Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm a winner!

Last week was the National Barbie Convention. 
I did not go, but that ended up being in my favor. Over on "In the Pink" several people were hosting contests for the people who weren't going. I haven't been sharing a lot over there, but have still been reading what everyone else has been posting. The contests motivated me to post something. I feel bad entering contests when I'm just lurking so usually I try to share something so I'm at least contributing a little bit. Also, I only enter for things I want. I personally feel it would be very tacky if I entered for everything just because it was free. Not everything offered is something I can use, and plenty of other people will want it compared to me.

But I entered a contest, and I won! (I also entered one and lost, but such is life).
Here's what I won:
(Not my picture stolen from online, will remove if asked.)

I'm not really sure of the name of this set, I think it's Barbie hearts Disney? Either way I'm glad I won this set, I actually tried winning this set at a doll meeting a few months back, but lost. I wanted it mainly for those sunglasses. They're very Lady Gaga in the Alejandro video looking.
I'll break it down quickly. What I do like in this set; the sunglasses, the black jacket (although I noticed some staining on one of the clear elastics it was touching), the hanger, the pink purse, the bow bracelet, the Minnie Mouse t-shirt, and the yellow shoes (although I think one of mine is mis-molded). Things I don't like in this set; the fake mirror (kinda pointless), the necklace (kinda tacky), the belt (kinda pointless and tacky), the pants (they're so tight in the calves very few of my dolls can wear them), and the children's accessories. I plan on splitting up the set into things I will be keeping and things I'll be donating to the doll club.
Oh! I should mention, this Barbie has articulated knees. She's like the later issue Fashionistas without the bust joint. I wasn't able to find out if she had rubber legs or hard plastic until she arrived. I assumed she had hard plastic since her feet were angled away from the direction the rest of her body was facing, but it's nice to know in case someone out there is interested. I plan on keeping the body and getting rid of the head. I should also mention that mine was made in China and does not have the glue in the head.

The person also sent me a gift of a handmade Barbie outfit. I think I know who originally made it. It's a very cute set consisting of a navy polka dotted dress with a red felt hat and purse and stretch knit gloves. I'm not sure if I'll use it. It's a very cute set but I prefer making my own clothes. However it is nice seeing other people's work and comparing their construction to mine!
She also sent me a pair of Barbie headphones, which are so cute! I'm going to give them to my Mom since I don't use headphones in the house and I don't want to be out and about with Barbie headphones. And she could always use a backup pair.

It's a good thing I bought a package of thank you cards recently, I'm going to need to send one out!

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