Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here comes the Bride!

I haven't been sleeping well lately. Well, that's not totally true. I haven't been able to fall asleep at a decent hour lately. No matter what I try when bed time rolls around I'm just not able to fall asleep. While I do get tired around bedtime, the moment my head hits the pillow I'm wide awake. I've learned that it's foolish to fight this, so lately I've been getting up and doing stuff until I feel sleepy enough (and stay sleepy enough) to fall asleep. Usually this means goofing off online until around 2 am.

One such night while bored I checked out Etsy's new listings when I found a doll I just had to have. She was a doll that whenever I'd see pictures of I would feel a slight twinge of jealousy over. However, she's an expensive doll so I figured the odds of me actually owning one was slim. So I wasn't actively searching for her. However now I had one in front of me, at a price that I thought was fair. She was still on the expensive side and I would have to take the money out of my bank account to get her. I was having a tough time making a call on if I should get her or no, so I decided to let E-bay be the deciding factor. If I found that this doll was a good price I'd get her. If not, I'd let her go. There wasn't too many listings to use as a guide for how much she sells for. I didn't find any current listings but under sold listings I saw two MIB versions had gone for 300, and one un-boxed version that originally had a Buy-it-Now price of 150, but it had been crossed out so the seller had taken a cheaper price. So while I knew she was worth something, but couldn't tell exactly what. Since I'm writing a blog post about it you can assume I bought it. But I made a promise to myself that I was going to start really cutting back on online doll purchases. I'm going to try having this new doll be my last purchase for a while. I will say that I've already made an amendment to my vow. This new rule goes in effect after the two auctions I'm already watching are finished. (You met one of those auctions, the Sweet Sixteen head, already).

Back to the doll, I purchased her on Sunday (very early Sunday), she was in the mail on Tuesday, and due to get here on Thursday... and then she didn't! The tracking lied! She actually took an extra day to get here. I detest when I get all excited for a new arrived just to not have them show up. But she arrived fashionably late on Friday, and luckily undamaged. The seller shipped her in the thinnest, cheapest box I've ever dealt with. I'm shocked the box didn't get more damaged in transit than it did. I'm not sure why the seller used a box like that, it's not like I got a deal on shipping, I paid slightly over 6 dollars to ship her. And even if I had, I also paid 65 dollars for her. You'd think the seller would have wanted to ship her in something more secure. But she arrived unscathed, the seller did at least wrap her in bubble wrap in the box. Now, who is this doll that's giving me such a fright?

It's Beautiful Bride Barbie!

Per usual, you get a bit of a history lesson about Beautiful Bride Barbie. Beautiful Bride Barbie was
released in 1976. She was a department store special, however I'm not sure which department stores carried her. She is obviously a Bride doll. I read she was the first doll to be sold dressed as a bride. She also has the distinction to be the last doll to use the TNT face mold and have rooted eyelashes. They have brought rooted lashed back, they're actually in some of the current lines, but not the TNT face mold. I don't count the TNT reproductions as true TNT's since their head mold has been recreated. While Beautiful Bride is a unique doll in some aspects, in others... not so much. Her makeup and hair style are very similar to Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie's. She just does not have the wires in her hair (and Quick Curl does not have rooted lashes). I actually thought about getting a Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie to re-root and add eyelashes to make my own fake Beautiful Bride, but I decided against it, and now I don't have to! It's not like I really need another doll project, especially one that involves re-rooting. An interesting note about this doll. She has the later issue arm mold with the palm to rear hands that they were using well into the mid 90's, but she still has the angled TNT style waist. It hadn't changed over to the flat style twisting waist. I personally really dislike her arm mold, always have even from childhood. I actually changed a different doll that came with those hands to a new body with Mexico arms. This doll will be staying on her original body, but you'll be hard pressed finding another doll with that type of hands joining the collection. She's a rare and single exception.
I should mention to people who are trying to find this doll, the same name was also used for a Superstar doll who also came dressed as a bride. She's a very pretty doll, but a lot more common so don't pay as much for her as you would the TNT faced Beautiful Bride.

Back to my doll. She is in very nice shape. Beautiful Bride dolls tend to have a real issue where their faces go a ghastly white. You'll even find mint in box dolls with this problem. Mine has some slight paling going on, but her face is still very pink. That was one of the reasons why I was so tempted to get her. My doll is in played with shape, her biggest issue was her hair. Her hair was a frizzed out dull blonde mess. It took me a while getting it all untangled and once that I was done I still had to do the hair treatments, but it was totally worth it. It went from dull gray blonde to a shiny platinum blonde. She does have that hair fiber that gets frizzy, but after I reset her hair curl to it's original set most of the damage got covered. She also got a bath when she was getting her hair worked on. She cleaned up really nicely. Her makeup is stunning, I can't see anything wrong with it. Her eyelashes are mostly in nice shape, she does have one thin spot over her right eye, but they do look pretty good. Her body is also in nice shape, she does have a few minor scrapes here or there but she wasn't played with very much. She does have one minor indent to her left foot. It doesn't look to have broken the skin, so I'm hopeful it might ease out over time. She's such a beautiful doll, I'm really glad I got her. Although, I will say she's got something rattling around in her torso. That drives me crazy, but there's nothing I can do about it!
Beautiful Bride did come wearing her original dress. It's a pretty dress made from satin, netting, and
lace. Mine is in mostly good shape. The skirt has one snag on it, there's a spot on the right sleeve has come undone, there's a spot where the hem has frayed and come out, and the back opening needs some slight work. It's a cute dress, and while it's fancy it's not too fancy. Does that make sense? In terms of a wedding dress this is practically understated! I'm glad she came with it, otherwise I'd never would have gotten it. I am missing her veil, her bouquet, her necklace, her garter, and her shoes.

The seller did include a pair of clone pilgrim shoes in white with her. They're okay quality except
they seem a little short for her feet and on one of them the top part has broken off. I ended up sanding off the broken one to smooth out the edges. I could trim the other one to match, but I don't want to ruin the one that isn't broken even if it would make them more matching. I don't plan on using them with the dress though, they're a bit clunky for a wedding dress. Also, with their still slightly rough edges I'd be worried they'd snag the dress.
I was planning on keeping her in her original dress. It's a rare occurrence when that happens around here, but it does happen. I was going to make a veil for her, so she will get something sewn for her. Mine won't be as fancy as the original one, but it'll be something she can wear.

She's my something new, now I have to find something old, borrowed, and blue!

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