Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tis the Season!

So I bought a new doll the other day.
I know, I know I'm always buying new dolls but one was different. This was a new doll. A brand new MIB released just this year doll that I bought from major retail store and not on clearance! How often does that happen around here?

Almost never, but it does happen from time to time. My newest addition is the Barbie from the current beach wave line of dolls. You can get her and each of her similar friends for 5 dollars at Walmart. (I've seen them elsewhere for slightly higher prices, Walmart is the cheapest). These are the basic dolls and only come with a swimsuit and sunglasses, and apparently it's the year of the sunglasses for me. I am currently obsessing over the second wave Glam Luxe Midge doll mainly for her shoes, belt, and especially her daisy sunglasses. She has been slowly trickling into stores, but hasn't made much of an appearance online yet. I was looking for her on Walmart's website recently. They weren't showing anything when you searched for Midge, so I looked through all the Barbie listings. They're not too many to look at.
I can't remember why, but I ended up clicking on the swimsuit Barbie doll and falling in love with her sunglasses. They're pink and heart shaped! Which is totally not my style, but apparently they unlocked a need deep within me. But even though I wanted the sunglasses 5 dollars is a lot to spend for a pair. I even asked the doll group their opinions hoping maybe someone there would deter me. They did not, so that Friday I went to Walmart to get her. I had only wanted her for her sunglasses, but I will admit her heart print bikini won me over. They had several in the toy section and I selected the best one, then I found a display in the isle full of them. Again I spent some time looking through the dolls to get the best one. Finally satisfied I bought her.
I deboxed the doll at home, she was so easy to debox! She had two plastic ties holding her loosely onto the backing. I just had to cut the one at her waist and she could slide out of the packaging. I quickly stripped the doll of her swimsuit and sunglasses. They both needed work. The sunglasses needed a quick hot water soak. They had one of those plastic ties anchoring it to the dolls head and had gotten warped. A little bit of time in the water and they straightened right out. The swimsuit needed a bit more work. I liked the swimsuit, but hated the over sized cheap
bow on the top (seriously, it was a bit of ribbon cut, glued on the ends, then gathered when sewn onto the top). I removed it, which also took out the gathering of the top. I was going to redo it, but I kinda like it without it. I also added a small bow out of a very similar matching ribbon (the ribbon Mattel used is slightly more purple in color, but it's hard to tell the difference). And like that I was done! Charlotte's been wearing it since I got it. It's really cute on her. Although I will say the underwear pattern I drafted has better fit than the swimsuit bottoms since mine follows the shape of her torso and doesn't interfere with her legs, but it works as is. I added some mostly matching shoes I had. I don't love the shoes, but I can live with them with the outfit. I do love the sunglasses, but don't let Charlotte wear them. I'm afraid they'll scratch her eyebrow paint, but I think they look adorable in her hair. I tried making her a sarong cover up, but it did not go well. Maybe in time she'll get one. However, I think she looks nice as it.  
The Barbie that came with the swimsuit will not be staying. I'm planning on bringing her to the doll donation project later in the year so I can swap her for a doll I do want (or is more valuable for resale). For a five dollar doll, she's actually not that bad. She does have some cost cutting features like the hollow hard plastic legs and a molded on neck knob that doesn't allow her to look up or down, but these aren't too terrible. She does have glue in the head, but that's getting more and more common. My Audrey Hepburn doll had that and she's a collector's doll! This doll has a really pretty face and smooth and easily manageable hair. My only complaint with her (other than the glue), is that her hair is rather thin, especially at the part line. If they fixed that I'd be even more impressed. I was even toying (no pun intended) with the idea of keeping her, but I have too many dolls as is, I don't need one that I only have a mild infatuation with. 

I was so impressed with the first doll, I actually went back the next week and got a second one. This time I got the
Teresa doll from the line. While her swimsuit was cute I was mainly buying her for the daisy shaped sunglasses she came with. They look to be the same mold as the Midge doll glasses, just cast in yellow and unpainted. I decided it would be smart to buy this five dollar doll and see if I even like them before shelling out 20 dollars to end up not liking them for some reason. And if I do like them, I'll have a second pair. Teresa swimsuit is very similar to Barbie's in style. It's made from a similar type of fabric, just with a floral pattern instead of hearts. I'm pretty sure that the bottoms use the same pattern. The tops are a bit different. Teresa's top has a yellow
ribbon sewn at the bottom hem, the top is only partially gathered and has two ribbon straps that tie at the neck to keep the swimsuit up. I'm glad that I bought it, but I like the heart swimsuit and sunglasses a lot better. The daisy sunglasses are cute, but HUGE. They're bigger than the heart pair and look rather over sized for my doll's face. I haven't tried them on a vintage doll, but they look rather big on Ashley (who ended up with the swimsuit). I didn't need to boil these, they were straight right off the doll. They were not anchored in Tereasa's head.
I thought about changing the straps on the top. I have no love for halter tops, and it's really easy to pull the top down. I was going to change it to a regular double straps like on the heart swimsuit, but that means I'd have to tear out the straps in front and quite honestly they felt like a little too much work for it. I don't have that much of an issue with it. So for now it stays as is. However I did add another small ribbon bow to the front. I just wasn't loving the amount of cleavage it was showing. It wasn't obscene, but I didn't like it for Ashley. 
So that's the two swimsuits from the line I bought. I have no intention of buying any other dolls because the rest of them have boring sunglasses. Come on Mattel, made some fun new sunglasses, apparently it's a must have for me!

BTW, that white ball they're holding is a volleyball to go with the beach theme, it's actually a ping pong ball!

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