Saturday, October 4, 2014

Celebrating Halloween Early with the Guys and Ghouls

Today was the October meeting for my doll group. The theme was Monster High, but it ended up being more of a traditional Halloween themed meeting. I think I saw about a dozen or so Monster High dolls, and the majority of those were from one person who collects them. It's not that surprising there were so few Monster High dolls, since we are technically a Barbie group and not everyone who collects Barbie would also have Monster High. I personally didn't bring any Monster High dolls either. I only own five of them, and other than Gloom Beach Frankie (who is still nude) they're all wearing their stock outfits. I did try sewing for them way back when, but their tiny size and highly stylized bodies really did not lend itself well for sewing success for me. Once I get back into Barbie sewing with more success, then I'll give Monster High another go.

Instead I brought Vanessa, my lone female Fashion Royalty doll (head anyway, her body is Mattel). I did spend a long time wrestling with who to bring and what they should wear before deciding on Vanessa. I did want to bring someone wearing something I made, but the majority of my costumes are early pieces that have lots of sewing flaws. The only one I liked was the Little Red Riding hood costume, and I brought that two years ago to my first meeting and I don't like repeating like that. I ended up putting Vanessa in a Mattel made Snow White dress (because I love the irony). I also gave her a plastic Barbie sized apple I got recently. I thought she looked pretty cute (although, the fit of the dress was pretty loose, I guess the pivotal body is a somewhat slimmer than the tiny body Mattel uses for their Disney princess dolls).  While I thought she was cute, I guess I was alone in that since I lost the costume contest! *Cries!* I'm really not too upset since it's not like I made the dress or anything, and while I liked the prize the winner got it's not like I couldn't live without out it. (A pretty hand made Barbie sized sheer cape made out of a glitter spiderweb pattern material).

However, it wasn't just the winner that got prizes at the meeting. I actually was a little gift giver myself. Since joining the club I had compiled a few small, tiny, mostly unimportant things that I thought other people in the group might like. But I've been hesitant in giving them to them. I like giving people gifts, I just hate the whole giving it to them part, especially when it's something so small as a stand. (I've never been good with gift giving with people I'm not super comfortable with). But I had several things to give out, and everyone that I had things for were going to be at the meeting so I decided to just do it and get it over with. Also by doing so, there's that fewer things in my life/room that I don't want. I ended up giving out three of the items that I had brought, I still have one thing I didn't get to give to someone. The opportunity never presented itself to give it to them. I'll be seeing them again soon so I can give it to them then. I'm proud that I gave those items away and they can now go live in their new owners houses instead of mine.

And speaking of going things going to live at a new house.... I didn't leave the meeting empty handed. I know, things should be going out and not having other different things coming in to replace them. But someone at the meeting was selling a Silkstone I didn't have, nude, for 20 dollars. Which is a really great price when you realize that I don't have to pay shipping. (And those dolls are heavy!) Also, I had 13 Silkstones and I just don't like having that number, so by getting one more I had 14, which is a number I like much better (Why yes, I can keep justifying this doll, thank you for asking!). It was a pretty simple transaction. I gave the person my 20 dollars, they gave me the doll wrapped up in a plastic bag with a stand included.

I didn't even look at the doll until I was back at home after the meeting. The doll that I had bought
was "A Trace of Lace". She was released in 2005 and has brown mid-back length brown hair with a side part. She has blue center facing eyes with blue eyeshadow. She reminds me a lot of Artemis, which isn't too shocking since they both have a lot in common looks wise. They're both brunettes with shorter hair and blue eyeshadow. However Artemis has side glancing eyes and I will admit I like those better. I guess because they look more like the vintage dolls they're emulating. I do have several of them with front facing eyes, so it's not a huge deal that this new girl has them.
Trace of Lace is in mostly good shape. She was a display doll, so she doesn't have too many issues. Hair and face paint are nice (I actually brushed out her factory set since it was messy). Her issues mainly lie with her arms. She does have staining at her wrists from some gloves she was wearing when redressed. This isn't a huge deal, it's very faint and right now she has acne cream on with the hoped of removing it. However, she does have some more pressing issues with her right hand, it has a couple of scuffs to the front, and it looks a cat took a few nibbles on the underside of her thumb. It's something I can live with, but I wish I had been told before hand (no pun intended). For the most part I won't even notice these issues once she's dressed and in the collection. But how many times must I learn the lesson that I need to look at dolls in detail before I buy them? I will say that I don't think looking at the doll up close would have helped me too much. I had already committed to buy her and don't know how to politely back out of a deal like that without ruffling some feathers. So I would have bought it either way.
But if I do ever decide to do a body swap, I have a perfect doll to do it to. (Artemis is actually on a different body because I broke her first one yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago). But for right now she can stay on her original one. Silkstones are hard to match skin tone wise. I will say that I haven't totally bonded with her yet. I was playing around with her and trying out different hair styles and while I liked some of them I didn't find the perfect one for her. I think she's a very pretty doll, but right now that's all I think she is. I'm thinking that she looks so much like Artemis that I'm having a hard time being truly subjective about her. All I can see when looking at her is her similarities and her differences. 
But I mean, not every doll can be *GASP, TRUE LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT*. That would be seriously exhausting and quite honestly dull. If every doll was like that, the ones I do click well with wouldn't be so special. Also, it would make trimming the herds nearly impossible (which is not happening right now, but I'm thinking for the distant future). I'm sure we will find our groove, even if it's an uneasy truce (looking at you Red Moon.)

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