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Hello everyone, this post might fall under things that are interesting to just me, but since it's my blog I get to write it and you have to suffer through it (or just read enough to know you don't want to read any more and click the x icon closing the page).

But first a quick update. This past week was a bit of an down then up. I started off in a bad/sad mood partially due to E-bay now charging me for re-listings and me only discovering that after I had renewed them all and are now 15 bucks in the hole. Grrr. But the week did end with me finally getting a doll that I've been really wanting for a slight better than average price. However you don't get to hear about him just yet since he's my Christmas present and will be packed away shortly until the 25th. I "got" him early since I had to check his condition and to see if he was a good fit for my collection. Luckily I like him, so he'll be staying.

Anyway, this post is going to be about shoes. Disney Store flats to be exact (Yes, again). One of my last posts was a list breaking down the shoes (both style and color) that comes with the current Disney Store Classic dolls. After extensive research I have now compiled a list of every color that Disney has produced their flat shoes in, including dolls they no longer make and dolls that no longer come with shoes. Just two quick comments, one I just found out there's two different style of flats, one for the flat foot and one for the heel foot and I didn't make a distinction which is which and my color findings could end up being wrong so please don't take the following list as gospel.

The shoe colors I have found so far are:

Black - Coronation Frozen Dolls (Disney Store and JCPenny), Vanessa
Brown - Classic Merida
Burgundy - Classic Mulan
Clear - Cinderella Princess Pets
Dusky Blue - Classic Cinderella
Gold - Collector Aurora from live action Maleficent movie (Gold Dress Version)
Green - Classic Tiana
Hot Pink - Classic Sleeping Beauty
Ivory - Rapunzel Wedding Dress (Classic and 12" Limited Edition)
Light Blue - Talking Merida Doll 
Light Pink - Ariel Palace Pets
Light Purple - First Issue Rapunzel (Current dolls are shoeless)
Medium Blue - Elsa
Yellow - Classic Belle and Classic Snow White

The dolls in italics are no longer sold by the Disney store and are only available from secondary sources. Also, there might be another variation of blue out there. The blue flats that come with the Sleeping Beauty gift set look to be a richer blue but I have not seen them in detail to feel comfortable giving them their own category.
Out of all the colors listed I currently own clear, dusky blue, light pink, and yellow. I have black and ivory coming in the mail. I bought the Coronation Frozen dolls from JCPenny just to steal their shoes. I found someone on E-bay selling the Rapunzel Wedding dress and snatched it up since the doll goes for twice what I paid easily. I've done searches for the remaining shoes but they're hard to find on second hand sources. What I've been finding are the Mattel versions, are missing their shoes, or are MIB and go for more than what the Disney Store asks for them (specifically Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and Tiana). However I am confident that I will eventually get them all, or become obsessed with something else and stop spending so much time and money on one type of doll shoes.
Luckily my obsessions burn bright and quickly and I'll soon move on to the next thing.  
(But hopefully after I get a few more colors before that happens!)

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