Thursday, July 10, 2014

At least I can keep dreaming....

You know what I wish would happen? 

I wish Mattel would release a fashionista doll in a pale skin tone. I have several dolls who need a light skinned body and so far they're out of luck. Mattel has come rather close with certain Raquelle dolls, but she's still far too pink. They have made pale skinned articulated dolls, but they're all pivotal dolls and I just don't care for the short length of the torsos with certain dolls. Also I find that the molded in collar bones and neck details really makes an odd juxtaposition to the less realistic doll faces. Things would be so much easier if Mattel would just make a pale skinned articulated fashionista!
I was even looking over at one of those buy direct from China factories websites. They do have light skinned dolls, but who knows the quality and the actual colors of them. Pictures can be so subjective.

Also, since I'm wishing I might as well go big. I wish Mattel would sell bodies separately. Slap them up on their website for 8 bucks a pop, maybe sell them cheaper if you buy several. I would love that. That way I wouldn't have to shell out 12 bucks or more (or now 16 bucks or more) for an articulated body, a head I don't want, and an outfit I don't like.   


  1. You can buy the cheap versions on ali express

  2. There is a whole heap of doll stuff obviously made in china in the same factory as Mattel like the fashionista doll clothes and heads and shoes. They take around 3weeks tho... But I find it a lot cheaper. Just make sure u read the seller reviews.