Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I finished something!

Due to some situations out of my control I found myself with more free time these past two weeks than usual. In order to keep my sanity I've been throwing myself into my projects hoping to A. ride out this time and B. get some things cleared up that have been langushing for a while now.
One of those things was this blog, you should have noticed a real glut of new posts recently. I'm still working on the blog, but I'm in a much better place than I was before.

But there's only so long I can sit here typing at the keys before I want to slam my head into them. So I've been working on other stuff too. One of those was dressing the dolls. I'm still going through a terrible lack of sewing creativity and issues with the quality of my sewing. I decided to at least work on the creative part recently. I grabbed the unfinished project box, two undressed dolls, dumped out the box, and started playing around what was in there seeing what I liked on them. I had grabbed two Bubblecuts, an ash blonde and a brunette.
While I was sorting through the pile of random half finished clothes I picked up a plaid dress that I had made a while ago for a brunette Midge. I wasn't liking it at the time, both in general or on Midge, so into the box it went. When I tried it on this new doll I thought it looked really great on her. What didn't work for that Midge certainly worked for her. I liked it so much it motivated me to actually finish it! It's not perfect, but I need to relearn that minor imperfections can be lived with.
It's not exactly the same dress as when it was destined for Midge. It's pretty much the same dress, but some decoration details ended up changing. The first one was the belt. I made a belt based off an idea I had. It's a working prototype, but it's a good start. I think it really adds something to the dress. I would like to add something else to the dress, something like a pin, but couldn't find anything in my bead stash. I'm planning on stopping at Hobby Lobby soon and checking out what they have. No idea what I want, but sometimes it's best going to Hobby Lobby with an open mind. You never know what they'll have and they never have what you want when you have something in mind.

For shoes I went with a pair of modern heels in black. I would have liked something in green, but I didn't have anything that worked and fit. I don't like tying up those incredibly versatile shoes, but someone's got to wear them! 
And just like that we have a doll dressed! I'm certainly not up to my old numbers, but I am very happy that I am finishing some things some times. Although, I don't even want to think of my new doll to dressed doll ratio. I'm probably at 5:1 at this point.

Next month will be better! ;)

That reminds me, I don't think I ever introduced this bubblecut to you. I bought her earlier this year on E-bay. I was still buying plenty of dolls, but hadn't bought a vintage Barbie in a while so I wanted a vintage Barbie, any vintage Barbie. I found her being sold along with a Midge doll for 36 dollars including shipping as a Buy-it-now listing. So I bought her. She's an early bubblecut on a Barbie only body. She's in nice shape, she just has two earring holes in one ear and green ear. I used CLR on her and got it to lessen somewhat, but it hasn't gone away. I did it for a while, but didn't have great luck with it. I eventually stopped. I might try it again later, but for now I'm just enjoying her being dressed and able to officially join the dressed dolls on the bookcase!

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