Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a Two Doll Dressed Month!

Yes! It's true, I managed (just under the wire) to get another doll dressed and ready to add to the collection! This is the first time in a long time that I've gotten two dolls dressed in one month, my old average from several years ago. Now if only I hadn't added like 20 dolls this past month in need of redressing then my accomplishment would be more substantial. But at least I'm making progress in some forms and I'm trying to be better about buying new dolls all the time.

I'm going to share the picture of the newest dressed doll, then talk about it.
Here she is: 

This outfit has origins very similar to the last dress I finished. I made the top several months ago for Superstar Barbie, it ended up having some sewing issues and I just wasn't feeling it so I quit on it and threw it into the unfinished project box. While I was sorting through the box when I also took out that Midge dress this came out too. I tried it on a vintage Midge and sort of liked it. I liked it enough to fix a sewing issue and actually work on it to where it became a wearable garment. All during this time Midge was still wearing it.
After I did most of the sewing on the top, I had to think about what I wanted for the skirt. Originally it was going to be a simple a-line skirt in white with a band of the blue fabric from the top for decorations but that was quashed quickly. I tried making a pair of crimson colored shorts, but I wasn't liking the fit or the look. I ended up deciding to make a full pleated skirt out of the same fabric for it. I managed to get all the machine sewing done in one evening.
And then I had a dilemma, while I liked it on Midge I just wasn't loving it on her. I pulled out all the boxes of undressed dolls and went through all off them trying to find the doll who was going to wear this outfit. Unfortunately, nobody fit the glass slipper. I was ready to give up on the outfit and put it back into the unfinished project box when I couldn't find anyone to wear it. I didn't want to, but I'd rather give up on an outfit instead of putting it on a doll that I didn't love it on. I was still thinking about it, and had a realization, Superstar Barbie. For some reason I had forgotten to try it on her. I pulled the big box out of the closet and dragged her out. I tried it on her, I liked it on her the best out of everyone.
Putting it on her motivated me enough to finish it. I got the shirt done followed by the skirt. I also made her vinyl belt. I knew that I wanted a white belt there, when I was making the outfit I used a white ribbon as a stand in. Shoes were rather tricky, I do have white Superstar era shoes, but other dolls have claimed them (how ironic!). I dug through my bag and found those white clunky heels. I've had them forever and it's the first time I've used them. I think they'll work for now, but if I get another pair of white Superstar shoes, she's upgrade to them. I also ended up giving her some jewelery, a superstar necklace and ring. I do have earrings but I worry about them causing damage to her head so I left them out.
I do still feel like this outfit is missing something. I tried several hats on her, and even tried making one for her but I just didn't like it. So while I'm considering her dressed, I might revisit this outfit at some point if I can think of what I feel like is missing. But for now she gets to move into the collection and out of the boxes.
I'm so pleased when I've made progress!

And I don't think I've ever shared that Superstar Barbie with you all either. She actually came to me in parts. I got her body back in December in a small lot. She had a head but it had been mouse chewed and had a haircut so I took off the head. The body is in nice shape, with some play wear. She has a pinched spot to her left hand and some scraping at the upper arms from her torso. I'm not sure when it happened, but the other day after I finished the dress I noticed a split in one of her ankles! The hard plastic "bones" had torn the "skin"! :( It's not really bad, and I did put vinyl glue on it so hopefully that helps it from getting any worse.
I bought the replacement head for her over on E-bay last.... January. I think it was my first doll purchase of the year. She's in okay shape, but I haven't warmed up to her. I think her left eye is smaller than her right eye. I actually thought about not keeping her (or at least reselling her head), but now that she's dressed she'll be staying. When I got her she was dirty and needed her part line re-thatched. I just finished re-thatching her. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than when she got here. I hate, hate, hate fixing part lines. What a pain.

But at least she looks good, and is another doll dressed! 

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    It is a beautiful dress. It fits her perfectly!
    Big hug,