Thursday, October 2, 2014

Work, work, work. I'll never get my desk clean!

I'm so far behind sharing new dolls with you all that I'm just going to share my newest dolls first and work my way backwards. I really need to get back into it, the box lid that I keep my new dolls in (that I had been hoping to throw out months ago) is overflowing with dolls and things yet again.

Anyway, this post starts off with a usual set up. I was over on Etsy seeing the new listings when I found someone listing a small lot of broken dolls. All together it added up to two dolls, but they were not the correct two dolls. One of them was all there, (but separate) but the other doll was two different dolls. They were broken but all the damage I could see were things I've repaired before. The best part was the price, it was only eight dollars including shipping. I really appreciate when people price things accordingly. You cannot believe the number of times that I find a totally trashed doll that someone is asking a fortune for. But this lot was a really nice bargain, so I quickly bought it.

It arrived when I was sick (a day later than it should have, it does not take 26 hours to get from Greensboro to my local post office). And just an example for how sick I was it arrived, someone brought it to me, and it took me several hours to open it. That never happens! Usually I tear into my mail with the gusto of a starving man getting a loaf of bread. And that was after I had been sick for a while and was on the mend.

Now let's start talking about what was in the bag instead of how I came to own the bag. Our first item
is a head. It's the head to Malibu Barbie. She's one of the earlier ones marked on the neck rim as made in Japan. She's really nice condition. She has really nice makeup and her hair is really nice. It's not even brittle like they sometimes get. She does have one spot of paling on her cheek and one small spot on the inside of her neck rim that I'll need to reinforce with vinyl glue (looks like a molding flaw), but she's in really nice shape. I'm totally on the fence as to what to do with her. She was the item in the lot that I was the least interested in, but she's really nice. But I already have two Malibu Barbie dolls in the collection and at least one waiting to get dressed. I really don't need that many, I originally wrestled with adding one. Right now I'm thinking that this new one will join the collection, but will end up reselling the one that's not dressed yet. She has the brittle hair. I think this one will get the spare Mexico armed Malibu body I have. I don't like mixing eras like that, but at least the Malibu doll with the Mexico arms will be different from the other two.

The next item is the full doll from the lot. However when I got her, her body was alone, and her head was on the other body from the lot. What we have is Live Action Barbie. She's actually in really, really nice shape. Her head was off because like with the majority of the Live Action/Living Barbie dolls the neck knob just slips out of the neck and falls into the head. I own .... 5 of these types of dolls and only had one that came with it's head attached. Luckily it's an easy fix and works well. I'm not playing with these dolls, but from general use (including dressing) have yet to have a head fall back off on me. Live Action is simply stunning. Her makeup is perfect and she still has the majority of her eyelashes. Her hair is long and full, and two toned. The front of her hair is platinum blonde, but the back of it is a honey blonde. I haven't popped of her limbs to check for melting yet, but her body is really nice too. She did have a bit of melting on one of her breasts that I already removed. Interesting note, it's almost dead center on her breast and the melting isn't as smooth as it usually is. Removing the melted plastic left her with a spot that almost looks like a nipple. Weird, right? Anyway, all her joints click and hold poses wonderfully. She's just a really nice doll. She still needs a little sprucing up (one side of her hair won't stay flat, it's pulled back in the picture) but is well onto her way to be a wonderful example of this doll. She's my first original Live Action Barbie. I already have Ken and P.J.. All I'm missing is Christie, but I'm not holding my breath for her since she's so hard to find and is so expensive when she does show up.

Our final item from the lot is a body, Quick Curl Francie's body to be exact. This body is actually the reason why I wanted this lot in the first place. I'm always in need of a Francie body. While the head was not included in the lot I know it belonged to Quick Curl Francie because she was being sold by the same seller in a different listing, she was just on a Walk Lively Miss America body and was listed for 30 bucks, which I did not have (and I really didn't want a Miss America body). Francie's leg was
off in the listing, which is a common issue for dolls from that era. However like I said I've repaired that kind of thing before, so I was confident I could repair it. Francie's leg ended up being the worst part of it, she's actually in really nice shape. She did have Live Action's head on her neck so I was worried there would be melting since the Live Action head sits lower on the body than her original head would, but there wasn't any problem. The neck knob had one tiny spot of melting that was super easy to remove. I did check the arms for melting, but they actually didn't have any. I did put nail polish on them before putting the arms back on to try and avoid any melting. Interesting note about the arms, the arm joint feels differently angled. I haven't compared it to my first Quick Curl Francie but these arms feel more angled out so when you move her arms in front of her they go out more than normal. I could be way off, but they just feel that way. I think this one is an early doll since the rear markings are pretty noticeably changed from Japan to Taiwan. But again I haven't checked my other doll, that could be the same and I just never noticed. Francie did have melting at both legs, I ended up popping off her other leg so I could repair it. However, Francie had the lightest melting I've ever dealt with. I literally got both legs finished in one day. She was such a simple fix. I've already contacted someone about getting a head for her. I was hoping to meet them at the last doll meeting, but they ended up not going. I'm not sure the next time I'll be seeing them, might not be until December which just kills me! You know how I feel about waiting! 

However, I guess I can wait until then. It's not like I don't have plenty of projects to keep me busy until then. Including finishing up the small details on the dolls I just talked about. Not bad for eight bucks right? I got some really nice dolls for a really nice price, with not a lot of work.

Now where to find room for them!?!

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