Monday, June 30, 2014

Smile wide, let me see those teeth!

I seriously need to stay away from E-bay. It just keeps draining my Paypal balance. Here I am doing all this work selling stuff on E-bay, just to turn around and buy more stuff on E-bay! It's a very cruel cycle when you have such weak impulse control as I clearly do. I will say in my defense that the item I'm sharing with you today I found when I was researching something I was creating a listing to sell. I was checking current listings to see what other people were selling it for when I stumbled upon the auction. It still had several days to go, so I put it under my watch list to give myself some time to think about it. It went until the last day without any bidders. Usually I like being the only bidder, but I didn't walk away yet. I will admit, I waited until the last second to bid. Yes, I sniped. And after I did that entire post years ago complaining about that entire practice. I will point out that someone else also bid at the last second and I just happened to have put in a higher bid than them. So I didn't snipe the only bidder, I out sniped the sniper.

At least that's how I justify it so I can sleep at night.

It took several days of stalking the Mailman, but eventually my winnings got here. The auction was a lot that consisted of three heads, and three wigs. I only wanted one of the items, but with lots you kind of have to take them all. Which is fine by me, buying stuff in lots that I only want some things from just means I have stuff I can resell to try and get some of my money back.

The first item from the lot that I will be sharing with you is a head. It's a vintage Barbie clone head, Davtex to be exact. She has brown hair with silver streaks. She's very much inspired by vintage Barbie. She has the black and white eyes like the first Barbie dolls. I'm not sure if this is a design choice of if it was just cheaper to manufacture. She also has black eyebrows (this I assume is a cost cutting choice, no need to buy brown paint for the eyebrows if you just use the already in stock black). She is a ponytail like the vintage Barbie dolls and just like with Barbie has hair just around the hairline with a big old bald spot in the middle. But unlike Barbie she has a large hole in the middle of the back of her head! (I think she came like this, I don't think anyone was doing brain surgery on her). When I got her she just needed her hair untangled and a light cleaning. Her bangs had been brushed back into her hair so I did my best to "reclaim" them. She's in pretty nice shape. Her hair is a little dry (which I think is just because it's a lesser quality hair fiber) and she has a spot under an eyelash ridge that wasn't painted as dark as it should have been. I've already gotten her listed over on E-bay, so here's hoping she sells. I have too many Barbie heads without bodies, I don't need to start adding clone heads to the pile!

After that we have another Davtex clone head, nearly identical to the first one. However, this one is an Ash Blonde Bubblecut compared to a brown and gray ponytail. The face paint is identical, so I don't think one is older than the other (compared to Barbie with ponytails being older than bubblecuts). I really don't have too much to say about this doll that I didn't say about the first one. She's also in nice shape, just slightly dirty with dry hair. She's got a chip to the paint on her eyelash ridge, but everything else looks good. Just like the first one she's also on E-bay. They were both listed within days of getting here. Hopefully their third home will keep them for a while. I bet they're tired of traveling!

Moving on from there, we're switching gears. Instead of talking about the final head, we're going to be talking about the wigs. Like I already said, with the lot there were also three wigs. It was hard to see any details about them from the pictures in the listing, so I didn't know anything about them, but I was hoping they
were a decent quality and would fit Barbie. I have several dolls that could use a wig. I was eager for them to arrive so I could look at them in person and see if they were going to be of any use for me. I will say that they were not what I was expecting. Well, they are wigs and I was expecting that. I just was expecting hair that's been rooted into a vinyl cap, and these wigs are sewn into caps made of netting. They're also a bit bigger than Barbie's head. They have elastic around the brim of the cap so they do have some stretch. I think they're for Ginny sized dolls. But they do fit Barbie, they're just a little large in the back, but they don't look super bad. The over sized cap could work out in my favor, I haven't done it yet but a doll with longer hair like Charlotte could wear these with her original hair tucked away in there so that she could wear the wig. The netting would also benefit my bald Hong Kong Lilli doll. Using a wig with a vinyl wig cap would cause melting to her hard plastic head. With the netting and elastic she'd be safe from that issue.
I have no information about these wigs, I think they were made by a factory but these are completely unlabeled. When I got them they had some metal clips in the hair that were marked "TEPAK". I looked that up and it's a company that makes packaging for other companies. I don't think they made the wigs. All three wigs are nearly identical. The only difference between them is the hair color. I have a blonde, a strawberry blonde, and a brunette. All three of them have the same hairstyle, long banana curls with short straight bangs and a center part. While I like banana curls I've been working on brushing them out. When I got them they were a really bad tangled mess (see the brunette wig that I haven't done much with for an example). So the hair sets had to go. I've been working on them slowly, as you can see from the picture above. I assure you, those are wigs and not just piles of hair. I've been working on the one on the far left the most, although it still has a long way to go!

