Sunday, November 2, 2014

Disney Store Doll Shoes - A List!

As you know if you read the blog post about my new shoes from China that I like the rubbery flat shoes that come with the Disney Princess dolls. However I actually do not own any of these shoes. I did own a pair once, a black pair that came on the Vanessa doll from the Little Mermaid gift set. However she did not stay here since I had to return the set like 3 times to get a Vanessa doll that was riddled with production errors and giving up when it was apparent that was not going to happen. While researching online which doll came with what shoes I compiled a list of what I found. The following doll information was taken from pictures of the 2014 line. I included Anna and Elsa because they are technically "Classic" dolls, but they do not fall under the 2 for 10 dollars each deal like the rest of the dolls. I believe they are 16.95 each?
Anna: Black Boots
Ariel: No shoes included
Cinderella: Medium blue flats
Elsa: Medium blue flats
Jasmine: Light blue curled toe flats
Merida:  Medium Brown flats
Sleeping Beauty: Hot Pink Flats
Snow White: Yellow flats
Pocahontas: No shoes included
Rapunzel: No shoes included

How annoying is it when a doll does not get shoes included? I don't care if they don't wear shoes in the movie, they should always be included with the doll. These are toys for children that are meant to be redressed. And it's not like they're going for total movie accuracy, Cinderella has light blue flats on! And for a movie that has her shoes being such a HUGE part they should try to get them somewhat close to the originals.

Anyway, for the following dolls I was able to find some pictures from previous years releases. I can't guarantee these dolls still have the same shoes in the 2014 versions.

Belle: Yellow flats (2012-2013 Classic doll)
Evil Queen: Black high heels (2012-2013 Classic doll)
Maleficent: Black high heels (2012-2013 Classic doll)
Mother Gothel: Plum high heels (2012-2013 Classic doll)
Mulan: Burgundy flats (2012-2013 Classic doll)
Tiana: Green flats (2012-2013 Classic doll)

I've also included the current 12" singing doll.

Singing Dolls:
Tiana: White High Heels
Briar Rose: No Shoes
Ariel: No Shoes (no feet in fact)
Merida: Ice blue flats

If I forgot anyone that's because they were sold out at the Disney Store online and that's the site I used to compile this list.
I will say that I noticed that as I was working on this list a LOT of dolls missing from the Disney Store online site that I know they've made in the past. I'm not sure if they're sold out or no longer in production. I didn't see Gaston, Charlotte, King and Queen from Brave, King Triton, Genie, or the Fairy Godmother. There could be others missing as well, those are just the ones I remember. Basically all they had in stock where the Prince and Princess with a few villains scattered in. Maybe they're streamlining the line and only leaving "main" characters?

Anyway, I hope this list helps anyone looking at the shoes. I was hoping to find someone had black flats, but no dice. I'm still looking for a "unofficial" source for these shoes. I want some, but really don't want to spend 10 dollars for one pair.   

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