Saturday, September 20, 2014

I guess I should do an update...

Hello everyone, been a while since you last heard from me. I was doing so well with posting my new purchases then I just hit a wall (not literally). I have like a dozen things to share with you, but both they and the blog are currently gathering dust. I'm sure I'll get back to it eventually, right now I'm focusing on other projects. Nothing super exciting however.

I will also give you an update on that E-bay snafu, simply stated, it's done. The woman opened the claim, I responded 2 hours later that if she returned the item she'd get her money back, then nothing. I waited an entire month for her to send them back and she didn't so E-bay closed the claim against me and gave me my money back. Not sure what happened, but it's all on her for why she didn't get her refund.

I'll also tell you a little story. Remember that Barbie swimsuit doll I bought for her heart sunglasses and swimsuit? I don't believe I mentioned it but shortly after I got her she developed a stain. Dead center of her forehead there was this faint but noticeable blue green spot, about the size of the head of a pin. I had no idea what caused it since she wasn't touching anything of that color and it developed over the course of a night. So she joined the acne cream dolls trying to remove it. I wasn't going to keep her (even though I was impressed how nice she was for a 5 dollar doll) but I was going to donate her to my doll group's Christmas donation project. I think I've mentioned it before, we clean and style used Barbie dolls to give to groups who hand out toys at Christmas to families who otherwise couldn't afford them. So I was kind of bummed that she had developed this stain, I couldn't donate her as is.
I was hopeful that the acne cream would do it's job, but it's been over a month and the stain hasn't even budged. You'd think a newly developed stain would be easier to remove than an old one but that was not the case with this one. Last Monday when I was redoing the acne cream I even went so far as to pop off the doll's head to see if something inside the head was causing the stain and there was nothing. I even shined a flashlight through the "skin" to see if there was something imbedded in the vinyl, again nothing. So I emailed Mattel. I sent it through their customer service page, explaining what happened and asking them if they had any suggestions to how to remove the stain. That was on Monday and they emailed me back on Wednesday. The representative did suggest something, but it was a more mild approach than the acne cream I was already using. They also said they were sending me a voucher for 6 bucks! (When asked the price of the doll I put in 5.40, since I paid for tax). Which was very nice of them.
The voucher actually arrived today. It has a ton of security devices built into it (including a holographic sticker which is oh so cool). I'm actually heading out to Walmart to see if I find anything I want to buy with it. There is a doll I'm interested in (if she's pale enough to match Artemis) and there's a fashion pack I like. However both of these purchases depend if either item is in stock at my store (can't use the voucher online). Also, I could go to the store in fall in love with another Mattel product that I just have to have.

Only time will tell!

Oh, and the doll won't be a total loss. I swapped the head with a spare I had and I'm going to donate that. So everyone's a winner!