After that we get to talk about our final item, the one I'm the most excited to share about with you! The item that I was the most excited about and why I bought this lot for was: a "Toothy" Midge head! Toothy Midge's are nicknamed that because they have painted teeth. They are the first Midge dolls released by Mattel. They stopped painting the teeth because children found her goofy looking. Although, her teeth are not the only reason why she's goofy looking. Most of the early Midge's have lazy eyes, I have heard it was easier to paint Barbie's smaller side eye glance than Midge's large straight forward looking eyes. It's a lot easier to find a Midge doll with eyes that are off than a Barbie doll. They didn't change the head sculpt when they changed up Midge's face paint, they just stopped painting the teeth. If you look at any vintage Midge's her lips are slightly parted, just not colored in.
Anyway, from the single picture in the auction I knew that she was a toothy Midge (the seller didn't have her identified as such). However I didn't know the condition of her hair. It was pulled behind her. I could see the curl in a few spots, but couldn't tell if she had hair a cut or not. Since she was a toothy Midge and I know how to re-root I decided to try and get her, even though I really shouldn't be adding more dolls to the re-root pile since I already have so many and no decent hair suppliers. I didn't need to worry about it because her hair is lovely! And not only is it lovely, it's also really, really, different. Midge's hair isn't in the usual hairstyle found on Midge. Typically Midge's hair is in a flip. This doll's hair is in a flip as well, but instead of having the hair curled outward, it curls in. So she's more of a like a bob than a flip. I did some research into it, but I haven't found out any information about her. The most common variations for vintage Midge are toothy dolls and dolls without freckles. I didn't find anything about dolls with turned in flips. I did share a picture of her on Flickr and someone I trust said they had one like her, so there's other examples of her out there in the world. It just must be a very uncommon variation. I also brought her to the meeting and showed someone who's very knowledgeable with vintage Barbie. He did comment on how she is an early Midge (which I knew), but didn't seemed too bowled over by the fact that she had a different hairstyle. So maybe there's more of them out there than I know of. But even if she's not the only doll in the world with the inverted flip I'm very glad to have her in the collection. I didn't have a toothy Midge yet, so I was happy to add her, the fact that she's so different is just icing on the cake! I did have some thoughts that maybe some person made her like that, but I only paid 19 dollars for the whole lot, the seller didn't even know she was a toothy Midge (which would have made her sell for more), and her hair curl is exactly like the other dolls, just going in instead of out. There is one bad thing about her hair like this, it's so hard to style. The curl makes her hair push away from her face in a not very attractive style. I do hope to eventually sort it out somehow. For a while she was wearing Skipper's sailor hat, but Skipper needed it back! I was going to put her on the one Midge/Barbie body I had spare, but since she's so uncommon I didn't want to risk damaging her neck putting the head on. Instead I stole a TLC Barbie only body with the small neck knob I had from another doll. Eventually I'll have to get a replacement, but that other doll is waiting for new hair, so it will be a while until she needs her body.
Another Midge for the collection!

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