skirt, made from one piece of fabric with red stitching and closes with two snaps. However it is a bit different in the fact that it uses the red rickrack very differently. It has lines of rickrack going vertically on the skirt, with one going straight at the back hem. I also like this one, it's different an uses the rickrack in an interesting way. I'm really not sure if I'll ever find a use for it, but I at least think it's interesting.
Moving on from that, we have something totally different. It's a pair of shirts. They're both made
from the same pattern, the only differance is one has red rickrack glued on at the bottom of the one on the right. They have bust darts, so they're clearly for Barbie but they're so big they easily fit vintage Allen (with room to spare at the waist). They're really simple tops with a lot of sewing issues. They both fully open in the back and close with two snaps. Not too much to say about these, I don't care for them and I doubt they'll ever bee seen again.
Our final item is.... a bit if a mystery to me. It's obviously another shirt. It's somewhat similar to the ones I just finished talking about but it's clearly a different pattern. It doesn't have any darts, so it could be for Barbie or Ken. It is larger than the two shirts from above. It also has built in sleeves and flares out at the waist. It almost has an A-line silhouette, which is a feminine style, so I guess it's for Barbie. The weirdest thing about this top is that it has two sewn in panels to the front of it (I assume it's the front). The panels themselves aren't that unusual. The Japanese school girl uniform I make does those, but only one. This one has two so they overlap each other. Also, they are both hemmed, but sewn into the shirt backwards so the sides with the hem are shown. I really cannot figure out why the top has that feature. It doesn't have any snaps, nor any evidence it had any at some point. I just don't know what it's supposed to be. Any idea dear readers?

So that was the home made pieces, nothing that really interests me so I don't really plan on using or keeping any of them. At most a piece or two might be used as inspiration for something I sew.

Stay tuned for the next post; factory made clothing!

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