Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello Everyone

Happy Sunday Dear Readers,

I decided to do a quick update post for you all. It will be a nice break from the "here's what I bought" posts I've been doing exclusively. Today I got the eight listings I've been working on during the week listed over on E-bay. E-bay's been annoying me with it's insistence of changing settings on me without my knowledge or consent, usually costing me money. No E-bay, I do not want to give my online shipping discount to the buyer. Please stop repeatedly trying to give it away especially since I don't see you giving away your cut on what I charge for shipping.
I've had some minor (and not so minor) setbacks on buying new stuff for resale, but I am trying to better. Last Friday when I went out I didn't buy a single thing for resale. I was actually really good and put something back. I was even rather frugal in general and didn't buy much. I don't expect a ticker tape parade, but a nice pat on the back for somewhat fiscal responsibility would be appreciated. Here's hoping I can keep making smart decisions going forward.

I did some sewing today, but I'm not sure how much I like it and doubt I'll finish it. I might come around to it again, we will just have to wait and see. It is nice that I'm at least doing some sewing again. There was a long stretch where I just couldn't gather the courage to start working on any sewing projects. I'm hoping to be able to strike a balance between sewing and selling. I have a sewing project in mind and six items picked out to list this week. Here's hoping I get time for both of them.

4 days since I bought a new doll! 
(But I'm still waiting for stuff in the mail. Once I get them, that's when the really hard part starts.)

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