Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It was bound to happen eventually....

This has just not been my week. Today I got my very first return demand from a buyer over on E-bay. (My very first return ever, so I've been very lucky in that respect). I had someone buy a pair of vintage Santa mugs from me and today they opened a claim saying they've been broken and glued and that I didn't disclose it in the ad. And the thing is, I didn't disclose it, because I honestly didn't see any damage and still don't. After I got the claim I dug out the pictures from the auction to scrutinize them for damage that I missed, and I just can't see anything that would denote a break or a repair.
I am extremely careful when writing my ads to make sure I have all issues marked down and go over them again at a later time before posting. I would have understood of they arrived broken and just chalked it up to my shipping being insufficient, but broken and glued? And the seller said they both had been repaired. I could give a little bit of a excuse to one being damaged that I missed, but two? I agreed to the return and once they sends back the mugs I will return her 14 dollars, most of that was shipping that I'm now out.

I'm going to add all the pictures of the mugs, maybe someone out there can see this damage that I'm apparently blind to. The only thing that I can see that could be possibly confused for damage is that the handles were not applied as neatly as they could have been, but if you look at the top view there's no damage to show it had been broken. 

I'm just going to have to wait until their return arrives so I can look at the items in person again to see what they're talking about, but I have a sinking suspicion I still won't be able to see these repairs they are seeing.

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  1. Maybe they weren't broken when you sold them. The buyer may have broken them after they were received and tried to repair them. When they decided the repair looked like crap they may have decided to try to make you take them back and return their money. Not everybody is honest. I've had a few people like that buy things from me and try to return them. If the mugs look significantly different when you get them back than they looked in your pictures, and you think you've been scammed, I wouldn't return the money. I'd report the buyer to Ebay and tell them I was doing so and see what they have to say then. If they are really being dishonest and you can prove it with your photos they may back down. If they had just said they were broken, you could blame shipping, as you said, but glued to? Now they sound shifty.The bad part is, Ebay practically always sides with buyers, so it's mostly up to you getting the buyer to back down. And then also, you can't leave the buyer bad feedback, but they can leave bad for you. Not fair, but Ebay policy these days.Good luck.