Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some Somewhat New Additions

I've mentioned it a few times before, but back in June I got a large lot of doll parts from someone in the doll club. I had already said that I asked for a Tammy body and a Living Barbie arm, but I also asked for a bevy of 70's era Barbie bodies. Part of the reason for this was in case I couldn't repair Quick Curl Barbie or Quick Curl Miss America, but part of this was because I had several 70's era heads that needed bodies. I ended up with several new bodies, some assembly required. I said I wouldn't mind if the bodies had melting, so I had some repair work to do to them. Other than the melting they were in pretty good shape. A few pin pricks here and there and some general play wear on them, but they're still very nice bodies. I've manged to get two of them completed so I wanted to share them with you. I'm still working on a couple bodies so in time they will get their turn at an introduction.

Our first doll is Sweet Sixteen Barbie. I got this head earlier this year in a lot of TLC dolls. I actually got three Sweet Sixteen heads in the lot. She was the prettiest, so she got a body. Her head is in really nice shape, great hair too. She was a bonus of the lot since I certainly wasn't buying it for her. I am glad I have her, she makes my second Sweet Sixteen doll in the collection. Not sure what I'll do with the other two heads since while I like having two examples of that doll, I don't really need two more. She is a "highlight" doll of Barbie through the years, so when the collection grew to including the 70's dolls I was glad to get her, but I still don't like her that much. I think she's pretty, the issues is her hair. Reminds me too much of a mullet. Still glad I have her. One less random head in the egg crates I store them in!

Our second doll is Free Movin' P.J.. She's supposed to be on a body with a
ball jointed waist and a post that pops out of her back so you can control her movements. I have the Barbie doll from this line on her correct body. P.J. arrived years ago in that bag of parts I bought at the Antique Mall (in a weird coincidence that same bag is where my first Sweet Sixteen head came from). She's in really nice shape except someone cut her hair, at the very start of her part at her forehead. They just did it in a the worst spot, the rest of her hair is totally untouched. What's your problem past person??? She'll most likely end up with a headband or something to cover up the damage. I think it might be too much work to try a partial re-root. After I got the bodies I was pulling through my spare heads for 70's era heads when I found her. I hadn't thought about her when asking about the bodies but I decided to put her on a regular body since I doubt I'll find a Free Movin' body any time soon. I wasn't sure if I was going to even keep her when I first got her, but she's grown on me. It's a shame about the hair, but otherwise she's a very nice doll.

So that's the two new dolls, eventually the remaining dolls will be shared. I just have to finish repairing them first, which might be a while. They're not an easy fix.

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    Great finds! I look forward to seeing them transformed.
    Big hug,