Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, I guess it's now a collection within the collection

My newest doll came about courtesy of that Sweet Sixteen head I just shared with you all. I had the head saved on my watch list to keep an eye on it to see if anyone bid on it and to keep track of it as the clock was counting down. A couple days before the auction I went to check on it.... and it was gone. I had several things on my watch list (mainly to see what they sell for) and that was the only one that was missing. First time that's happened to me. So I did a search for it on E-bay, I was thinking maybe E-bay glitched and removed it from my watch list. I was unable to find the listing. At that moment, it was just gone from the site. However, I did find another auction for a full Sweet Sixteen doll. That also had no bidders and several days left to go. I figured that if the head was no longer available I could at least try to get this new doll. So I added her to my watch list. She was a little more expensive, but did come with a body. I'm not sure why it happened, but a little while later the original listing reappeared on my watch list and if you've read a few posts back you know that I won it and it arrived. Even though my new Sweet Sixteen head should have been enough, it wasn't.
I still wanted this other doll. She went without bidders until the very last day. I did put in a bid of my own, but they had put in a higher price so they remained the highest bidder. At that point I was out of the running, I put it as much as I was willing to pay for her and walked away. Thus is the life of the limited budget auction user. After losing out on that doll I spent some time doing other searches hoping to find myself a consolation doll. I wasn't super sad over losing the doll I just wanted to see what else was out there. On a whim right before I stopped searching I did one for Sweet Sixteen. I found a listing for another full doll, this time as a Buy-it-Now listing. She looked to be in fair shape, so I made an offer to the seller. They had it listed for 15, I offered 11. I went to bed shortly after that, hoping they would accept my offer.
I woke up the next morning with an accepted offer in my e-mail! They actually accepted it 2 minutes before I had woken up. I went over to E-bay and paid on the spot. She ended up costing me 16.85 including 2-day priority shipping. She got into the mail on Thursday, and had a projected delivery date of Monday (which to me is not two days). I hate waiting all through Sunday to get something in the mail. However Monday rolled around and she didn't come! The tracking had been updated and she was in town, just not at my house. Her tracking had been updated as "Out for delivery" at 9 pm that night, which I knew was wrong. She did arrive on Tuesday, but her tracking still said she was supposed to get here on Monday. It also had been updated with a "no new information had been updated since...." message, which was both worrisome and confusing. But she did arrive on Tuesday so I didn't need to follow up with the post office, she was just a day late.
Condition wise, she's in fair shape. I don't think she was played with much, so most of her issues are age related. Like the other two I have she has an issuing with paling. She has several spots of paling to her face. I didn't notice them in her ad, but I can live with them. I really didn't pay too much for her. Her hair also has it's issues. It is really frizzy at the ends. It's also really choppy. I'm not sure if a child cut her hair or if it came like that from the factory. Mattel's quality control took a real nose dive in the 1970's. Her face paint is gorgeous though. I'm not sure why it looks it in the picture, but her head isn't as discolored in person as it looks in the photograph.
Her body is in nice shape, she was a little dirty when I got her but a bath cleaned her right up. I will need to do some work on the seams on her legs. She has a little extra plastic I need to trim off. Interesting note, she has a problem where her right leg isn't seated properly in her hip joint. My first sweet sixteen has this same problem too. The leg doesn't fall out so it's not that bad of an issue and when she's dressed it shouldn't even be seen. An interesting difference between the two dolls to point out is that their markings are on different spots on their bodies. My first doll has them on the small of her back, this new doll has them on her buttocks where they were on the vintage Barbie dolls. If I had to make a logical assumption, I'd say this new doll is older than my first doll. Since Mattel moved the markings to the backs around that time, and still have them there to this day. I think with a little work she can be a really nice doll. For right now I'm going to keep her hair as is, but if I do decide to go crazy and re-root another Sweet Sixteen, she'd be much more likely to get it done to her instead of the second one.

So now I officially have a collection of Sweet Sixteen dolls!

I wanted to mention that Sweet Sixteen did come to me wearing a dress. It's obviously a home made dress. It's made out of a pink cotton shirting material. It has a pattern on the fabric that runs vertically of repeating three striped of white and a stripe of gold. It's an simple semi-fitted dress with darts on the front and back with a flared out skirt. It has binding at the neck hole and arm holes with bias tape made from the same fabric. It is cute, but does have it's issues. It does have some spots of discoloration on the front and both shoulder seams have come undone. I think it's cute, but can't think of what I would do with it. Also, it might take more work to repair it than it's worth. So I might end up just getting rid of it. But not Sweet Sixteen, she's here to stay! 

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