Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mattel Vintage Celebrity Doll List

Hello everyone, this is going to be a quick post about Barbie sized celebrity dolls from Mattel. 

In the Mod era there was:

Twiggy (Casey head mold)

Diane Carroll as Julia (Christie head mold)
Sally Ann Howes as Truly Scrumptious (Francie head mold)
Those dolls are well documented online. For the 1970's I wasn't even able to find a complete list of the Barbie sized celebrity dolls Mattel released so I did some research and asked around. These are the dolls that I found. There could be others, but these are what I know of. If I find more (or told more in the comments) I will update this list. These dolls also got brand new head sculpts designed to look like the person instead of reused head molds with new face paint.

In alphabetical order we have:

Debbie Boon
Chantal Goya (European release)
Kate Jackson
Cheryl Ladd
Kristy McNicol
Kitty O'Neil
Donnie Osmond
Jimmy Osmond
Marie Osmond

For the most part, these dolls are not that super hard to track down. I saw several examples of some them being sold MIB for 50 dollars (not including shipping) over on Ebay. Donnie and Marie seem to be the most plentiful and I'd assume Chantal Goya would be the hardest to locate since she wasn't released in America. 

Hopefully this list will help someone who's looking up that information so they don't have to compile it themselves!


  1. Thanks for sharing your findings. Good list. I grew up when these dolls were first out so it's fun to see them here ;-)

    Other Mattel celebrities include Kate Jackson, Wayne Gretzky, and Johnny Halliday - and here's a close-up of the face for Johnny Halliday.

    1. I'm glad you like the list, Kate Jackson is on it but for some reason Blogger made her text black and unreadable against a black background.
      I've never seen that Johnny Halliday doll before, thank you for sharing. I love seeing new dolls!

  2. Oh, I thought there was a gap in the spacing. Makes sense that that line had text that blended with the background. Groan. Glad you had her there; I thought since you had Cheryl Ladd, it was surprising that Kate Jackson was not.

    Glad to share the Johnny Halliday figure - I know I love to see new dolls, especially ones with more accurate faces, personalized molds, too