Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello Everyone, we're back to updates

This week was not a good week. It started off with having a record number of E-bay sales only to discover that a doll that I had sold had developed a stain so I had to contact the buyer and apologize and ask if they still wanted the doll. They did not, so I refunded their money while apologizing profusely for the issue. However, they did leave positive feedback and I used acne cream on the doll and the stain's already gone. So while that was an ordeal to go through, it at least resolved itself.

And then on Tuesday that buyer filed that return on me claiming those mugs were broken and had been repaired. I said that once they returned the items I'd give them a refund but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Over on E-bay it still says "waiting for other members' responses". Out of all my interaction with them they only time they've been Johnny on the Spot is when they were filing that claim. And I know that they have their time to return my item, but I just want to get this over with. It's really been hanging over my head.

So my week started off poorly, but once that return happened it really was a blow. My struggling enthusiasm (that was just starting to come back) took a nosedive. I was still doing some things, just nothing super productive. And you can forget about E-bay. I had all my items pulled out for this week, but I've done nothing with them. This week is the first time in a long while that I had nothing new to list over on E-bay. I will get back into listing stuff on there because I do need to keep clearing out stuff and I have been successful at selling some stuff (Santa mugs not included) but I will be glad when I have everything listed. At least this is teaching me a valuable lesson about buying items for resale, mainly to stop doing it.

So while I wasn't doing much of anything last week on Thursday I had a bit of a change. I was looking around my room and just felt so overwhelmed again. Right now with this massive reorganization everything is a mess. E-bay items and acne cream dolls have taken over the doll's bookcase, my dresser is still covered, and my desk is a pile of half finished personal projects. I can't do anything about the bookcase (other than remind myself it's a temporary issue) but I can deal with the desk. I again have decided that I need to focus my energy on a few projects instead of just doing a little bit on each one and never making too much progress on one of them. I started off with taking a sheet my parents had asked me to repair a few days earlier and got that all fixed up and returned. Getting something finished and off of the desk felt good. So after that I picked two projects (for when I don't feel like doing one I can work on the back up) to focus on for the rest of the week. The first one was another repair job that I had been asked to do months ago. This week I got about half of it done but messed up the other half twice so I'm taking a small mental and physical break from it so I can work on my other selected project, a doll project!

It was a project that had been cluttering up my desk since June. You may remember I got that bag of doll parts at my doll meeting. I didn't mention it, but inside the bag was an complete Living Barbie in need of some repair. I had asked for arms so I guess she was a donor source. However I could not justify taking an arm off of this very pretty doll. I was hoping to buy her along with the rest of the parts if I could afford her but then I was given the bag including her!
While she was mostly in good shape her biggest issue was that she had two chips on her lower torso on her seam line on each side. The one on the right was bigger than the one on the left, it was basically an open hole in her torso. I started working on her the same time that I started working on the other doll bodies which I've since completed and shared with you two of. I was trying to build up the missing pieces of plastic with nail glue in an effort to strengthen that area. Work was slow since I was building up the glue and had to do it slowly in layers. I wasn't making much progress since I was keeping the doll standing and I think the glue was tricking down inside her as it dried. After I finished those other two dolls I gave that project a break, but still kept it on my desk meaning to return to it. Living Barbie had been left in a stand taking up both space and a much needed stand.
So I decided that this week she was going to be project two. I didn't think it would take too much work to repair her and it would be nice to get her completed. I did change how I was doing her repair work. Instead of keeping her standing I quickly made a sling for her with thread to keep the
glue from shifting while it dried. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did and this small change made it go SO much faster. I got more done on this repair in a couple days than the couple of weeks I was working on it originally. I got a fair amount of the missing plastic filled in. I couldn't fill all the way to the top of the lower torso since there's only so much I can keep the upper torso away from the spot to let the glue dry. Once that was finished I sanded down the excess glue at the repair so it was now flush to the body.  Now Barbie can move like she's supposed to! And like that her right side was done, a lot of work finally getting completed.
Her other side needed it too, but it was a lot easier of a repair. It was a much smaller chunk missing and the plastic was still attached to one side of the doll so I could use that as an anchor for the glue. I wasn't filling in a hole like the first side. I got a little bit of it started, but then changed directions. Instead of continuing on that I ended up removing all the doll's limbs. Living Barbie's are prone to melting and since I was already working with her, I figured that I might as well check her and repair if she had any. She did have some minor melting at her legs and arms. It was extremely minor though, so it didn't require a lot of removal and rebuilding. I got those all squared away in one day. Before I put her arms and legs back in I did use nail glue to fill in the other side of her torso. It was much easier
working without the limbs in the way. I also took off her head to keep it away from the glue. I found an interesting thing in her head. It was stuffed full off this white plastic thread like material. I pulled some of it out, but couldn't get it all. It seemed to be attached to her head and I didn't want to damage her by trying to remove it. I have no idea what is it or what it's for. As someone who's had to reattach the heads of every Live Action/Living doll he owns I've never seen another doll with that.
Anyway, I managed to get the other chip repaired and was able to snap her back together. I had washed her in pieces when I had her apart, but her hair ended up needing a little work. I guess she managed to get glue in it, my first time for that happening. And I removed her head just so I could avoid that! Serves me right for thinking ahead! She did loose a couple pieces of hair but most of it came out with a little work. Luckily it was a very small amount of glue. And after that she was done! I finished a doll project so I can move her off the desk!

But first she'll need her introduction. She is a very pretty brunette Living Barbie. She has all her eyelashes and her hair is really nice. She does have some minor play wear to her body but she cleaned up really nicely. I'm not sure what happened to make those breaks in her torso, but the rest of her isn't as damaged. She has gorgeous make up and hair, her upper torso has some dark marks (I checked to see if it was melting, it's not), her arms have some cuts in her armpits from her hard plastic torso (I put vinyl glue in them), I noticed one dent to her fingers, her lower torso has stress marks coming from where she had those chips, and her legs look great (maybe some minor yellowing). All her joints work fine and hold their poses nicely. She's a really nice doll that after some repair/ restoration work is a wonderful addition to my collection. Especially since she was free!

Here's hoping that this upcoming week is less stressful (and more productive)!


  1. Hello Aubrey,
    I'm sure your week will only get better. At least you were able tyo work on this lovely doll and fix her up a bit.
    Big hug,

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