Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Dear American Readers. (And Happy Friday to all our international readers). 

I hope everyone was (and is) having a good holiday. Today my family trucked up to my sister's for a low key celebration. We hung around, talked, played video games, and had hamburgers made on a grill. It was a fun day and a quiet day, but that's usually how our celebrations go.

We spent most of the day there, but left around six. We made a couple stops on the way home, up first was Walmart. I wasn't sure what would be open since it was the 4th, but it still was Friday and there was money to be made. It was interesting seeing what was open today, Walmart was (not too shocking). We were hitting up a different Walmart on our most patriotic day for.... acne cream. Weird right? I needed it. I've been working on removing spots on several dolls with it for several months and keep running out. I have some dolls with a lot of stains. I use the cheaper Walmart brand but my local store just cannot seem to keep it in stock. When I started this acne cream regiment they didn't have any in stock, and when they finally did it was just one box. The next time I needed another tube there was also just one box on the shelves. And the last time I looked it was empty and I had no idea when they would get it back in stock. I thought about buying it on their website, but that's so much work for just acne cream. Since we drove right past this one I asked if we could stop. They did have acne cream, several tubes of it. I ended up buying two, That should last me about a month. Hopefully some of these dolls will have their stains come out and I won't need as much acne cream going forward.

Our last stop was McDonalds for ice cream and did you know they currently have Mario Kart toys??? I NEED the Princess Peach figurine. I need it like I need air. I got a Happy Meal, but ended up with Mario who I promptly gave to my brother. Not sure how many times I'll get to go, but I seriously need Peach.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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