Thursday, July 10, 2014

Apparently around here, it's the year of Midge!!! (AKA Celebrating her 50th one year too late)

So once again I was over on E-bay. It was the final minutes of an auction that had a vintage Barbie body. I was now in need of one because of that Toothy Midge head needed one that I didn't have a spare of so I had to steal one from a different doll and now needed another one. I was on E-bay waiting for the clock to count down, I did try to put a bid in at the last second but my internet was being really slow and my bid never went through. And I would have won too! But, in the end it ended up being for the best. It was then that I remembered that over on the Dollpage there was a seller who had several vintage Barbie bodies for sale. I headed over there to see if they were still available and remind myself how much they were selling for. I never ended up finding that listing, I guess they all sold, but I did find something even better.

Under the vintage section there was an ad for a vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge doll, for TEN DOLLARS. She had a vintage body and everything (Wig Wardrobe Midge originally was just sold as a head). I quickly read the ad trying to see what the catch was for why the doll was so cheap. The seller said there was some damage to the doll, but nothing too major. While I was looking over the pictures, I noticed something usual about the doll's body, but I'm going to talk about that later. I quickly wrote to the seller asking if Midge was still available and how much shipping would cost. It was pretty late at night, so I wasn't expecting to hear back from that night but I still checked my email several times before heading off to bed. I was worried that she had already sold, I guess I wasn't that worried since she didn't invade my dreams that night (sometimes my subconscious is so suggestible!). When I woke up in the morning there was an email in my inbox, she still was for sale and shipping would be 5.15. SOLD! I sent payment that very minute and was all happy with my new purchase.
So after that comes the long wait until I have the item. Torture! (Said the man getting something practically every day of the week lately!). Usually I track the progress when the item gets listed as sold over on the Dollpage. However, it never happened. I checked it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and it was still listed as "Available". Of course all weekend these terrible thoughts were popping into my head, especially thinking I was getting scammed. I kept having to remind myself that if I was going ripped off, I would have thought they would have gone for a bigger ticker item. You have to sell a lot of 15 dollar dolls to make that much of a profit. Also, it was a holiday weekend, so they might have been busy. On Tuesday I contacted the seller. I kept it really casual asking them if my Paypal payment went through. You never know when Paypal just decides to act up! ;) They contacted me backing saying they had gotten my payment, the doll was packed up, and was getting into that mail the next day. And she did. She was in the mail Wednesday. I even got tracking. The original estimate for it's arrival date was Monday! Which is crazy, she was just coming from Tennessee, that's a neighboring state! Luckily I didn't have to wait an entire Sunday to get her, she traveled quickly and I got her in my hot little hands on Friday.
I eagerly tore the box open (yay a reusable box!) to get at my new doll. She didn't have a lot of packing material keeping her secure in the box, but she didn't seem to have suffered from her trip too
badly. The seller said she had some wear to her paint, this ending up being a little bit of wear to the paint at the back of her head. Her face paint and the majority of her hair paint were perfect. The only thing wrong with her head other than that tiny bit of paint loss were a missing headband, which by far is not a big problem to me. She doesn't even have earring holes!
But now let's talk about her body. I knew from the pictures that she was coming on a Barbie only body. I could tell when zooming in that her markings didn't say Midge. While I was looking over the pictures I noticed something, her body was a lot paler than her head. And it wasn't just her torso that was paler, it was all of her, arms, legs, the whole deal. This made me wonder if Midge was on a very early Barbie body, one that starts to pale with age. I was hopeful that she was, but even if she wasn't it would still be a good price for her. However I didn't want to ask the seller about the body, I just bought it and hoped for the best.
I was correct. (I love it when I am!). She is on a Barbie only solid torso body. I took her to my doll meeting and asked someone, he said she was a number 4 body. I was hoping she'd be a number 3 body and that way I could just buy a head to create my first number 3. Which I so desperately want. And while I do trust this person's knowledge, the thing is the body is a shade or two lighter than the two number 4 dolls I have, so I'm still holding out hope that it could be a number 3 body. The body is actually in really
It's hard to tell, but Midge is lighter.
nice shape. When I got it the left hand was really warped (like really warped), but a nice long soak in boiling water fixed it mostly back into it's correct position. I also did a boiling water treatment to the legs, they were slightly warped. Not as bad as the hand, but enough to need some work. Overall the body is in nice shape. It does have some issues, on the right side at the shoulder on the torso and on the right leg at the hip there's two tiny holes. They're the sizes of pins, but they're not pin holes. It just looks like the plastic didn't fill those spots in the molding process. And I've noticed some light play wear to her legs, the worst being some indents at the legs at the hips (most likely caused by them getting pushed into the torso). She even has most of her nail polish and a lot of her toe nail polish. I really got a great deal on her!

Now I just have to get a new head for that body, and a new body for that head.
(Which I actually already have, Wig Wardrobe Midge will be getting the one toothy Midge didn't end up using).

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