Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Always learning something new.

Like usual I was over on Etsy checking out what was newly listed. Even when I've vowed that I'll be better about spending money on dolls I can't help myself from checking the new listings. I can do a pretty decent job keeping staying away from eBay, but Etsy is a lot harder for me to stay away.
It was mid-morning when I did a quick peek as to what was new. There wasn't very many new things from when I checked the previous night before bed. However, there was something of interest... it was a Julia doll head. I wasn't actively looking for another Julia doll, but I had a body and was tempted by the idea of adding a second one to the collection. I had looked at one on eBay, but that seller wanted 20 dollars including shipping for that one and I just couldn't justify that price. The one I had just found was in comparable shape for 12 including shipping. I did spend a little time thinking about if I really did want it, but in the end I decided to get it. But imagine my horror when I went to buy it and Etsy wouldn't load! No matter what I did I kept getting an error page. Even though I just found it moments ago I'd be devastated if someone bought my Julia head out from under me! So I anxiously waited/refreshed the site hoping it would pop up and I could buy it. Etsy seemed to be taking their sweet time fixing the issue. I looked online to see if it was a site wide issue or I was just getting affected by it. I never found an answer to that. Instead I had the bright idea of using my browser history to go right back to the listing page and that worked! I was able to check out and buy the Julia head without issue.... or so I thought. But when the rest of the site started working again, my doll head was still listed for sale! In a panic I contacted the seller saying I had bought it (they had my money according to Paypal) and it was still showing up as for sale. I wanted to contact them and stake my claim in case someone else bought it after me. "See, here's proof that it's mine, sorry other buyer". The seller contacted me back saying it wasn't an issue with Etsy, they had two heads and when I bought the first one it automatically re-listed the ad for the second one. I didn't point out that the sparsely written ad specifically stated you were going to get the head that was pictured and she only had one doll head photographed. I just hoped that my head was the head that was pictured and I wouldn't have any surprises.
The head got into the mail rather quickly, so I wasn't waiting too long for it. The seller did pack it nicely. It came wrapped in tissue paper, in a small box, in a padded envelope. I'm glad my family knows I collect dolls. Could you imagine if they accidentally opened one of these packages without that knowledge? They would have assumed someone was sending me a dire warning.
Anyway, the head was the one pictured from the listing and is in amazing shape. Her hair is stunning (red like most of them get) and looks to be in it's original style. Her makeup is gorgeous, I can't see anything wrong with it, and she has really nice eyelashes. It's a really nice Julia head.

However, there is a bit of an issue with her.

And it's not with her head, it's with her body.

The issue is that the head is too dark for the body. This is the second time I've had this issue with this exact body! It's been forever since I talked about it, but I bought the body at the Swell Doll Shop several years ago (before it closed obviously). When I got it, it had a different head on it. I thought I was buying Christie, but it turns out it was a Talking Julia head on a (what I thought) TNT Julia body. The talking Julia head was a lot darker than the body. I had them together for a while, but the color difference was just too much so I ended up splitting them up and listed them separately over on the Dollpage hoping to recoup my expenses. When I found this new head I thought I had finally found a use for that body and have one less ad to keep renewing despite not garnering any interest. But sadly, this new head is also too dark for this body, but I will say that it's not as bad as a match as the original one.
 And that's my new thing I learned, I don't have a Julia body. I have a Christie body. Apparently, Christie has a lighter skin tone. I didn't know that because I don't have a Christie and I've never seen one in person. However, at the last doll meeting I did get to see one and that doll's coloring was almost the same at the body I have. I honestly never would have guessed that, most Mod Barbie dolls are interchangeable with their skin tones so I would have thought that Christie and Julia were too.
That little tidbit, while good to know, doesn't really help me right now. I already spent the money and have the Julia head. For the time being I'm going to keep them together, but I will be looking for both a Julia body and a Christie head so I can put them on their correct bodies/heads. I do really want to get a Christie, she's just hard to find at an affordable price.

But I've managed to get even harder to find dolls at a reasonable price, so I'm sure in time I'll get my Christie and complete my Julia.
Learning experiences like this keep collecting interesting, right?

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