Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Hello Dear Readers,

Haven't been posting much because October put me through the ringer. I do have a lot of things to share with you (I'm months behind), but I'm having a hard time committing words to the page right now. I'm sure this will pass and I'll be back blogging before too long. But as usual I dressed dolls for Halloween. I didn't get everyone on Charlotte's shelf dressed (including Charlotte and Joe), so I just pulled out everyone who wasn't dressed and posed everyone who was dressed for the picture.

Along the back row going left to right we have Vanessa as Snow White (this is the doll I brought to the October doll meeting), Audrey Hepburn as Cinderella, an American Girl as a Cat, Midge as a Fairy (Midge is on that shelf just for today. I got that outfit recently and just had to have someone wear it!), Mary Clair as a harem girl, and a Blonde Ponytail as Little Debbie. On the far left we have Pierre as a Circus Barker (I cheated, he's been wearing Todd's Wedding Tux for a few months and I didn't bother changing him), and Artemis as a Water Goddess (I just wanted to use that outfit). On the far right we have Re-rooted Midge as a Fairy Queen, and Modern Circle as a Sexy Witch (which she will always be since I love her in that costume). In the center we have Ashley as a mermaid, Kelly as a Princess (which I bought another Kelly doll to steal that costume from), and Tommy as a British guard.

I tried mixing it up some, but we do have some repeats. I did have the added benefit of having some new dolls on the shelf this year. This is Audrey Hepburn's, the American Girl's, and Midge's first Halloween on the shelf so I could reuse their costumes and not have it be a true repeat. I also got some new costumes. Ashley's, Midge's, Kelly's, and the Ponytail's outfits are all new. From what I remember the only real repeats are Vanessa, Midge, Mary Clair, Tommy, and Modern Circle. And the majority of those are repeats because I loved the costumes on them. Tommy got stuck in the guard uniform again because I don't have much for costumes for Tommy.

But I've blathered on enough, Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun and be safe!

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  1. Hello Aubrey,
    Happy belated Halloween,
    What a collection! Those are really great costumes.
    Big hug,