Friday, November 7, 2014

Kinda new...ish.... sorta?

As you may remember back in June I was giving a bag of dolls parts. In it was several things I needed including several 70's era bodies, some assembly required. I started working on repairing them as soon as I got them and managed to get two bodied finished before I changed gears and started working on other projects. I already shared with you two dolls that I completed.
However there were still a couple bodies that I hadn't finished that have been languishing on my desk ever since. The other day I bought some more dolls in need of restoration and while I was waiting for them to arrive in the mail I forced myself get back to working on the dolls that still needed work. I was getting two new dolls, so I wanted to get two dolls completed.
The first one I worked on was a Living Barbie body that I needed to reattach the arms. I did finish it, but her head is another project that is waiting to get done so I'm not going to talk about it in this post. 
The other doll I got finished I will be sharing with you now though.

I'm pleased to introduce to you all Walk Lively Miss America. She'll just be going as Miss America from now on since she actually can't "walk lively" anymore.
I got her head in that random bag of parts from the Antique Mall years and years ago. It's the same head that Quick Curl Kelley and Free Movin' P.J. came from. I think with Miss America here I've used up all the heads that came in the bag (that I kept, I did sell some random doll parts that weren't Barbie that I knew I'd never use).
Her head is in really nice shape, uncut hair, beautiful makeup, perfect eyelashes, just a really nice head. The Steffie face mold is still not my favorite head mold that Mattel uses, but I have been adding several examples of it to the collection. Miss America is the first one to join the collection so I have a bit of soft spot for her. This one is my second one in the collection. The first one is on the correct body that I found years ago at the Goodwill in town. I'm pretty sure I have another Miss America head with cut hair. I don't know what it is about me, but I keep finding her!
Anyway, Miss America is now on your standard 70's era Barbie body from Taiwan. It's been so long since I started this project I can't remember everything that I had to repair on her. (Let this be a lesson to me in writing these posts in a more timely manner) Since I can't remember (and got it done the first go around) I assume that her arms and one leg were pretty standard repairs. The reason why she took so long to repair was because of her right leg.
Whenever I get a doll with a broken (and usually melted) limb joints I try and salvage as much of the original limb posts as possible. I take the broken piece out the limb, scrape off the melted plastic from both parts, and glue the post back together. Then I use the glue and rebuild what I just scraped off so I can put the limb back on. However since the parts I got in this lot are not from the same doll I was unable to piece the limbs back together. I did end up just replacing some of the knobs, but was running out of hip posts. I actually only have one left. I didn't want to spend 20 bucks to buy another kit, so I decided to try something new.
Using the nail glue I put layer after layer on the remaining bit of the leg knob that was still attached to the doll's torso. Using another leg knob as a guide I built the one up to the correct height. I also used that knob to determine where I needed to file down the knob so I could snap the leg on. I wasn't sure if this was even going to work, the nail glue might not be strong enough to support this leg. I was actually worried that the new nail glue leg post wasn't going to be strong enough to have the leg snapped on in the first place. But I was able to push it on and have it click into place. However, I had failed to put the nail polish on the leg to create a barrier to avoid the leg melting again, so I had to snap the leg off and redo it all over again. That's one of the reasons why this repair took too long. I didn't want to deal with it again after messing up the first time. The second time I did put the nail polish on, so it gets to stay on.
I put it on about a week ago and so far the leg has been staying on. I have been moving it around some, but I have been gentle with it. It's not a repair I would do for a doll that was going to be played with by a child, but for me it works. I'm not sure how well it will least over time, but it is working for now. And if it doesn't hold I can then get the replacement kit and do it over. At least the first thing I tried is the free one.

Welcome to the collection Miss America! 
(she's my second one, does that make her the runner up?)

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  1. Hi Aubrey, you did a wonderful job, she looks gorgeous again! All the work is not been for nothing, I hope everything stays in place! Last week I also spruced up a Miss America, what a coincidence! Mine is a Quick Curl Miss America, her hair was the biggest challenge for me :-). You Miss may be the runner up, but she wears this 2nd place with pride :-).