Sunday, June 8, 2014

Raising my Spirits while Lowering My Paypal Balance

Hot on the heels of losing out on that doll that I really, really, really wanted I bought myself a consolation prize, a doll that I really, really, really already had. But, it was a really good price, and I wanted the pick me up. It is cheaper than legitimate therapy.

Like usual I was over on E-bay checking out the new listings when I saw someone had listed a vintage Midge for 5 dollars, plus 7.20 shipping. Curious I looked at the auction. The pictures were a bit blurry, but the Midge doll didn't look totally trashed. I thought about it for a little bit, but decided I did want her so I bought her. I was taking a gamble with the listing, but I figured that if there was something really wrong with her I could at least use her for parts.
The auction said that it could take up for five days to get the doll into the mail, ugh. They contacted me two days later to say that the doll would be getting into the mail that day. I never heard anything from them after that either conformation that she actually got into the mail or tracking information, so I assumed they hadn't gotten a chance to mail her but the box containing her showed up unexpectedly in the mail two days later.
By the way, can I just say now that I'm selling on E-bay how much getting a box in the mail excites me? It's like, "Oh! I can mail something back out in this!"

Anyway, shortly after it arrived I tore into the box curious to know the condition of my inexpensive Midge doll. And... she's not bad. She has her play wear, some of it more severe than your average doll, but she still has a lot of life left in her. But I'll get into more detail about that in a little bit. Before than you get to hear about her outfit!

I knew Midge was coming dressed, I could see that in her pictures. However I was not expecting what an odd hodgepodge of an outfit it would be. I'll start my way from the top and work my way down. Midge's top is made from a white (now off white) polyester fabric. It has a design of different colored blue horizontal stripes on it. It's a somewhat cute pattern, but such a nasty feeling fabric. It's clearly hand made (by hand) and closes in the back with tiny bits of velcro. (Most likely harvested from another doll outfit). It's basically two rectangles sewn together with openings for the arms, head, and lower torso. I see no reason to keep the top, it will live out it's days in the unwanted clothing box.

Midge's skirt is a very different style compared to the top. It's a very short black mini skirt. It is made out of a pleather/vinyl kind of fabric and features sewn in gold ribbon at the front. I believe these are supposed to look like pockets. This is clearly made by a factory, but it is untagged. It looks to be in okay shape, there's some popped stitching at the hem. The fabric seems to be holding up well right now but from what I've experienced before eventually the fabric will start cracking and pieces will start shedding everywhere. Just ask me about the Keri Mitchell vinyl trench coat I had that did that. There was pieces of that everywhere. I'll probably add this to the re-donate pile, maybe the next owner will want to use it before it eventually kicks the bucket.

And finally, let's talk about Midge's shoes. Yes Midge came with shoes. They are a pair of cheap
clone hiking boots. Another odd pairing with this odd outfit. They are thin white plastic with molded on details, including "Hong Kong" molded onto the back heel. Midge can wear them if you jam them onto her feet. I'm shocked they didn't split on their journey out here. They're interesting in the fact I've never seen them before, but they will live out their life in the "paired shoes that I will never use" bag.

And now it's time to talk about Midge! Midge is the classic original Midge with the hair flip. (However due to her face paint I think she's one of the later original Midge dolls). She's a blonde Midge, my fifth Blonde
Midge and either my 12th or 13th Midge doll in general (I did a count in my head, but I feel like I'm forgetting someone). That's not including dolls that use the Midge head mold (P.J., Julia, Christie). And even though she's pretty similar to the other dozen plus I have she does have some unique differences. That's one of the cool things about vintage Barbie, every doll is slightly different. Midge here has some of the heaviest brown eyeshadow I have ever seen on a Midge doll. It's very pretty and very bold. And another thing that makes her different from the other ones is her part line. It goes a lot further back on her head than all the other Midge dolls I have. If they just went a half an inch longer she could wear her hair in pig tails!
Condition wise, Midge in in pretty decent shape. She might have had a hair trim in spots, but it's nothing too major. Her makeup is nice too, she does have some wear to her lip paint and a small rub to each eyebrow, but nothing drastic. It still looks fine. She has no neck splits or earring holes. And since she doesn't have earring holes, she doesn't have any green ear. Her body has a bit more wear than her head however.
The majority of her damage is to her torso. All along her upper torso, reaching so far as her neck she had a ton of scratches. Some of them looked pretty severe. I've been working on scrapping off the extra plastic and trying to buff them out so they're less noticeable. They're still visible, but they are far less severe looking. She also has holes in her breasts, which pretty common to find on vintage Barbie. It would be better if she didn't have them, but it's not a huge deal that she does, it will be covered with clothes.... eventually. Her arms are in good shape. She does have all her fingers. I'm not sure if both arms are original. The polish on her left hand is the same color as the little bit of toenail polish that she still has. Her right hand nail polish is a much darker color, the arm itself also a bit swingy, so I wonder if it was replaced somewhere along the road. Also, her right had is slightly more beat up than the left, just a few more dents nothing too drastic. Her legs look in decent shape, nothing bad enough to mention.

Overall I'm pleased with her, especially since I only paid less than 13 dollars for her. She's a very pretty doll and while I have plenty of other Midge dolls, she's a welcome addition to the collection. Now to start working on dressing her, which might be a while, there's a long line in front of her. I may have 12 or 13 Midges, but I only have seven of them dressed so far!

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    Good for you. Getting a package in the mail after an auction is a wonderful feeling.
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